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Dr. Monica Burns, #EdTech & Curriculum Consultant, Author of #TasksBeforeApps, Speaker + PD facilitator, ADE —

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🚨NEW blog post alert! 🚨 📝There are so many ways to support student writers 🤩 In this blog post, find actionable… Ways to Update Your Google Slides with @AdobeSpark Post Designs #SparkMade #edtech #GAFE @abelgalvezelt @Torredelpalau @AdobeSpark This is fantastic! :) @THBoogren discusses self-care in this interview with @ClassTechTips. #teachertwitter
Retweeted by Monica Burns, Ed.D. @HearEdTech @participate @WiredEducator Thanks for sharing!Thanks for sharing! #EasyEdTechPodcast @drlorielliott Totally agree! :) @TanyaAvrith @ElevateBooksEdu @sylviaduckworth @lhighfill @HollyClarkEdu @JenWilliamsEdu @themerrillsedu eBook --> 15 Social Studies Projects for Book Creator Classrooms #BookCreator @BookCreatorApp Learning to Improve English with #edtech these two! Tips for a Must-Try Combo --> @AdobeSpark and @Nearpod Storytelling Lesson Ideas with @BookCreatorApp! Check out this list of tips for using this powerful creatio…
Sesame Street Storytelling with @WriteReaderApp #edtech Studies Teachers!!! The census provides an "opportunity for students to fit themselves—and people like thems… out my interview with Lisa Johnson, author of Creatively Productive! Find out how her book provides a fantast… To Use Screensharing to Increase Student Engagement (feat. @airtame) #edtech Ways to Use QR Codes with Students - use tomorrow ideas #ScannableTech @corwinpress Tips for Meeting Student Needs Through Differentiated Instruction - this list includes a few things all educators… for a #formativetechtool to put formative assessment best practices into action? Find out how Microsoft For… teaching #coding seem like a stretch for you as a teacher? Learn how you can jump right into #STEAM with lesso… student journals in your classroom with an open-ended website creation tool! Create, customize and share wi… for a way to honor #women during Women' History Month and beyond ? The folks at Kiddom provided a playlist…
Robots in the Classroom? You bet! Check out ---> @RoboKind #STEM Education Resources frazzled school administrators become cool, calm and collected school administrators! @edleadershipsimJust have a look at this space! And that’s the library at the heart of the school. Yay!! #inquirymindset
Retweeted by Monica Burns, Ed.D. @trev_mackenzie How great is this! :)These seven new #edtech tools are among the best featured at #FETC @ClassTechTips
Retweeted by Monica Burns, Ed.D.I had a really great time talking with @ClassTechTips about @robokind's Coding curriculum and what motivates our th…
Retweeted by Monica Burns, Ed.D. @RoboKindRichard @robokind So great connecting with you all at #TCEA! :)This is fantastic Kevin! Love that you listen in the car, too! I just shared an episode of the Easy EdTech Podcast… Screen to Robot: Engaging Students with Interactive STEM Education via @classtechtips
Retweeted by Monica Burns, Ed.D.It was so much fun chatting with Robyn from the "Honey! I'm Homeschooling The Kids" podcast! Check it out here :) Video Education Spotlight: @BBC on YouTube #VirtualReality #edtech to strengthen your students' #listeningskills ? On this episode I shout out to a list of favorite kid-frien… Ways to bring Social Emotional Learning to the next level in your classroom! @BookCreatorApp
Revamp your #math lessons with a VISUAL instruction program that embeds gameplay, application and discussion!… Apps for Families: 4 iPad Tools from My Toddlers Apps @mta_llc #edtech much fun talking #FormativeTech w the one & only @coolcatteacher! #trypod #Edutopia #PLN #edtech this! A perfect podcast for kids --> @WowintheWorld a "student-friendly podcast" #FindYourWow #trypod (feat.… @Owl_b_TorresEdu @adobepost @TechNCSS Thanks for joining Jessica! #adobespark @sholt16 @Falcons_NWMS @TechNCSS So glad you could join! #AdobeSpark @EduCroupe Thanks for the shout out Lydia! #TasksBeforeApps @MatthewXJoseph @basil_marin @mrhooker @Jenallee1 @rachaellehr @conniehamilton @tamaraletter @jeffreykubiak @IzcalyR2022 Thanks for sharing! Have you seen my podcast episode on this too? @Rogers_Suzanne @kimbearden @gerrybrooksprin Yay! See you there! :) @EdSpaceLive @Mr_Ayyy @SFecich @PresidentPat Yay! Super excited to check out the new videos! @MrCoachK15 @MrMerrillsClass @annkozma723 @themerrillsedu @FriendsinFourth @Flipgrid I first heard this "share-row"… @KathyPerret @Alex_Milton6 Thanks for the shout out Kathy! @manuelherrera33 @Jess_Slusser @cvanderark @Getting_Smart @WickedDecent @sadieclorinda @ZajacSLP @jacquiegardy🌟NEW 🌟blog post! Super excited to share this with you! Have you used 🤖 robots 🤖 in your classroom? If you’re loo… @HollyClarkEdu Yay! See you there! #ISTEPretty excited to announce I am a featured voice at #ISTE20. Can't wait to share and learn with everyone in Anahei…
Retweeted by Monica Burns, Ed.D.When it comes to best preparing your students to navigate a world of spending, saving and investing, T. Rowe Price… it comes to sharing student work, there are lots of ways to showcase the great things happening in your classr… Technology Tools for the Reading Classroom #edtech (feat. @seesaw, @nearpod, and more!) does staying #safe #online look like in your school? Discover how Gaggle can provide a safety solution for you… Class List creations simple with this powerful #EdTech tool that has saved schools countless hours and helped…
In this episode we’ll look at three #productivity tools that can help you save time and make the most of every minu… the leader your students need you to be in the "Fourth Industrial Revolution"! Delve into my interview with… you tried this favorite combination? You can share Student Work with an @AdobeSpark and @Seesaw Combo! #edtech for technology resources and ideas for your next #science experiment? Explore #EdTech tools to conduct, cap… Strategies for Google-Friendly Classrooms (featuring #GoogleInfusedClassroom by @hollyclarkedu & @tanyaavrith)… your students' #creativity skills by participating in the #NASA research challenge and using @AdobeSpark to… do your students show off their digital citizenship skills? They can share #DigitalCitizenship Strategies with… Spotlight: @Peergrade, Free Online Platform for Peer Feedback in Schools #edtech you catch this news? Swift Playgrounds for Mac launched in the Mac App Store this morning! Find it here -->…
Looking for prep and practice? Try @getwritable! you everyone for these reviews :) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ See the new episode of the Easy EdTech Podcast right here:… a look -> @ReadingHorizons Orton-Gillingham Software + Teacher Resources #TamingtheWildText #reading📕📙Super excited about this NEW video! 📗📘 I'm such a fan of @StorylineOnline! It's FREE, high-quality and full of t… Learning is honored to have such a positive review from @ClassTechTips. Check it out here:…
Retweeted by Monica Burns, Ed.D.Here you’ll hear about #EdTech favorites and a book recommendation for instructional coaches to build your EdTech t… @cinehead @MrsKemper @mrhooker @ClaudioZavalaJr Thanks for including me in your recap! I had a cringeworthy you’re/… Students with Interactive Teaching Materials from Creativity 365 (feat. @KdanMobile) #edtech #creativity @KerryHawk02 @bhodgesEDU @ASCDconf @MASCD @MatthewXJoseph @SimplySuzy @MGeoghegan22 @KyleHamstra @Amy_MacCrindle🎙️NEW today! 🎙️ Listen here: Learn about: ⭐ my ACES Framework for thoughtful technology i… Series from @StudySync + Unit Creator Tool for Teachers #edtech one... two... or three... there are 3,000+ Google Street Views for your classroom on this fantastic resource… Educator Kit for Robotics, Design, and #Coding in the Classroom (feat. @sony) #hourofcode #code Learning Program Lexia Reading Core5 for Fundamental Literacy Skills @lexialearning #edtech @themerrillsedu @sdtitmas @aalbertoherraez @mmarioherraez @Savvy_Educator @GridPalGeorge @design2research @Taralson Boy. 😲🤭🤩 💥700+💥 educators have signed up for tomorrow’s webinar! Not registered? No worries! ✌🏻😎There’s stil…
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Bring the power of #robotics to your students! This COMPLETE program for teachers has ready-to-use activity ideas a… type of tools do you use in the classroom to interact with text and stay organized? Check out PDFelement 6, a…'s on the list? Check out these 6 things you can do with a PDF @kmishmael Thanks for sharing!Love this post from @ClassTechTips talking about Copyright & Creativity’s curriculum: Have…
Retweeted by Monica Burns, Ed.D.Help Student Writers Practice and Grow with @getWritable #edtech #tamingthewildtext #writing @beyoncewill2022 Thanks for sharing Beyonce! Are you on my newsletter list? Sending out more favorites this afterno… are some great tips on Inforgraphics. In the classroom it will help teachers explain and demonstrate to their…
Retweeted by Monica Burns, Ed.D. @JenWilliamsEdu @audreyoclair @TanyaAvrith @MsClaraGalan @Loise_Gichuhi @jacquiegardy @Michelle4EDU @KristinOhnstad for sharing Nikki! #TasksBeforeApps for help with #BlendedLearning in your school? Take a look at this #education book spotlight -> "Blended Le… Effectiveness of EdTech Investments with @NetReferee #edtech your students' published work with VIDEO Portfolios! @adobesparkFitooons Healthy Eating and Exercising App for Kids from @AvokiddoGames #edtech #education Incredible Ways to Infuse Your Classroom with @AdobeSpark to #CreateEDU with #Infusedclassroom 💥Remix Writin…
Retweeted by Monica Burns, Ed.D. @HollyClarkEdu @AdobeSpark @Flipgrid @Seesaw Love this!
Check out how you can engage your students in critical thinking and opportunities to learn through play with these… To @Skype with an Expert in Your Classroom #edtech #video #virtualfieldtrip