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@abq161 BANKSY?the one I hated most was "Santa for President"in tonight's movie pitch session, the idea I had Brenden hated the most was "Humans go and live with gorillas to pr… @ABC7 do we have to wait for a "green" threat level to extend unemployment or?Also bummer: I wanted to see what a $3000 / month Studio looked like in 105 degree humidity after attending a “rat viewing”Fine. Then New Yorkers should have to abstain from Sugarfish, avocado toast, and moving to LA
Well boys Lady Downs' Downtown Pinochle Cardroom has to once again close our doors.
Retweeted by Klarenlove to see us roll back to phase 1 and be told to "stay the fuck at home" with no round 2 stimulus, the end of ext… tell me they are gonna release the NBA snitching hotlineLeft: abolish the police Liberals: we’ll rename the Pentagon the Maya Angelou War Center
Retweeted by KlarenToday I am back in @clairecdowns newsletter making the case that NFL quarterbacks are as worthy of gossip & mockery…
Retweeted by Klaren @noahpsychs It’s in San Diego so I guess it’s openWell boys Lady Downs' Downtown Pinochle Cardroom has to once again close our doors. learned that the person who wrote the line "Argo Fuck Yourself" which is one of the worst lines in cinema history, went to HarvardFolks, ep 38 is up w/ my guest @clairecdowns. Claire is excellent, this was a joy. App links:…
Retweeted by KlarenPatch Adams at a Weed Dispensary??working on movie pitches and I literally said, "an alternate history where the government legalized weed and kept a…
@drmattdambrosio Noted. See attached. @runolgarun Will do!Day job tip for office work that helped me through the years: On email, slack and text, you are a bot. Respond to… called Jackie Goldberg! I hope she remembers all the strike support the people gave the LAUSD strike and her c… is because a book she hasn’t written yet is supposed to ship by tomorrow isn’t it
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Retweeted by Klarentoday! ‘blm’ on a piece of printer paper and taping it inside the window of a brownstone that’s valued on zillow f…
Retweeted by KlarenThis is TODAY at 4:00PM PT/ 7:00 ET. If you are a Black writer and are interested in learning about freelance writi… dispensary @netacaremass sending anti-union letters to workers, fear mongering that "you lose your indivi…
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In all seriousness this is why you should join @DSA_LosAngeles #hollywoodlabor committee this is a way many crew ge… than “the David O. Russell chair policy” which is if they’re not glued to the floor and you’re a woman they’re thrown at youWow didn’t know Nolan was my boss at the gastropub I worked at in college who always yelled at me “If you’ve got ti… COW COMING TO DIGITAL ALERT
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@fisackerly that's goodDid you get Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off at your job this year?one little shitty hollywood thing: never giving us MLK Day off, and then acting weird when asked if it's going to b… @marieberd @brendengallager gorgeousI've been getting free signups for Going Downs all morning, most with Italian email addresses (.it) Have to believe… just got a PR email offering to "help write" a piece about how the Tiger King is a House DJ now. First of all, LO…
Retweeted by KlarenI understand completely. My husband can only eat “my fajita” with shredded cheese on it
Retweeted by KlarenI guess they never got that fajita cheese Sunday everyone. It’s #WarriorNun week! Please check out and RT!! We premiere July 2nd everywhere ⁦@netflix⁩…
Retweeted by KlarenI understand completely. My husband can only eat “my fajita” with shredded cheese on ittelling my children this is how i bought drugs
Retweeted by Klaren @jsv4 @MiCocina_TexMex Well?? It’s been hours. Did she get it? Update us pleaseThe feeling when the wife needs shredded cheese for her fajitas.
Retweeted by Klaren @jsv4 @MiCocina_TexMex Hello darkness my old friend....
Retweeted by Klaren @ChrisDieman I believe in you
Evergreen tweet 👇🏼
Retweeted by Klaren @wings4wheelz It’s very quiet and financial stable!!My husband told me to delete this. I’m not.With drugs and not having children
Wow the police really think the rules just don’t apply to them. And they don’t care if they get us sick either.
Retweeted by Klaren @messily Lol no I felt I was being harsh @messily Of course. Right now at $280K per kid without private school spread out over 18 years it just seems like a… @elinashatkin Deleted my tweets cause I felt too harsh lol @caitiedelaney Having a child in America costs $280,000 now without private school. PER KID. Lol this man is twisted about privilegetoday @hotandrichshow deep dive into Jessica Chastain's reality tv show audition videos? @Joannahausmann 's sketche… them on the stove instead, that way they won't be cold in the center live / animated
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What's that? Nugget the pug also told me he wants to DEFUND THE POLICE, FIRE CHIEF MOORE and ELECT @nithyavraman! @johnapurcell @brendengallager love a themeRecommendations for movers in Los Angeles, please! :) Staying in LA, @brendengallager just found a cool new spot. @brendengallager Special shout out to @TheDreaClark and @thecrazypman who helped in this researchThis is next Tuesday 6/30 at 4:00PM PT. If you would like to join, please let me know and I will forward you the Zo…
Retweeted by KlarenJust realized that I don't think I could name a single person/group who won either America's Got Talent or The Voicewell well well, @brendengallager and I called this 2 weeks ago in my newsletter Going Downs! @TheDreaClark Your superpowers were used for good today thank you lol @TheDreaClark Lol got it @thecrazypman Lol cool! @akaFruitSnacks @mollytaft LolThis is bad and all but...what’s the “fellow” business Lance owns?? @brendengallager When you literally quote Bernie but don’t credit
@TaylorLorenz Devin would benefit from a few some acting classes the performances just aren’t there @TheTorrie He’s a big one! Lammele theaters @andrewgutin Ruth Hiatt seems cool @MMonticolo There’s too much! If you dm me more specific numbers @TheTorrie @andrewgutin @fisackerly I think so? It has Beverly HillsI obvi love Hollywood history so I impulse bought this crazy book. It has every LA address with any micro significa… @HipHopeAlive Read answer above sweetie @RobertFreedomSC My health issues at the time from a medical emergency prevented me from working there for longer t… @RobertFreedomSC Actually, we had a meeting to discuss it and were shot down by upper management. I was a 22 year o… @abbijacobson worked there too! @darahdancasta lol thank youi found a reddit post with every Coen Brothers script for download's newsletter! We. Are. The race may not be over yet, but tonight, solidarity has triumphed. ✊🏾🌹
Retweeted by KlarenI live for this real-time "never meet your heroes" that's unfolding on this account. at Anthropologie this article gets to the heart of the place’s racism towards Black shoppers. Everything in… @schane_flowers Lol yeah it’s that! @weepinggold We love to see it
@MF_return sigh @hdrewblackburn it's summer what can i say, the tea gets iced#SaveThePostOffice @artiekaytoo correct @badgalrelrel it's a case for Bland Anonymous @fisackerly stays on your report for up to 3 years :( @fisackerly when other people check it, it's called a hard inquiry :( and it makes your credit sink 1-10 points @mollytaft hard inquiries should NOT be used for landlord credit checks. period.