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Congrats Ryan - Happy for you! Also congrats on your team success this year - getting the opportunity to pitch & co… to see @PositiveCoachUS lead instructor @CoachLok speak on behalf of @JAG32basketball — I hope these school bo… for you @JAG32basketball Audrey! She is amazing & she’s very special - Dedicated, honorable. extremely coachable, great learner & a great…
This is the most beautiful moment I’ve seen in a while... ⁦@caster800m⁩ 👌🏾
Retweeted by Clarence GainesGREAT NEWS! After seeing our story on @NBCDFW, @Potbelly HQ reached out to Nicole Hibbert & Clifford Brown, they’re…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesCombat veteran I know just texted me, furious: “Pardoning convicted war criminals is a slap in the face to everyone…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesLots of @GameOfThrones critics this season, but this scene & line will live in infamy - "You are my Queen, now and… take on "my truth" - "I speak MY truth but I know it's not always THE truth."
My favorite picture from @CIFSS Masters Track Meet is @PVPHS_Panthers' Aiden Lieb on his way to victory in 110m Hig… @jamesjunior21 @espn Don’t watch the television coverage. They have a separate feed where you can watch the entire… After seeing his team decimated by the @Bucks, will Kawhi Leonard sign with the @Raptors during the free agency period.
Retweeted by Clarence GainesWhat a pathetic 2nd half by @trailblazers — That team got a stain on their heart."It's Time!" Congrats to Audrey on winning the 1600m @CIFSS Masters Meet (4:45.04) - Love watching Audrey compete -…
Congrats! Make sure you take your son with you - he’ll always remember the experience., being Kawhi Leonard. True, but there are many others who will. "For there is nothing hidden that will not be di… After seeing his team decimated by the @Bucks, will Kawhi Leonard sign with the @Raptors during the free agency period.'I Can't Skip My Brother and Sister': @HalleBerry refuses to pass by Black journalists on #JohnWick3 red carpet aft…
Retweeted by Clarence Gaines🔥🔥Great job @AlysiaMontano! And to address their question about returning to competition- 2008 I made the Olympic T…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesBravery matters Nike to Change Pregnancy Policy in Athlete Contracts - WSJ
Retweeted by Clarence GainesI’m looking forward to reading the book on Kawhi Leonard that focuses on the reasons why he wanted to divorce himself from @spurs.Thanks so much for the great food and for being part of such a memorable night
Retweeted by Clarence GainesIt's a feature article on @StephenCurry30 but what makes it a truly special article is @TomJunod focuses on how coa… job @TomJunod! Your story has great depth. Great coaches grow & evolve & sometimes that growth comes at the e…
LOL but true -- @Loon_Rebel5 has increased his earning potential more than any player in @NBA playoffs. Happy for t…
Tremendous series - recommend them all but the George Wallace & Shirley Chisholm episode teaches the greatest lesso…! Chris Long got game!
'@nyknicks fans are passionate and loyal but they're whacked if they think Knicks can get @AntDavis23 without putti…
"Pressure is a privilege—it only comes to those who earn it." @BillieJeanKing"Pressure is the mother of performance"“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” Truman Capote"Pressure is a Privilege""Brother" by @sethandnirva Featuring GabeReal -- "When I look into the face of my enemy I see my brother."“A Long Time Coming” on Netflix if u love baseball & human interest stories this one will take u back in time & tel…
Retweeted by Clarence Gaines @DanaWessel Netflix. Do it!
Retweeted by Clarence GainesWorth my time!
“The very time I thought I was lost, My dungeon shook and my chains fell off.” James Baldwin. Congratulations on gr… had a great day talking youth sports with successful track coach Michael Cunliffe who ran for @WSUCougars . He ha…
Retweeted by Clarence Gainesincredible video by @AlysiaMontano linked to this article. Respect! coffee with John Beilein in Atlanta during the live period. He loved Michigan, but was frustrated with the new…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesNice job Bryan! Don't worry about the viewers who don't like your constant rewinding - They've never watched film i… photo
Retweeted by Clarence GainesImagine if the International Goal Tending Rule was legal in @NBA on this play. I love the International Rule. tied @Raptors & @sixers with 2 minutes to go @GregAnthony50 mentions getting ball to @JoelEmbiid in the post -…
This is so deep - Happy Mother’s Day Gülsüm Kanter! for @Enes_Kanter - persevered, improved & landed on a mature team where his style of play is valued and neede… to @CJMcCollum & @trailblazers - Hard Fought victory! - Tip for hoop fans who are getting hip to his game.…"I am woman hear me roar!" Happy Mother's Day! - I was 12/13 when this song came out - Loved the message of this so… Mother’s Day to all Moms & a big Thank you too! she is! this picture of @UHSTrack_Field Caleb Roberson @lutalo21 powering to win @CIFSS D1 title in 100M (10.59). Also…
Congratulations to ⁦@msscubs⁩ Sophomore Audrey Suarez on her 1st ⁦@CIFSS⁩ D4 Title - 2:11.19 800m — 2nd in 1600m 4… lady - enjoyed listening to @staceyabrams on @PodSaveAmerica - Go to 1 Hour 2 Minute mark to hear Stacey… beauty of social media - you quote the wisdom of John Wooden & you see it connect with Turks. Thanks for shari… said - "They're better with him. They have to reach deeper without him." - Dig deep! Go to the Well!"Competitive Greatness" - "being at your best when your best is needed" John Wooden - Steve Patterson's example - Be at your best when your best is needed. Enjoy the thrill from a tough battle.5. Team Work is essential. Unselfish team play and team spirit is one of the foremost essentials for success when a… Never be a spectator while in the game. Be doing something at all times, even if it is only being a decoy.3. Think all of the time. Study your opponent and yourself all of the time for the purpose of increasing your effec… Have respect without fear for every opponent and confidence without cockiness in regards to yourself.1. Have courage and do not worry. If you do your best, never lose your temper, and never be out-fought or out-hustl…"Competitive Greatness" - Being at your best when your best is needed. John Wooden had six statements on Game Competition.This is some Bach - @trumpetknox showcasing his brilliance.
The Caster Semenya controversy and the division of women's sport is an incredibly complex topic. It demands a deta…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesWell Done. @CoachFinamore @Lakers @CoachFinamore @Lakers He can’t psychologically handle the stress of being a head coach @knickityknick Jokic is not a traditional center - there’s never been a Center in the history of the game who does… Wooden on POISE — @RetepAdam You still haven’t defined poise.Jokic might be the most poised & patient basketball player that I’ve ever seen.
"Running is an individual sport, but you can't succeed on your own. You need support in so many areas to keep you… in best case, calf strains linger, especially in a basketball player. #KD will not be back this series and eas…
Retweeted by Clarence Gaines @JonesOnTheNBA If - - Hard to develop a big like Capela given Rockets style of play. @BrokenJumper “Problem” is not the right word @BrokenJumper That’s the $100,000,000+ question @BobaFettWhere Good one - You made me laugh.Caveat Emptor!
So rare to see a last second goal in soccer - Amazing finish. Teams played for another minute but Tottenham scored… IAAF has published a Q&A on its new female eligibility regulations, which come into effect today ➡️ #IAAF
Retweeted by Clarence Gaines
First time I've ever seen this historic race from start to finish. podcast from @Scienceofsport on Caster Semenya: Explaining Sex vs Gender in Sport --…'@chicagobulls Michael Jordan's classic shot over Craig Ehlo on 5/7/89. Great baseline view & the post game scrambl… a young, healthy African American, University of Kentucky football player Joshua Paschal didn’t think he could g…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesWent through 4 yrs of ethics classes at West Point. Had a whole semester-long discussion on My Lai/Black Hearts in…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesCoach Newell: offense is nothing more than move & counter move: zipper action run, post entry w/ splits, & counter…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesPlayer Development: be it tennis rackets, respiratory training masks, medicine balls, etc. fine but know this: 1)fa…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesGreat Thread @Delran856 @nyknicks @KDTrey5 @KyrieIrving KD is more than a star - he’s an all-time Great.Do the @nyknicks need @KDTrey5? — Definitely — Do they need @KyrieIrving paired with KD? — Debatable — What say you?
Great debut podcast from @Scienceofsport & Mike Finch in explaining issues around the @iaaforg case against…
@ScoutWithBryan LOL to everyone that thinks this is a flop - biased eyes see things in their own way. Easy call - Charge!
Every day, this elderly woman says "hello" to school kids as they pass by her house. When they found out their belo…
Retweeted by Clarence Gaines"@caster800m laying the hammer down" Interview is a classic - Jump that wall Caster!
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I don't try to be controversial. I get anxious about appearing in the media. I like to listen, not just speak. But…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesI have a Sunday long read for you - I've shared thoughts on Transgender athletes & performance advantages in my lat…
Retweeted by Clarence GainesThis is a good article by @fritzvsfritz. High density of important and salient talking points in this complex…
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