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Claude Brodesser-Akner @ClaudeBrodesser New Jersey, sometimes Brooklyn

Star-Ledger, KCRW alum developing podcast re: the US Navy's UFO encounters. Secure contact: Signal, or encrypted email using PGP:

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The starship USS Enterprise and its crew have so many very very close calls that statistically it seems like the le…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerMichael Flynn has now pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI before two different judges, publicly pledged to God he’d…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerThe pardon power should not feel like this:
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerAnd there you have it. 2020 produces another unexplained monolith.
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerWhat’s happening? What’s happening is the fucking leaf blowers. ...SORRY! I SAID, “WHAT’S HAPPENING IS THE FUCKING LEAF BLOWERS!”Previous architectural plans call for “a 24k sq ft minimalist pavilion w/ seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a bowling a… @bladepope @ivamarie Let’s not throw the word “butter” around so cavalierly. We aren’t truly sure what the substance is made o… @CillizzaCNN And as a further public service to improve y’all’s night...
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerThis was also a plot point in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Signs” can I be head of the Trump coronavirus task force now?…“However, when Trump eventually gave up his baseless accusations of voter fraud, allowing the Biden Administration… journalists confirmed Trump is contemplating blanket pardons for his children, and discovered DOJ is invest…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerThe latest IRE Journal out this week features an article on how @LindyWa and I reported on the COVID outbreak at tw…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-Akner @guywelch2000 “Elroy....Elroy....Elroy Cohen, gets the Gas Face.” the Spotify year in review, yes, my wife and I share an account and, no, I have no plans to stop streamin… should not be missed. @stuloeser @ivamarie Don’t worry — the chilis will still be there in May. Literally, I mean, precisely those chilis will still be there.All you motherf*ckers rolling coal in front of my Chevy Volt on the I-95 get ready to eat it.“is” 🤦‍♂️ matt gaetz becoming butt-head?
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-Akner @snietomunoz I was kidding! Yikes!Serious question: Can Trump pardon his entire administration preemptively? I explained to the Gap, I already have three pairs of pants, so I'm all set for next decade or so. I think this…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-Akner @DevinGordonX It’s almost as if by trumpeting baseless accusations over and over they’ve eroded trust in an elector…
Fox News’ Ingraham tonight floated possibility that perhaps Biden kicked his dog, then says she hopes it’s not true.
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerWithout proof that there’s no proof, how can we be certain there’s no proof? my NBC News colleagues: Trump may announce for 2024 on inauguration day. Either way, he won't attend the inaug…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-Akner @snietomunoz Speaking as one of your friends, your friends suck. @katehinds Sammy the Seal, red courtesy phone. Mr. courtesy phone. ☎️ 🦭“study also showed that the likelihood of contracting the virus decreased by about 40% among people who reported al…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-Akner @J_Schneider @johndshabe @snietomunoz 👇 @johndshabe @snietomunoz Question: Why call it “outdoor dining” when there’s 4 walls and a roof? Isn’t 4 walls & a…"A radiologist with no previous experience fighting infectious disease, Atlas joined the White House in August afte…
@BFlanaganNJ @stuloeser resistance to a transfer of power has no parallel in the modern history of the Nation.
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-Akner @heybonanos @theygotemma brain you can eat!A statement from Brian Kemp’s daughter
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerThis was true in the ‘70s also, when this weird requirement scared the shit out of me. 🎅 🚫 @johndshabe “PollHype” possibly the best oxymoron of all time, up there with “MedicinePlacebo” and “ParachuteCutler… @LamarEsq @johndshabe They haven’t built a prison that could hold him back from a 🐿 @johndshabe That sounds AMAZING.This is a wild story about a man whose life was upended because a detective came across his photo on Facebook and h…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-Akner @TracieHunte Dude I thought the exact same. “It will be high theater.” I am trying to imagine those words clearing… is continually amazing how readily some people of faith are willing to take everything about elections also on f… @realDonaldTrump THIS, as the President says, "says it all": 2-minutes of pure gold from Sacha Baron Cohen: “Volt…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-Akner“Downplay riots” smh @Luccas77 @taffyakner “You’re going the wrong way!” was held at the Rikers Island jail complex, without trial, for allegedly stealing a backpack.
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerTruth anyone makes some ageist remarks I have literally done this last year with a golden doodle and I am half his… @yashar Why not Andy Byford for heaven’s sake? Can we get some mass transit and light rail up in here?most rural black americans live in the black belt, which is in an environmental crisis unheard of in the developed…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerIt’s radish-ulous. 🥗 @bumperdejesus I would pay money to see what happens to you at Jamba Juice.
Teeth grinding? That’s so weird. No one I know is grinding their teeth due to unrelenting stress. @terrencemcd And so close to beautiful Trenton!
This is a guy who showed up to debate Hillary Clinton with Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones in tow, so not totall… Trump’s pardon strategy of buying the silence of others to protect himself after his presidency could ba…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerChristmas tree bike-jousting should be a thing. 🎄 🚴 🏙
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerBurying the lede: Icelanders who give each other clothing for Christmas are horrible people. from me, a criminal grand jury is reviewing records related to a Democratic power broker's health contracts wit…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerRapidly approaching 2014-15 NY Knicks level of losses. have a a Chuck Close joke but it’s pointless. @spsullivan You’re playing 3 dimensional chess now.
Reincarnation is a thing, ma’am... mini tweets. @BrigidforSJ But nylon is okay? Chemical imbalance! chief counsel of the RNC refutes the lie about the number of PA mail ballots spread by Rudy Giuliani.
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerPeak corona. @johndshabe She’s dead, Jim. you think Trump couldn’t run as an outsider again in ‘24, just watch this 2000 presser w/ Gov. Jesse Ventura @ 4… nation clearly has eczema. @ohheyjenna Far be it for me to judge but 800 kids seems like a lot. Your sis is one heckuva of a brave woman.
@KatrinaNation Or a Dawn Jones? is one of the best and most accessible economic stories I’ve read in 2020. You shouldn’t miss it — even if you…
@terrencemcd Watch.’s official! Yesterday evening I carried out my duty to sign Certificates of Ascertainment recognizing a slate of…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerSome personal news: New novel coming next year, sequel to @TheHellfireClub. This one takes place in Hollywood in 19…
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-Akner @johndshabe Is there any other way to read it?An important distinction: "Should Trump be prosecuted?" is separate question from "Should Trump be investigated?"
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerThis game will kill me. General William Barr, knowing full well Trump is on his way out, is still scheduling executions of death r… be like, “Wow, no thank you.”’s not even how you spell “combating,” bruh. that fondue pot you got those people? Well they fucking hated it. Michael Myers Collection
Shouldn’t it be “raisinettes”?Couldn’t agree more. I now work on my podcast from the same uninsulated meat locker of an add-on room that my wife…
@The_ItAlien @zora Yes @kaitlancollins Amazing how he went from prepping POTUS for the debates to criticizing the legal team. Post-Covid clarity.
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-AknerIs there anyone directing these lawyers? Like, a person they work for who could end this right now?
Retweeted by Claude Brodesser-Akner @jaykayokay2020 @maina2013 @JakeSherman @KLoeffler “Any sign...any sign at all.”