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Dr. Karen Gregory @claudiakincaid Edinburgh, Scotland

Programme Director, MSc Digital Society, University of Edinburgh @mscdigsoc | Not as skilled as a care worker, speaks "non-English" languages

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Bravo #Scotland! The #Scottish parliament approved plans on Tuesday to make sanitary products free for everyone,…
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory @newsprof1 @lilianedwards @melissaterrasA new project here that some of you might be interested in: @hjjweeks omg! that face! @histoftech As a sovereign state of one, I get all my information about the Caronavirus from Facebook. What could be the problem?ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory @lilianedwards To the extremely patient @IainDunnPilates @lilianedwards yesssssss. nice work.Send Sharique some support, people. We need some UCU to JNU solidarity. @SShariqueM Solidarity from Scotland!I crawled back to my pilates lifestyle. Wasn't pretty but one session done.In solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the UK who are on strike with @ucu who have called for a digital pic…
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory @Oldmanmackie Seriously. @Oldmanmackie Really inspiring stuff.Dr. Correct is on the case: @ProfKFH Lol. And I'm not hiding in the MET.Appleton Tower has been occupied by students in support of industrial action – this means the building is closed. E…
Retweeted by Dr. Karen GregoryHere for this discussion. US academics could also listen. of today's strike is seeing @pennyb's outfit and petition for more white guy profs to strike! 😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
Retweeted by Dr. Karen GregoryBREAKING: The £67bn #USS pension scheme will in March launch a discussion paper on changes to the way it values it…
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory @price_laborecon "Pete Buttigieg, you're a child. Stay in the child's place." for some solidarity
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory @SShariqueM This is horrifying news. I hope you and your family are safe.These are conditions we know all too well. Solidarity with the @ucu membership striking for fair work conditions in…
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@epopppp Ah. @gavmaclean Sadly, frustratedly, I bet we'll get another chance to do this walk together. @tgpb85 I will read this report.People know how to find Scotland on a map, right?👀👀👀 @gavmaclean one big union-y walk?Pipin' hot: @oldnorthroad And yet... here we are. No pancakes, no freedom of movement! @oldnorthroad Unclear!I really picked entirely the wrong time to move to the UK apparently. @andevers @ssmithwc1n BRT. Bringing the NYC diner chicken soup too. @ssmithwc1n @andevers The thought of ketchup just made me so hungry and homesick for Neil's Coffee Shop. @pennyb Mute the beef: 2020 @andevers I'm just behind you, climbing, dying on the hill while saying "butter... cheese... grill it..."This hill. I have died. @SimmsMelanie university is so much more than our broken institutions. High fives, solidarity, and thanks to anyone doing th… this in your mooc & smoke it
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory @annegalloway me too, but maybe rescue dogs instead of sheep.Look at this team work: @clancynewyork @throughlineNPR @annabelgat_ no worries-- all your tweets are appreciated! @clancynewyork @throughlineNPR @annabelgat_ You're gonna make me write this book, aren't you?I hope you’re all impressed by my #PancakeDay #UCUstrikes placards. I spent far too long on them.
Retweeted by Dr. Karen GregoryOne of you tweeted @kashdoll in my TL. Thank you. "Have the day that you deserve" is going right into the mix.Please follow for the latest updates and statements from the suspended students at Stirling, also known as the Just…
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory @cathyhume Yes. Hope you can get to a picket or rally or chat with more people. You are so not alone!More solidarity from the algorithm: thread gets at what's going and the cumulative effect of this means UK HE can be a very lonely, very strange,…
@emmabalkind oooh. thanks! @emmabalkind lemon, eh? @SoylentHHH "my body has since informed me..." lol. @pennyb @pennyb I am absolutely unprepared for this amount of cake. @hl_murray hum. a very late brunch sort of thing. @BrendanCByrne I don't feel prepared for this amount of pancake.The answer seems to be rampage. @madbeveridge'm trying to understand when the pancakes are consumed? Breakfast? Dinner? Throughout the entire day in one endless sugar-fueled rampage?“I’m sure it’ll be fine” - Translation: We’re doomed
Retweeted by Dr. Karen GregoryRespect and solidarity to our UCU colleagues. Support them in fighting for fair pay in our HE sector. ✊
Retweeted by Dr. Karen GregoryI like this use of Twitter: @keguro_ @zunguzungu evergreen tweetHad to buy new glasses. Now to buy that little glasses chain that will keep these secured on my person at all times. @JoFrhwld shitburgers. lol. @ProfGambs i am just shaking my head.Please read this powerful account of how #ucumigrant structures came about. It was the product of determined women…
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory @steven_ovadia as in weaving on a loom? that does sound relaxing actually. @timbocop <screams> @timbocop ah. i think i may be too tired. @timbocop Wait. Is it a joke? I can't tell! I only got half way before wanting to cry. @RColesworthy @AilbheDarcy "The Right to Be Lazy" needs a re-up. A glow up even. @HallyMk1 something "trad" as they call it. @TomCalvard Yes, yes, they must. @TomCalvard True! She runs the show. @newsprof1 Yes, this so much. Putting the laptop away and walking away. @AlicjaPawluczuk ooh, a vicious hobby circle! @Metatone2 I think mine is reading the grim posts. Probably should stop that.Someone just asked me what hobbies I have? Anxiety? Is that a hobby? But also seriously, I am fated to have to lear… TikTok has a really good visual representation of a million versus a billion dollars, which is especially rele…
Retweeted by Dr. Karen GregoryAnd also please call off the Home Office, but yes: @ShannonVallor Had a similar experience. Dragged the poor dog to Leith on Saturday. Sigh. The weather is often, but…
If this show is realistic, @IamSandraOh’s mostly white colleagues will mistake her for another Asian woman; be puzz…
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory @nedasoc @profchander so good!An appeals court ordered the developer who whitewashed 5Pointz to pay artists $6.75 million. via @artsy
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory @Exhaust_Fumes @TheTattooedProf lol. i got that saying from you all on the slack somewhere! @UofGWorkoD It's definitely "relatable content."Read-in this Wed. part of @ucuedinburgh teach-outs. #UCUstrikes Come!
Retweeted by Dr. Karen Gregory📣@UCUScotland strike rally: Tuesday 25 February @ScotParl - assemble 12.30pm, speakers 1.00pm. Come to support…
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Mood:“There is simply no reason to believe that technology can strengthen democracy.” “It is difficult even to envision…
@DanjoKaz00ie get some din-dins, dude. @matthewharrison Beginning @DanjoKaz00ie i'm right behind you (not literally. but in terms of reading the sentences out loud.) @DrEllenStu yes, please. @SimmsMelanie Cool, because the view from my inbox is like: @DrEllenStu ELLEN! Me too! Let us take care.