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Curious Londoner. Host of @TheTalesPodcast. Also podcasting on @TheX_Cast and Primitive Culture a @Trekfm podcast. Oral History interviewer. Day job: HE. 🇪🇺

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@michaelangie Is this your first watch of the show?
Just finished Season 2 of Ozark. Instead of this being a show about a man's descent into criminality, I think this…
Just finished watching Parasite. Honestly what is it with peaches being used in films for things other than eating?…
Still relevant @michaelangie Who knows?! No one really knows....
We are in 'some sort of'.....lockdown... every time I think about Autumn 2020. @LeeHutchison_ It is only a matter of time before the Southbank follows the RAH. It will break my heart to see these places close.In Scottish folklore a strange black cat's arrival to the home signifies prosperity and good luck. It is believed t…
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Trending on Twitter today: David Starkey, Ghislaine Maxwell and Stanley Johnson. One expressing racist views, one f…🧟‍♂️An excellent watch on how the zombie film has prepared us for pandemics and lockdowns🧟‍♀️ #BirkbeckInspires: Z…
Retweeted by Clara M CookActual footage of me working from home in Zoom calls. @MintMakerStudio @presentcorrect Exactly! Me too. Other than a bookshop, a stationary shop is my favourite type of shop. ❤️ @LeeHutchison_ On the upside for me this means I can actually finally attend this festival for the first time ever! ☺️ @MoviePalacePod @kehenulo just shared this online. I think it is relevant to what we discus…
Just finished watching Athlete A on Netflix. A deeply disturbing but very well made documentary. It really illustra… wrote to ask about my plans for the fall, and it took me a moment to realize they meant "autumn", and not "the collapse."
Retweeted by Clara M CookI adopt this child and name him Neelix. great free event online tonight: Humankind: a hopeful history like a good event! Taking place tonight online and for free - COVID-19: the impact on the UK's ethnic minori… to #OralHistory? Wish to develop your #OralHistory skills?Thinking of creative outputs for #oralhistory intervi…
Retweeted by Clara M CookThe option has now expired for the United Kingdom to extend the Brexit transition period. The transition period wi… @caredwen If someone could chisel this all on to a slab of marble it would make an excellent historical artefact fo…
@CeeDoubleUBee @taenina I would be interested!New episode! @kehenulo and @ClarajeanMC stop by to discuss a range of topical issues, including the prospect of cin…
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@rashiduzzaman82 Oooh me too! Or should I say ich auch?😊I am so ready for this!
Retweeted by Clara M Cook"Economic growth accompanied by worsening social outcomes is not success, it is failure" Jacinda Ardern
Retweeted by Clara M Cook @RawBeautyKristi Sending this one your way. Hope you all are well! ❤️
Retweeted by Clara M CookI’ve watched this tik tok approximately 500-600 times. 20/10 the perfect tik tok
Retweeted by Clara M Cook @TeltheTrekkie That last one tho.... UK artist Natasha Newton's painted stones are inspired by landscape and nature #womensart
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@CeeDoubleUBee Brilliant photo!Thanks to @kehenulo and @ClarajeanMC for joining me today to discuss a range of issues, including cinema reopenings…
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Our TV stopped working for a few minutes right at the point in the film where Ian McKellen dressed as a cat licks m… Cats tonight with a friend and I can safely say it can be summed up with this quote: ‘Your scientists were… @LeeHutchison_ Okay so this totally foreshadows the weird shit that goes down in the film 🤣Wishing a happy and safe Pride to the LGBTQ community today ❤️ #PRIDE2020 finally watch Midsommar. I’m not a horror fan so I was pretty scared the entire time and now I’m traumatised. I…
What a delicious way to spend an evening! Remember if you watch these productions free on YouTube, why not donate a… @SarahLBlair good friend @SarahLBlair has started a small business as a writing coach! If you’re stuck in your writing, unsur… @TrekkieRob @rashiduzzaman82 I concur!'re calling on everyone who would've taken part in #PrideinLondon to make an act of allyship for an LGBT+ communi…
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@LeeHutchison_ The smell of marmite actually makes me gag 😅Guess who has no Covid antibodies? And guess who also obviously did not know how to do a simple pinprick blood test… year I was involved in interviewing people for an oral history project about libraries and the project has now… @annaonthemoon @updayUK Thank you for sharing. This is extremely interesting for me.The only thing getting me through the mountain of work today is a playlist of all the Star Trek music ever made. E… @rashiduzzaman82 This is just the kind of stuff I loved at when I was at School. It is so lovely of your wife to have done this :) @ShelleyTrower2 thought you might find this interesting.... #remoteworking make it harder or easier to have an #inclusive workforce? @LSE_PBS & @LSE_TII's @GraceLordan_ e…
Retweeted by Clara M Cook'Our long hibernation is beginning to come to end, life is returning to streets, bustle is starting, cautious optim… @michaelangie I think so! @AriBerman Someone here from the UK asking why close the polling station at 6pm? Surely that is way too early?! In… beautiful amateur artists.
Retweeted by Clara M Cook‘There is currently no law in Spain forbidding people from restoring artwork, even if they do so without the necess…
@ElleninAnger I mean is 1.5m? Is it 1.6m? 2m? 1.5m? Does anyone actually know what 1.5m is? Can the public adequat… anyone informed the virus of how far it can or cannot travel? @eeberquist I should emphasise that I have always thought tuition fees were too high to begin with anyway. But then… @KnitWitLeia @eeberquist Hey, just a little administrator here saying hi! 👋 I work in a UK Uni and my entire team a… @eeberquist My workplace would cease to exist next year if the students didn’t pay full fees for their online learn…
@michaelangie Mary looks really tired.If you are (or even if you are not) in favour of Universal Basic Income, the government has got a consultation open… @TrekkieRob I made the cut! Yay!🥰 @LeeHutchison_ @doublemacc @TrekRanks @TrekkieRob Oh. My. God. 🤣 @LeeHutchison_ @doublemacc @TrekRanks @TrekkieRob But Lee, I need to know are you a Skincare fan? Or a Trekkie? Or....BOTH?!On #WindrushDay why not watch the NT stage adaptation of Andrea Levy’s Orange Prize-winning novel 'Small Island.' I… is day 100 of lockdown in our household contribution to #lseplayfullearning and mapping our worlds. Berlin, Crystal Palace, Amsterdam, Chiswick Hou…
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@CrystalFinds @BarrettsBooks @michaelangie We could include Deanna now!And more urban planners that.....walk @michaelangie So. Many. Bad. Dads. In Trek! And then one really really good one in Sisko that sort of makes up for it all! :) @michaelangie LOL. I am totally okay with Ira Steven Behr sticking his favourite music in the show he produces :) @michaelangie I suppose I just think with all these aliens, worlds, history and space that it seems weird to me tha… @michaelangie I don't feel the same way about instrumental music. I did feel a little this way about the song Sabot… @michaelangie Exactly! @CKJSweeney I actually really liked this series. It did get very disturbing though! @michaelangie I would have liked to see that. @rashiduzzaman82 Aww! Thanks ☺️It’s Father’s Day and I am missing my Da. But I’m lucky. He’s safe and well and although I cannot see him he knows… @michaelangie You know I have a weird feeling about the singing in DS9. It sort of takes me out of the story. Break… @ListeningToFilm Apparently he had interesting ideas about grief too. He thought that in the future we would be so… think the singing in Star Trek is unbearable. All the singing. Every time someone sings. Except Uhura. She can ke… @ElleninAnger He’s the real Emissary right?!
We asked people to describe their ideal library. With no constraints. “Lovely comfy chairs, & nooks, and places to…
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Used to be jealous of other people’s looks but now I’m only jealous of people who have a lot of bumble bees in thei…
Retweeted by Clara M Cook @LivingLibs @LivingLibs That would be wonderful to see. Libraries inspiring and promoting social change. Educating people on su… @LivingLibs I loved them! I thought it was a really original way to present lots of different interviews. I loved t… @LivingLibs I really miss my local library, but I believe the health of the community and librarians should come fi… @LivingLibs Hi I am Clara. I interviewed two people for this project and I am a long time visitor to libraries. The… professional hate figure. @TeltheTrekkie I feel like there is a common theme here....somewhere...😉🖖Join us at 6pm TONIGHT. We'll be talking about the future of public libraries - the one we dream of, the one we wa…
Retweeted by Clara M Cook @ElleninAnger I know :(