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YALL GAVE AN AGENT THE ABILITY TO THROW UP THE WALL OF BA SING SE ON THE MAP AND THINK ITS FINE??? @TedNivison Very nice couch 👍 @H3CZ I really do :) @benniiXO HAHAHA @benniiXO My FYP > @TSM_Myth LOLLLLL @VirtueDL Bro ion wanna put a skirt on.... @Daniel123278 LOL, not everyone really knows about poker. So it’s understandableWhen I first started to use this app 10M likes was a small milestone goal I kinda wanted to hit one day. Tik Tok ea… @DrLupo I’m still confused why they made it that you have to stand in it over jumping thru it... @OpTicMaNiaC They did me dirty no cap @Punztw It... it was my first time goin.... i blame twitch chat @TristanGHill I’m the fakest out there 💯 I can be your da veel 😈 or your Angle 😇 @Sm1tcat My Australian king @961_Faked Hmmmm. I LIKE THAT. #KK All The Way babyyyyy @ReeceIsBucky HandsomeLast tweet and i go bed, but man it’s insane looking at my replies on my tweets and seeing 😼 in your names on here.… @ReeceIsBucky I think 7 or 8, @Ilexxiee @AlexPazzyV2 You guys fr snapped, very thankful for the both of you 🥲💜 @julian_723 Thanks for being IN it to make it great 🥂 @_Hyerian YESSIR @_MaddieSims Gn Maddie! @BossUpJose Gn king @iRhezd epis got wildJUICER STREAM THANK U FOR COMING OUT! #KomradeKittens ON TOP BABY! See yall tomorrow fam 😼💜 @iRhezd ^ @SupremeDreams_1 WBack2Back Millies within a Week 😼 @Froste night is the only right answer @Ultra15151 she pulls up to ur crib at midnight.... whatchu doin?? TRUST. TWITCH. CHAT. chat some hoesfirst time going into a naetheir! LETS GOOOOOOO YALL GONNA STOP OR AM I GONNA HAVE TO PURCHASE MY GROWN ASS A SKIRT? CHATTING THEN MINECRAFT THEN GIVING AWAY 1 MILLION CHICKEN NUGGETS TO OUR PRESIDENT @GrantIsQt LYou guys did better today.... live in 3 mins LIKES IN 10 MINS FOR MINECRAFT STREAM RN @v2rook ✨ no ✨ @ExSZN im an attack helicopter @eraphade Sideways would be best of both worlds! @swocky22 Well?POV: I’m at an interview @Nadeshot He looks sooo FLUFFY @jakkuxd ur 1 savior @Enable ........ me LMFAOclassW & classL is back baby!!!!
@JakeChams @Froste @TristanGHill do be the goat of all that @Crroee I don’t take responsibility for the mentally ill @Crroee Aint you from the UK... @813BWA Когда ты пойдёшь спать, я буду на твоей душой дышать @Viperous BRO STOP THIS TOO ACCURATELMFAOOOOOOO @Vikkstar123 📈📈📈📈 @Crroee W @Viperous @TheRealDrMiami Maybe after you can give this wall some curves in the front and back? 💀 I’m tired of fuck… @adinross *slips finger in* @DashySZN Might come to you before you come to me 🤫 @JhbTeam Lmao little do they know i got the window POV pic of this scene @ChefPope You know i got the homies. @YourEmbracee Who said it was in height?? @DashySZN Miss you 🥲Once i become buff, a millionaire, have clear skin, am happy everyday, grow a couple inches and blow up its over for you hoes @JhbTeam bedwars whenI can learn how to play a guitar, but i don’t wanna put every musical artist out of business just yet. So i think I’ll plan that for 2025 😌 @Viperous I’m gonna be the next laymoon fr fr @Trainwreckstv W @813BWA @kay6e Is this the team lebron going on for the new season? Ion know too much about basketball @kay6e I vouch to watch a single sport more this year. Idk if it’ll basketball or football. @Mxriarose Is that a Christmas tree still up?? IN BASICALLY MARCH @Quackity DMs good Sir @LudwigAhgren :))))) @JERICHO Same, i simply can’t sit still while talking lol @TristanGHill LOLOL @TristanGHill .... Mf bought flowers for his mom on Mother’s Day and don’t know how to act @iRhezd Yessir @DrLupo What a journey. To many more 🥂 @MrFuryRevenge @leahdb98 @ihyviper Of course man 💜 likewise @BobsSquare Slither 😈Fuck.... i woke up today. We’ll try again tomorrow not to! Good morning! @Trainwreckstv Retweeting in hopes someone pulls up 🙏 you’re doin amazing sweetie @McNasty Or Klub.... @ReeceIsBucky So handsome @BerryniceIX Love ya too @ChristianLeveII My man, let’s get it @YourEmbracee No, i do better for everyone. I probably miss out on half my viewers because i go live at 11 pm est half the time LOL @813BWA Love ya pal @BossUpJose My man @Delta_TakeCover Aye never thought of it like that @swocky22 All love @iRhezd Never had it @ttv_speaker Thank you my friend 😊 @ArianaPlayzz You snapped today, thank you fr fr @ramonowo Love ya man#KK FOR LIFE BABYI know my streams aint go crazy like other ppls but man just wanna say thank you to those who come out everyday and… This what its all about, we aint just start a team. We started a whole ass family Good night Komrade Kittens… @AbsorberYT night nightthey're not getting better....