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LMFAOOO I fuckin love you dawg @FaZe_Rain @FaZe_Rain Only thing in life I’d need from you is your happiness. Love ya brother, keep doing you. @MrsGammaLabs Miss you too 😄 @RawDogg209 @SocialBlade LETS GOOOO RAW DOG!! (Please don’t take this as a self promo) but TWINSIES!! LMAOO @FaZe_Rain Appreciate this coming from you... try my best everyday @Viperous @leahdb98 SameHope you had a great day today :) pizza doesn’t, and never will compare to NYC pizza you uncultured swine @julian_723 That’s the part that amazes meI’ve reread this headline 5 times and still don’t understand... @LoganDodson @Nadeshot @100Thieves GG i was thereI hate putting in 100% of my effort into something and it still failing.
@JakeSucky We need a neck off... i think it’d be pretty close @Arkhram1x @EpikWhale @rehxfn I feel like i see these everyday... you’re insane @JhbTeam @JakeSucky He gets an i love you and i get an “Imma leak your address” I HATE THIS MF @JhbTeam LEAKED! @JhbTeam I’m leaking your girlfriend @JhbTeam Omg I’m so sorry you’re too famous now to notice 😩 great apologies James 😔 please forgive me @JhbTeam i like how your followers say 1234 @OGRealCarl Dude he 100% already has itI never actually spread hate, but this dude really does deserve to be taken off every social media possible. Fuckin… @Treyarch @RavenSoftware 👀👀👀 @xoxabstract how does it make you feel that out of the last 3 months+ (and only 10 tweets), you were one of the peo… @Lunaa Toaster bathPewdiepie trending because mfs judging his playlist taste.... Twitter never fails to truly find anything they can t… @timthetatman Wouldn’t be a Tim clip without fall damageIt’s truly tragic the kids of today’s day will have never witnessed an og OpTic house stream. The memories. @Baboon202919 @Viperous L @Baboon202919 @Viperous No but i remember when you got outratiod @H3CZ @PhillyD Oh and KYR Sp33dy. ICONICCorona once the school day is over @CrypticNoOne you really deleted it smh @H3CZ @PhillyD Nadeshot and BigT @JakeSucky He’s the source of my horniness @OctaneSam So dope @reewiop WHERE DID I ASK LMFAOOO @shroud Valorant Pro: Initiated @reewiop Where?College girls fail one philosophy test and throw up the Onlyfans link the same night @Grahamalott Common @RickyShinxda W @Viperous Wtf i just saw this.... tank you @jacksondahl Thank you king 🤝 @JhbTeam Make me one make me one! 🥺
@TristanGHill @macawcaw123 What he said @KeviSkillz LMFAOOO @JakeSucky She’s out there, and what a lucky woman too. If you put even half the effort into a relationship that yo… @xoxabstract Probably one of my favorite surprises in my life @OMGLove :) love her ass @TristanGHill Come prove itI FLEW SIDNEYS CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO L.A. AND SURPRISED HER WITH A 3 DAY AIRBNB VACATION ON T… @MrTLexify 👀💜 @CouRageJD Yessir 😄 Thanks for always helping out with advice. Appreciate it more than you know @OctaneSam Dude you’ve been killing it, i swinged by the page the other day, great job @OGRealCarl Love ya CarlYou guys have been showing so much support on the Youtube vids... just want to say THANK YOU. Averaging 10K+ views… you dropped this
Retweeted by Classy @Viperous “You must be goofy if you think you in love” Me: @HaleyHey_ @Nadeshot :) my favs @Froste So what you’re saying.... is we could be live... all 4 of us.... at the same time... and NOT lag?? @Viperous I love you more @Avalanche100T @Nadeshot Before the Mob i rolled differentHappy Birthday @Nadeshot 🎉!! Wish you all the best in life and to much more love, success, and happiness 🙌’ll never understand why yall fuck with me this heavy on here, but i for sure never take it for granted. Mf legends, all of yous. @Viperous 💜🙂 @Nadeshot Cookie Crisp is amazing. @Zestynut @jamescharles Ratiod by walking cat @lexieyuh 816 at your service 😎 @Vikkstar123 Happy Birthday 🎉💜 @macawcaw123 :) @CrypticNo @oFabz Ez don’t know who needs to hear this rn but just do you. Please just do what you believe in and what makes you happy… @TSM_Myth Simply put: “Ah you think the house is your ally? You merely adopted being at home... I was born in it, molded by it. can debate about a lot of things... But when someone says Chicago pizza is better than NY pizza i just ass… @CorinnaKopf Play @Froste instead...Once again I’m being attacked for presenting new ideas @CorinnaKopf I miss when my 10th grade gym teacher would personally train me in the locker room after hours on my a… @YesTheory @TheMob @Classify Ah dude that means a lot. Thanks for the constant love and support. We got tons of love for @TheMob ❤️
Retweeted by Classy @JhbTeam @KongeNV @Viperous LMFAOOTrash ass opinion @KongeNV @JhbTeam @Viperous Of course King Simp threw his 2 cents in 💀 @Ewok LOL @JhbTeam @Viperous This you? is the best month in the whole year
@Viperous Someone drop 5 for me real quickBro who made this?? I’d like a word LMFAOOOOO @brookeab 💜 @leahdb98 Top and dome @xoxabstract YOU, always have so much love for designers. This is so dopeee 🙌 @NicholiFNST @YesTheory watch this, then just go down their yt and click anything that sounds interesting. You'll b… @blakeir @YesTheory Can’t forget Dude Perfect 🤝 @Froste get it tattooed on ur dick so no one will ever see it except me @duckybtw @YesTheory they deserve the world @Froste Sex is temporary, gaming is foreverIs there a reason @YesTheory dont have over 50 Millions subscribers yet?? They deserve so much more than what they have now @jordanfisher True @TSM_Slappie A man of taste