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Entrepreneur. Advisor to Lord Sugar on The Apprentice. Visiting Professor at UWL Claude Littner Business School. Author, 'Single-Minded: my life in business’.

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I never speak or respond to any candidates on task unless something manifestly unfair takes place. We are observers…, but not easy in this case. am recovered enough to spot what you added at the end of your tweet! was a very special event! Notwithstanding that, you are mistaken! considered necessary. As the wonderful @RickyMartin247 claimed on his Apprentice CV. 'I am the reflection of… tried, but Thomas was on a roll. He became too wedded to his idea. business start up lia.s are available. Numerous opportunities. Consult internet as start point. Claude On @BBCWorld from 8.15 8.45 discussing how you start a business with no experience and then secure…
Retweeted by Claude LittnerI was initially concerned that a scar on my lower back might preclude me from appearing on Love Island 2020. Howe… said. surgeon popped in late last night to reassure me that all went well with the surgery, although had to do more 'b… am told that apart from when used by the losing Apprentice team, it is a very friendly place be, in the absence of another excuse! never interact or even speak to the candidates, that way there can be no show of favouritism. The fact is that I… think the nhs has more pressing matters to attend to.
It is. Also means we don’t have to wade through 16 business plans and possibly form an opinion of candidates solel… is a paragraph within their CV where they identify in a sentence or two, the area they wish Lord Sugar to inv… @claudelittner Claude, can you please get some photo shoots booked so we can have a Claude Littner Calendar before…
Retweeted by Claude LittnerEven with no friends, I would not turn to or rely on Tommy the Turtle! I guess someone will very low self esteem l…! great show @tomallencomedy. You are making a habit of it!Souleyman is coming over so well on ‘you’re fired’. Relaxed and humorous. He was clearly under pressure on The Ap… one would have criticised that decision! is very upbeat and positive on ‘you’re fired’.It often gets very heated. are preset and tested to make sure they are safe and doable within the time allotted. of practice!’m finished. @claudelittner is on @Power_STARZ acting as a federal prosecutor 😂
Retweeted by Claude LittnerMost times! you.! have become very close!! It is for losers! the turtle for 3 year olds observing and feeding back to Lord Sugar. the turtle for 2-4 year olds. A good product would be a very welcome twist! spite of the image before me, I can only conclude that this is a heavily photoshopped photo. Disgraceful!, once again, you are correct, a while to recover our sanity! can’t do that. The task is set and needs to be met as outlined @claudelittner accurate I'd say 😁😁
Retweeted by Claude LittnerI can categorically state you are mistaken. another imposter!! malfunction.! You must have fallen asleep and having a nightmare. cert! bloody camera number 2 is still playing up. Unacceptable. Humble apologies!'s what we're all thinking. @ClaudeLittner @BBCApprentice #TheApprentice
Retweeted by Claude LittnerYou have such insight and good taste!!! Extreme backache, and disbelief at toy! Might work for a 4 year old, just! was the look of utter desperation! Trust me!‘It is not just a toy, it is your friend’. Really Thomas REALLY!That was my look of desperation. way to smile about. you know I don’t smile. Don’t go rogue on me! at all. Reaction to twinges of extreme pain from my back @claudelittner gets well soon. Apprentice star Claude Littner admitted to hospital to undergo back surgery -…
Retweeted by Claude LittnerDesperate watching the ‘execution’ of the task., impossible. where the venue is. Typically at around same time as candidates. Nothing starts until we are all together, wincing with pain. laughing matter. Desperately sad! myself same question luck with your op. in a couple of weeks. sedated after op. has done. Not a problem! that you have seen the notebooks! for James Bond role, as the evil baddie of course! my trip out today I think they were filming @bbcapprentice 👉#TheApprentice #yourefired @claudelittner
Retweeted by Claude LittnerMouth in wrong position! if proof was needed! a chance! can apply to Lord Sugar via Amvest too! and answered about a thousand times! many to mention. Some great characters, super people and worthy winners Andy to my knowledge. Adam. I am in hospital having just had a back operation. I can't participate in your show tomorrow. Hope…'t recall. If you find the note let me know! one! what the doctor (almost) ordered! unkind of apple a matter of time.....once I can actually walk!'t even think of it at this stage! I'll sue! Neil if @Apple say it, it must be true! is the 'smile' bit that I question. true well spent! laminectomy. Designed to enable me to smile. Don't for one moment think it will work! As a side effect,…