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transgender princess 🦋✧✩♡✧༺♡🦋 she/they #blacktranslivesmatter

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Joined Twitter 1/18/18 it's you and your tea against the world
2021’m a goddess sent from the heavens. sexy and funny too gentle reminder that u will achieve your goals and everything making u sad is temporary .. love u byenot to be thirsty on main but i would love a little kiss on the forehead“le vieillard et les nymphes”, from pierre louÿs' les chansons de bilitis by georges barbier
goddess i love fresh fruit what a blessing to live in a world with fruit-bearing plantsthe sound of rain and ocean waves bring so much inner peace.can i please live in a ghibli movie?‘my angel’ is easily the purest nickname you could have for someone, it’s so soft and kind and loving my heart feel… to be a swan babie @FAEBLOOD111 *summoning all the nymphs* !! 🌙💧i’d just like to say “i love you” to every single mushroom in the worldfalling asleep to rain is great, but waking up to rain, *chefs kiss* fantastic .. !!i love people who get excited about stars @zaperwave <3 pretty !! 🧚🏼‍♀️
2021 in paintings radiate love and angel energyi wish i had a window seat with lots of pillows that i could sit in and drink tea and read books in and watch the rain in“flowers” (details) by etienne adolphe piot and emile vernon
2021“nereiden,” ~ 1925, by eduard veith is a good color and that’s thatthe earth right before sunrise is filled with an implacable energy i want to be surrounded by constantlythis world can be so kind. butterflies will land and stick in your hair, the smell of rain will float through your…, there’s moonlight on the ocean
2021 u grew up watching winnie the pooh, u have empathy n kindness engraved in u no doubt about it .."you are so quiet" ... i daydream 80% of my time need to stop imagining scenarios in my head that have a -2% chance of actually happening it’s becoming a problem @pyr0muse babe! 🐚💌🐝 @444fae love :O
let’s make flower crowns for each other and get married with nature as our witnesswe didn't find each other by accident, our love has been written in the stars for all timegilbert williams really is one of the most beautiful forms of love that we can experience in this short time we have on earthit really is all about love i think. like that’s our whole purposei need!!! to be in the forest. run my hand through a little stream. climb over a fallen tree .. maybe sit down on a… @zaperwave 。^‿^。 miss my angel wings
2021 heart-shaped, blush pink, or involving roses …. i will gladly accept in my life. i want a lot of it.if you call me angel i might just melt into a puddle of heart emojisi'm soft but only for you“aurora and cephalus” ~ pierre-narcisse guérin
2021 have so much weight. please be kind. in a relationship with someone who makes you want to be a better personmy heart melts when you tell me how much you're proud of mei’m attracted to someone’s aura and how they carry themselves. feeling safe around someone’s energy is so intimate to meour love feels so pure and raw, and that’s how i know it’s right“i dreamed of you” is literally like .. the tenderness ...
*telepathically sends u a kiss goodnight so u dream about me*by loving you, i learned how to love myself, tooyour laugh is a song i could listen to foreverimagine feeling safe enough to cry in someone’s arms @angelicfaeiry hi my angel 👼🏻 love and softness in your heart is never something to be ashamed of. giving and receiving kindness is what we are here formood wish to radiate moonlight and heavenly energy at all times @pyr0muse hi Ivy :)baby i love you so muchwatching studio ghibli films
i want to curl up inside a soft rose and fall asleep for a while“the young martyr” ~ paul delaroche“flowers in hair” ~ jules joseph lefebvre to be a fairy seeking shelter from a harsh storm under a leaf awakening to apricot skies and the smell of dewim busy doing angel activitiessleepy eyes and a mind full of you @lil_yuna i'm an angel *vibrating positive energies for you* 💌💘 <3when we see each other again in my dreams