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Classical💎 @ClassicalR6 Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

17 | Content creator for @GODSENTgg | | 5x Diamond | Uplay: ClassicR6 | Duo @HellboyR6

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#zoomcodes here is a website with a shit load of ID's and Passwords and no its not an IP g…
Retweeted by Classical💎 @jrjryahmoms whats the fucking code @BobTheB60339449 it hasnt started
Maybe I should become a designer and only charge exposure, because that’s what I need most right now...
Retweeted by Classical💎Two of my favorite designs. Which ones do you like the most? #R6Share #RainbowSixSiege
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here’s another one for you guys
Retweeted by Classical💎1 v 5 in the cheater realm (ranked) lul
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All of my uplays are sold. Classic.GODSENT , vIGLXXXY_ , ClassicSky. ResidentSkye. Are not me
@LokijeR6 @NikkeSTV Weird @LokijeR6 @NikkeSTV You know about cheats, you know which ones are private and need I’d verification. You use havok now stfu @LokijeR6 @NikkeSTV You cheat too lol
@SpoitR6 Bro..
Retweeted by Classical💎 @Ma1icee Pls @Ma1icee How wtfbro?
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Social media revamp giveaway! (Twitter/Youtube) Rules: -Follow me! -tag a friend -Rt this tweet Good luck🔥❤️ The wi…
Retweeted by Classical💎 @tabwire Harry using Phoenix lol @DustysNetworkin Lmao you still shit talking me irrelevant mf
The correct way to kick someone from a Team
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My website is coming together pretty good, should be out in the next coming days wait to get back to my home:( playing on these us servers is dog
We doing good this season @IIBoch No @CreatorCord Imma leak the invite @LassellCole @stayfuglyk @AshWeezy2015 @JWhite_14 Exactly what it is @AshWeezy2015 @JWhite_14 Wish I could mute this but I also saw it tonight!!! I have so many videos and you could se…
Retweeted by Classical💎My Dad saw this today after work in Nashville... 👽 #2020 #Aliens
Retweeted by Classical💎This villa game is so fucking weird I got a teammate saying the N word and I got people talking shitCurrent 5 games into Winning each ranked game and not getting elo
nice edits bro
Retweeted by Classical💎I will be heading back to my home next week, I cannot wait to be back at my desk and not game on this shitty laptop:(Here’s a few pics I took last night, I really liked how they turned out! America is such a beautiful place at night @anckir6 @XiTsViBeX I @anckir6 @XiTsViBeX And I’m cheating apparently lol @anckir6 @XiTsViBeX This is my main lol calm down @LevexTV Nothing much @n1kkiee @anckir6 I want to know how I cheated in that game when in the kill cams your bullets would go to the righ…
@Asp3ct_R6 @Plertoo @SnakeOsaurus @AxiasV2 @Aviixt_ Pay for premium @ZenithTheNinja Ripi hit those @HellboyR6 @XiTsViBeX @Texzaku
Reply your discord’s below Gonna be giving a few people that follow at er discord nitro!
@ZenithTheNinja Feel better @neekolul @KarlJacobs_ @karljacobs @HellboyR6twitter verified the right Karl first @KarlJacobs_
Retweeted by Classical💎i choked so hard:/ @tabwire 95890TabStats has been updated for the new season Neon Dawn For Siege's birthday we're GIVING A…
Retweeted by Classical💎PS4 - Christmas Day 2015 PC - Blood Orchid @Ecryb Congrats🤘 @dummmics How I can help? @Magus_Ignus @notdiin I wouldn’t be talking 3 // 03•12•20 Here’s the final piece of the Xiotoria series (3/3) @maxon3d #C4D @OTOY #OctaneRender
Retweeted by Classical💎Enter this code “StayClassy” at for 10% off your purchase @tharealDEAD Ps4?Slowly learning my sens @dummmics :(
im just goated!! @dummmics I change discord logo @ClassicalR6 @KidAsahi @HellboyR6 @Grimson_How_To
Retweeted by Classical💎Four skins. 😂
Retweeted by Classical💎Giving away this PS5! Like & RT to enter! ♥️ Giveaway ends in 24hrs Good luck!
Retweeted by Classical💎Ez games! @XiTsViBeX @XiTsViBeX @KidAsahi @HellboyR6 Gay @dummmics @PhishR6 @Tenuii How do you see queued with on the website? @MikaeliFX Rock on 🤘 @dummmics @Kappa81873121 @MikaeliFX Nothing much, I hope you have a great productive day! @TheGrimsy Np just keep spreading the positivity @TheGrimsy Hope you had a great day aswellSo I subbed to a few people from my recent. I try to be helpful where I can and I hope it’s enough or helps someon…
Retweeted by Classical💎The Reason You Can Slide Anywhere In Call of Duty
Retweeted by Classical💎 @MikaeliFX Good morning MikaeliI have a discord if y’all want to join it and chill out @ZenithTheNinja My sisterFlash Giveaway⚡️ Win: - 1 Beta Key🔑 To Enter: - Follow @CloakAIO👥 - Retweet🔁 - Tag a Friend🗣 Ends in 10 minutes ⏰
Retweeted by Classical💎2400 renown giveaway x2 1200 renown Steps to enter -RT and Like -follow @KidAsahi -follow @ClassicalR6 -follo…
Retweeted by Classical💎 @Esports_Isaac Done @Esports_Isaac I make stream packages @KidAsahi I mess up post;( @KidAsahi XdddEnter now! renown giveaway x2 1200 renown Steps to enter -RT and Like -follow @KidAsahi -follow @ClassicalR6 -follo…, PS4, And XBOX listen to the best✌️ @tabwire Rajesh_1964 blatant cheating on eus lvl 39 and has spoit aim lol @classicsky @classicskys @classicskye Bitte dm ich möchte dein twitter @ erhalten
@Kudo_R6 @HellboyR6 i have never seen 2 pretty bestfriendsSiege account giveaway? @Kudo_R6 @HellboyR6 xd @Kudo_R6 @HellboyR6 Quick hide @HellboyR6 @Kudo_R6 Uh oh @Kudo_R6 @HellboyR6 Say less😩 @Kudo_R6 Shhh my bf will get mad:( @HellboyR6 @Kudo_R6 Underrated😔 @Obey_Salsa FINA - Fear Is Not Allowed @classicsky can u dm me?