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Rationality. Objectivity. Empiricism. Facts. Reason. Science. Bias-free. All logic, zero feels.

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@ReddVencher @MythinformedMKE @Dialoguealways Ahem...@MsMelChen. @Dialoguealways @MythinformedMKE I'm beyond embarrassed that at some point I used to take these @MythinformedMKE clowns seriously.Damn you, @disneyplus. Right in the feels. @Tayl0rHall It's an awesome short. @RichSandersen @GSpellchecker Hey @YasMohammedxx our bud @RichSandersen called Eiynah a "nasty piece of antisemitic…
Wait until you hear about the “human biodiversity” movement
Retweeted by Classical Centrist @2damntrans @NiceMangos @petetaylor97 @RichSandersen @GSpellchecker Pete...stop embarrassing yourself. @rayvermin @chrisiousity @concretemilk @kpe99 Your arguments suck. @rayvermin @chrisiousity @concretemilk @kpe99 What's that fallacy called again? Whataboutery? @rayvermin @chrisiousity @concretemilk @kpe99 You sound upset bud...did somebody hurt your feelings? @rayvermin @chrisiousity @concretemilk @kpe99 Ray Vermin...your Stanley Kubrick avatar is an embarrassment to Stanley Kubrick's memory. @chrisiousity @concretemilk @kpe99 Yes, he's utterly clueless when it comes to matters of race. I wish I'd seen that sooner. @concretemilk @kpe99 @chrisiousity Ah yes, "dog whistles". Prophet Sam Harris (PBUH) tells his disciples almost not… @kpe99 @concretemilk @chrisiousity I'm sure my bud @concretemilk can fill me in here. @kpe99 @concretemilk @chrisiousity Oh, I'm sorry, let's reference the newer atheist buzzwords from three years ago…, wow, @SamHarrisOrg calling Sam Seder “psychopathic” is some hilarious shit coming from the guy who’s done mor…
Retweeted by Classical Centrist @concretemilk @chrisiousity @kpe99 Argument from authority fallacy. @concretemilk @chrisiousity @kpe99 This time I'm making an argument. @chrisiousity @concretemilk @kpe99 Damo's face is perpetually attached to Stephen Knight's and Sam Harris' buttocks. @concretemilk @chrisiousity I'm making an observation, not an argument. @chrisiousity @concretemilk Eiynah's been pretty accurate with her criticism of Sam Harris. Even Sam Harris' own su… @NiceMangos They'll be patting themselves in the back for being brave enough to blaspheme against Prophet Sam Harri… I'm amazed that he thinks he tried *his best* to "launch" my simply appearing on it li…
Retweeted by Classical CentristMichelle Malkin isn't melting down. Her recent embrace of the dregs of humanity -- bitter little boys screaming Hol…
Retweeted by Classical Centrist @thehill She learned from the worst, the vile Donnie Trump.
@formydoodles Do you have a link to this? Sounds interesting. @Aliraque2 It's not idpol when the IDW does it.YAF... -paid Steve Bannon more than $500,000 to produce 3 films -funded anti-Muslim speakers like Dinesh D’Souza, A…
Retweeted by Classical Centrist @RepJohnJoyce @RepStefanik Both you and Elise suck. @dobiemanengland @ABCPolitics @anthonypants @tbonesbeard @PoopusAss @kevlucas10 @kathleen_belew LOL, agreed. Those three are complete hacks. @habte_sabroso @persephoknee @justinmwalder @mattdpearce @latimes @GustavoArellano These MAGAts are snowflakes: @CNN @NaytDX #MAGA = My Ass Got Arrested. @persephoknee @justinmwalder @habte_sabroso @mattdpearce @latimes @GustavoArellano Incels tend to be fans of Trump, like yourself. @justinmwalder @persephoknee @habte_sabroso @mattdpearce @latimes @GustavoArellano Persephone was birthed anally. @realDonaldTrump You sad sack of orange shit. Everything you say is pure projection.
@persephoknee @habte_sabroso @mattdpearce @latimes @GustavoArellano #FuckTrumpTo be fair, I'd vote for any sentient being over Donald Trump. @MaajidNawaz Sir, this is a Wendy's drive-thru.Nobody: Maajid Nawaz: @Truth_Quest30 @GustavoArellano @shelbygrad @brandondarby @GavinNewsom @AGBecerra LOL retweet Natasha and the… @mattdpearce @GustavoArellano Ha....I'd forgotten about Pito Wilson.Looking for any hint of remorse, @GustavoArellano interviews former Gov. Pete Wilson about Prop. 187 and the impact…
Retweeted by Classical Centrist @realDonaldTrump Wrong. It’s called taxpayer subsidized bailout, aka socialism, you hypocritical hemorrhoid. #ImpeachAndRemove
Retweeted by Classical Centrist @realDonaldTrump Giving handouts to farmers, Donnie boy? I thought you Republicans were against socialism? @debidiamonds @realDonaldTrump Because that entertainment channel is the only one willing to unconditionally kiss Donnie's butt. @MickDeFoe @TheLaurenChen @Dan40082904 @elianatrue @realDonaldTrump STFU, bots. @EddieRispone You're Pro-Trump. You automatically suck butt. @PresidentsPvts @NiceMangos I mean... @okechukwu_01 @KitemanArgues @Sesan1809 Plus libel laws from the UK don't apply to countries outside of it. Getting… @ChristianPiekos @EddieRispone @realDonaldTrump @KSLA How about we tell Trump to f off instead. @lehorseartist @BerryGoldwater @POLITICO_Steve @AP There aren't enough working neurons in Trump's brain to process this properly. @NiceMangos It's not like I needed more proof that Andrew Yang sucks...not surprising he has a lot of fans that follow the IDW dorks.Lmao
Retweeted by Classical Centrist @evansrand @RyanDeregt @NBCNews @EliseStefanik @ZeusOfOlympus7 @gol_mia You retweet Lauren Chen and the Weinstein Weirdos....and a fan of Yang. Yikes.
@904DuvalJustin @Real_EllieBrown @irishson1916 @EliseStefanik @gtconway3d @kogfootball @phrogpilot1 @CNN B-b-but Clinton! Clinton hasn't been president for almost 20 years. Filthy Donnie Tr… @LindseyGrahamSC How does Donald Trump's ass taste, Lindsay? @cwcooper @Eblaque3 @MSNBC @AOC Indeed, one must be extremely politically correct about Nazis because those that wh… @328cardgame @JackPosobiec We're talking about creepy-looking Stephen Miller here, stick to the subject. @dawn_haggard @Shadowknows10 @JackPosobiec You're shite as well. As is Donald Trump and Jack Posobiec. @328cardgame @JackPosobiec It's cute how people think that because some are of Jewish background they can't be symp… @Shadowknows10 @JackPosobiec Stephen Miller Is shite @tedcruz Dude, Donald Trump called your wife ugly and said your dad was involved in the JFK assassination, and yet… @chicagotribune Donald Trump is sympathetic to fellow criminals. @phrogpilot1 @kogfootball @CNN Proud self-proclaimed sexual predator Donald Trump has at least 16 credible accusers. @BellaCos3010 @AZ_SRB @frostybob123 @dbongino I like how AOC makes your sphincters twitch with rage. 😂 @dbongino You afraid of her, Danny boy? @Kingdom2kome @realDonaldTrump I'll show that schmuck the same level of respect he shows to everybody who isn't named Donald J. Trump. @Kingdom2kome @realDonaldTrump Fuck Donald Trump. That lowlife deserves zero support. @Kingdom2kome @realDonaldTrump Billy Barr is Trump's lapdog. Nobody takes him seriously. @ChidiNwatu @realDonaldTrump Let's hope so. @TWIT_ANTHONY @realDonaldTrump Jesus loves racist, proud self proclaimed sexual predators like Donald Trump. @PrasunK5 @realDonaldTrump No he doesn't. #FuckTrump. @realDonaldTrump Donnie are the swamp. STFU. @RepMikeTurner You're a complete clown, Mikey.Reminder: I unfortunately went to school with Stephen Miller. He is the worst person currently living on earth. Hav…
Retweeted by Classical Centrist @secure_r_border @Newsweek FAIR sucks....its founder John Tanton is rotting in Hell right now. @kornegay_danna @Newsweek Proud self proclaimed sexual predator Donald Trump has committed multiple crimes. @Ron4California @mehdirhasan @AOC You're a nasty piece of work, aren't you Ronnie.
@TheInSneider @DavidCornDC @mehdirhasan @RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump Donnie Trump would throw his own spawn under the bus to save his orange skin. @RubyGirl28 @ABC "Just a low-level coffee boy". @CammyLammy05 @WHLPJr @CNN @mikkyphp @MrOdanz @HueyEmma769 @jordanbpeterson Everything hack Jordan Peterson says is his undoing. He's a's uhhhhh kind of a big deal that a key white house advisor has a personal reading list of white nationalist agi…
Retweeted by Classical Centrist @Socraticness @Intrinsic29 @SamHarrisOrg @let5ch The SPLC didn't call Sam Harris a white supremacist. They merely… @CammyLammy05 @WHLPJr @CNN Or maybe you suck at detecting sarcasm, my мудак. @CammyLammy05 @WHLPJr @CNN Hey, Andrei...I see you have a tough time detecting sarcasm. @Timcast Pin Stool, both you and @RubinReport are two-bit clowns and not even close to being actual journalists, bu… @ConQuiX_Senbon @CoreyAtad @SamHarrisOrg @let5ch Yup. The SPLC would not have been found guilty of slander. @johnson_johnnie I'm not a centrist. @johnson_johnnie It's the same shit "black for Trumps" is. No self-respecting black/brown person (I am one myself)… #Blexit something like "Blacks for Trump"? Sounds similar. *Quick Google search* Yup, it is. @ConQuiX_Senbon @CoreyAtad @SamHarrisOrg @let5ch Proof: @ConQuiX_Senbon @CoreyAtad @SamHarrisOrg @let5ch They made a mistake by calling Maajid an extremist (I called them…