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Clara Prefontaine @ClaraPreMtl Montréal, Québec

Kind. Engaging. Bookish. Uncomplicated. All yours [for limited amounts of time]. @IndyCompanion member ❤️ EN/FR

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@Bonjour_Boudoir : go over there, the lines are great Me : is this good? Him : sure 🤣 Being comfortable naked or d… @LauraCohenSolo I already don’t wear makeup, so I guess I’m already saying f* it to beauty standards.Toronto Lovers🌸 Catch me on my last few days before my tour March 1st & 4Th North York March 2nd - 10Th Downtown…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineGood morning cutie!
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineLet’s play in the snow and then roll around in the sheets. (Just got these photos 15mins ago and didn’t have the…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineRight this way -
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineConfidence @MlleCamilleMTL is my favorite touring partner #Ottawa we are coming 25 to 27 March Duo are on our…
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @Wayne8Shorter @Bonjour_Boudoir Aww!! T’as vu l’autre photo de mes nouveaux kits Edge o beyond (toutes avec porte j… at our pearly whites How could you resist our smiles ? 😁 ✨
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineMy availabilities are updated until early April, including my next Ottawa and Toronto trips. Have a look ✨…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineI'm having fun tonight! 😇
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineUncensored photos, the joy of seeing my pretty little face, sexy teasing clips, me bewitching you in all way. That…
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@goingtherenext I love it!Let’s play in the snow and then roll around in the sheets. (Just got these photos 15mins ago and didn’t have the… @NathalieRoseTO A full will mess up you body if you aren’t prepared. I wasn’t prepared for my first. I was comforta… @NathalieRoseTO Hi! Avid runner here 🤚 I’ve done a few and I voted don’t do it. How many minutes or kms are you c… @sexheathen @theAndiGrayson You missed the point. @dianalunamia I went with a photographer to an outdoor rink and I’m dying to show the photos of the mini shoot. I h… was the last time you went on a breakfast date ? ☀️ Mimosas, croissants ... and maybe some afternoon delight ?
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @evelina_lowell @Paola_V_MTL @BettyAddamsBang @BangBangArtist1 You do look amazing! @jessielim_nyc Because he likes being irrelevant to you. It’s a sex thing.❤️BBW❤️ ✨ @MlleLouSimone @Paola_V_MTL @BettyAddamsBang
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineSneaky nip nops 😽 I have availability this weekend! #mtlescort #escort #indycompanion #mtlgfe #gfe #geekygfe
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineRomantic shot by the best 🌹
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineIt's good to be home ✨
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@TarrionBelle He says it’s starting salary, maybe you’ll get a raise in 3 years. 😂😂😂 @MissLaliberte1 As delicious as it looks ❤️❤️Such a hot thread of lovely Indy members. Be sure to click through and give everyone a follow. ❤️ @BeaujolaisJade @ClaraPreMtl @pernel_laura @AlissSwan
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Let’s dance beneath the stars and forget the world✨
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineI’m terrified / so disappointed when I see that basically 30% of this thread said they would never work with a male…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineSelf love is laying your new @EdgeOBeyond lingerie kits on your dresser so they are the first thing you see in the… years young 💕 ✨ @HannaRafaelMTL @MlleLouSimone @AdrianaBellaOTT
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineCome lay next to me. RTxRT 📸 @Bonjour_Boudoir
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineMade it to #Toronto safe and sound. I'll be around until Friday with my beautiful friends @Paola_V_MTL &…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineIf any photos speak to my personality it's these. Playful, smiling, soft and cute with a side of sexy
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @xo__sophia A conversation I had yesterday when I came out to a friend.
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@Bonjour_Boudoir making magic over here. I'm really this soft and cute in person as well aha!
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @LiveWildwithEda @LauraCohenSolo That’s an awful ratio :(Fringe benefits of being a companion: • I get to treat my friends and loved ones more often • I get to meet some p…
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @AGentle01385284 Book me to find out.Do you like sporty babes ? ✨ @AdrianaBellaOTT @dorothy_fairman
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@AGentle01385284 The host should provide.
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineUpdate: I am leaving Montreal and moving to Ottawa on March 7th and I am just about fully booked in MTL before I le…
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @ArabelleRaphael I didnt realise it was a big thread hehe so Dropping one of my faves cause 31 looks fucking great…
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @ClaraPreMtl @CrystalCarterTO @AprilMcAdams5 @AlissSwan
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Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineOh I've missed you all so much my loves 😘
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineNice sunny day! Just a queen getting some sun! This is why I love being on the top floor ❤️❤️ Available in…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineCome here. Now. 😏
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineNew York minute ❤️
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineGood afternoon folks ! #selfie of the day #ThursdayMotivation
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineI’ve worked up quite the appetite during our “apéro”. Let’s go eat. We can start over again afterwards. 😇/😈 New p…
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine#NewProfiIePic Visiting Ottawa Feb 28th to March 1st!💋 @OICompanions @IndyCompanion #montrealgfe #ottawacourtesan
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineNow I hope you understand the absolute importance of the Oxford comma.
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @redhat32129 You’ll have to book an overnight to get your wish. 😇I hadn't realized how close I was to the 15k milestone. I'm so grateful for the amazing support and connections ⚡
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineStart your day right 💕
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineIt's the ❤ week!
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @ShirtlessHorde @kwetoday Not 1-3months after Christmas. Many idiots give dogs as Christmas gifts without realizing… to this post with your favorite selfie of all time! I’ll start 💜
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @meetelsariley The first one that came to mind was the first selfie I put out on twitter in 2018. My office was muc… little sneak peek into what we did @DannyGirlMTL and I 💞✨ raw image, no mods on it
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineAnother - pretty rad - sneak peak from the end of the shoot with @DannyGirlMTL
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineWine ✔️ Weed ✔️ Pants ✖️ ✉️
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineManifesting more dinner dates in 2020. 🍴 me + you
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @sarah_bespoke You look Amazing 😍💞!! This is one of my Favourites 💋🙏!
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineNo more champagne And the fireworks are through Here we are, me and you......
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineGood evening everyone ♥️
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @EverlyLin 😍 is that a store in Toronto? I’ll be in town next month and I love when my wallet is angry with me. @HannaRafaelMTL What? Verifying ID instead of being paid? I also want names. Mainly to know if that person is okay.D-MOI HIGH-HEELED SHOE IN DOTTED SWISS TULLE in 41 If anyone wanted to look into for me, or gift me a Holtz e-GC 😂I showed tremendous self restraint today. I am not proud. I'm on vacation! Prebook our time together in Montreal after Feb 28th.
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Really not at my best when I don't have a dog/oversized sweater/furniture to hide behind.
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @FaithMoniquee @TheAuroraNoor Same. My place is great but a nice hotel room that I don’t need to clean when we’re d…💋Happy Valentines Day!!💋
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineHeyy ☺️ It’s Friday eve and my new 📷s are here! If this tweet gets 200 💗s, I will update my site with all new pics…
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @BlissofDFW I would check with them first, but yes, I’d go see them.#ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayTreat #ThursdayWisdom “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looki…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineYes I am a dominatrix as well as an escort, a cuddler, a submissive and a kinkster. With me, domination is a game.…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineHey Ottawa! Just a quick Reminder that TOMORROW Im getting to you, Travelling with the gorgeous @evelina_lowell an…
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine🔲 Enjoy the pixels 🔲
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineWhen a provider blacklists a client, it is valid. It's also valid for a provider to have a good time with that said…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineHello lovers, i'm available today's afternoon exceptionally. Last minute
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineThis week -- Feb 17-23! Tuesday, Feb 18th Friday, Feb 21st Sunday, Feb 23rd + select mornings & early afternoons…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineMy favourite photo from Costa Rica 😜
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineCome lay next to me. RTxRT 📸 @Bonjour_Boudoir couple weeks ago in Ottawa... 📸@AperitaPhotos
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineLast midterm in 2hrs and then I'm off to Ottawa to do hoe shit 😜 Channeling my inner Megan thee Stallion: college…
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineSomething wonderfully decadent about how we stay in when it's sunny outside.
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Caution: This harness in not meant to hold me down. 😈
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineJust a kind reminder that this is my SW-friendly photography business. I love and appreciate everyone who supports…
Retweeted by Clara Prefontaine @dorothy_fairman It’s the first of many great photos. @Bonjour_Boudoir did an amazing job. I’m so happy! And excite… w/ my laptop camera before heading out 🤓
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineHonestly, I fucking hate Valentine's day. But, by god I love the aesthetic... I hope yours was at least bearable! 💕
Retweeted by Clara PrefontaineI’m looking forward to hear from you 🖤❤️
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