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Broadcasting and living 📻📺🎤 #LiveLounge @BBCR1 Mon-Thurs 10am-1pm, whatever excites me. Series 1 of #ThisCityPod in bio. IG @claraamfo Rep: @ymugroup

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An absolute Charlotte @RomeshRanga 🙆🏻‍♀️ @AbukJoseph 😭... she said Bluetooth her some! @charley683 I applaud!Pasta out of the pan at 01:13 and what of it?
When the accuracy fully HITS. Is this isn’t Gracie. @AlCaselyHayford A throwback! Let me do The Suitcase Kid 😂 @AbukJoseph The NRG I want!! @lilahparsons Toniiiiiight Charlottes and Mirandas clearly leapt out, so we’re starting earlier, IG @ 8pm. 🗽🍎🍸🏙 👠🚕 @AlCaselyHayford She is lovely, signed my book as a kid in my local library. Didn’t leave until every copy was done for all 🏆“Stay out of the parks!” is much easier to say when you have a garden innit
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Imagine some Will Smith-lite actor employed to play him getting his clients in and out of romantic lols in just 26… Hitch in 2020 was the unexpected trip I went on today. So glad there was never a sequel or TV series. @BeeBabs Could never...ever...EVER be me.Oh Bill 💔 your favourite rapper’s breath controlling, melodic and lyrical don. @BeeBabs “so?”🔟🔟🔟🔟 2013, what a time. Ocean made social distance one of his USPs, so anything new is like manna...and he wants to sing in Spanish too...very rude😭🥰 @RichieBrave FERAL!!! @RichieBrave I was legit uncomfortable!!Picking the playlist on this week's @beatandtrackpod with @stuwhiffen is the one and only @claraamfo!…
Retweeted by Clara Amfo & The Leggy DisplaysDrake loves TikTok.Watching a live chat with (That’s so) Raven Symoné and Shangela cos why not?! 🤷🏾‍♀️
Bernard, a flex God. #firstdatesPeople’s Party Playlist tonight on @BBCR1 , text requests to 811199 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 also we’re clapping it up again at 8pm.… @TinieTinah @itsDyo *pulls up soundtrack*One of my best friends just told me she has NEVER seen the movie Save The Last Dance before🤯🤯🤯 This revelation was… @TroyBoiMusic @snakehipsuk @BBCR1 💃🏾 💫 @pete_churchill You win!Isolation has me updating my personal Facebook status for the first time since May ‘19. It’s real out (in) here.
@willghould Been a while for us innit?! 💃🏾 @JackBennettUK I meeeeean, I did finish my last pack of pasta today, true stories! @arloparks @BBCR1 💫💫💫 @ChantayyJayy Neutrogena and Epiderm 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾Learning that Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas are being called “Benana” by American gossip rags truly made me LOL today🍌💛💛💛 loved doing this one @Sugababes
@ElliIngram I can box off the milk ones in 15 mins, have been doing it too much still! Enjoy for me lol @ElliIngram ...I jest. #noChocola @ElliIngram Send me some Choco Leibniz so I know it’s real 😜 @SteffTodd LOL4LIFEI don’t know who needs to hear this but April Fools is cancelled.
Retweeted by Clara Amfo & The Leggy Displays*pulls up ‘Blueberry Faygo’ *Siannese and Luke’s dances do warm my heart. They be hitting them marks and are just SO pleased every bloody time 😭😂The Siannese, Laura Whitmore, Kylie Jenner, Cheryl, Stacy Solomon are actually perfect. 😂You're so good Steff!!! @doc_n_nins1963 💛 xx @niamhzie Yes when all this shit is over, you must!! Thanks so much for listening! 💛💛💛The stories shared with me so far if you wanna listen 💛 #ThisCityPod 😂@MoTheComedian 🎭…
Retweeted by Clara Amfo & The Leggy DisplaysAyyy, the new and final episode in this series just hit today with @MarkRonson learn about his experience, whilst y… have the worst WiFi out of all the R1 presenters. #Zoomwoes @mjcole All fully deserved, so lovely to play! 💛
@jamesnormanfyfe *cresting FFS @punchdouble Big love Dennis!!!! @daisyjarrett Medicinal purple yoda! @natalieeveradio @BBCR1 4 liiiiife @daisyfern15 @BBCR1 💛💛💛Playing ‘Cranes In The Sky’ on @BBCR1 for anyone feeling a bit 🥴 right now. Love to aaaaaall #powerdownplaylistCovering for your friend and mine @AnnieMac on @BBCR1 this week! Tonight is the Power Down playlist, 2 hours of ch… @jamesnormanfyfe Notifications rude, also reports of hacking... “always leave as the party is creating” - Sarah Jessica Parker, 2004. @YasminEvans 😂😂😂HouseParty dun! @AmplifyDot @WeLuvRobbie Lolololol
@TobiRachel_ Damn, so glad you recovered 💛💛💛The Aldi 🥕 is my new fave. @leokalyan Listen...🎤 I don’t like toooooo @scarlett321 🎯What did I tell you earlier this week, when I shouted out the sweet kid who was doing an online tap class with Adam… Ugly is on ITV2 right now. @jamesnormanfyfe @daisyjarrett @grimmers He really is. No further questions. @daisyjarrett @grimmers It will always be BIG. @grimmers @daisyjarrett #CrabsInTheHamptonsI remember when I worked at KISS, if anyone called up asking to book “DJ Easy” I would make sure the conversation e…🗣🗣🗣DJ EZ @daisyjarrett You scored VERY well! @OrlaDoherty D R Y
SATC 4EVA. #AidenWasDry #SteveWasTheBest #problematicCarrie @jasebyjason 😭😭😭Jeff Lowe 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 🤮🤮🤮#TigerKingNetflix“a champagne and brie evening” 🙃*streams ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ * @PREEYAKALIDAS Yeah he was absolutely some tiger’s starter and main.🥴 @PREEYAKALIDAS An absolute wow!Bhagavan...Joe...Carole....IS EVERYONE OKAY?! 🤯🐯 👑
@marvinjay Settings > Private mode @jamesnormanfyfe Not everyone is bothered in these times😭These feelings also haven’t changed, imagining her laughing at us all from her expensive sofa and I love her even m… @jamesnormanfyfe SO good!!Still doing this and imagining an elaborate prom scene. would really enjoy an @AndTheWriterIs episode with @KamilleXX 👂🏾 @SineadHarnett 😂😂😂 @SineadHarnett No compraints here, yes please 😂 @brokenpromithes It’s a legit smartly done and fun record. Perfect in these times, references on point. She made he… @brokenpromithes Cos she did the proverbial that with a hard T. @christopheslade Underrated tweet, sad I didn’t see this in real time.What kind of day.....WELP.A lot of publications don’t know the proper etiquette when it comes to reporting on Mariah’s anniversary and it blo… @gjkooijman Today I say Dula Peep’s! @Popjustice FFS, alright Mr Holland! @Popjustice You not appreciating the power of that bassline and the melody/harmony on that pre-chorus is bbz. @DJBlindbaby @Popjustice 🆒