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If you want to do BIG things, do not let small things bother you.
Retweeted by CB @kuwtbb_ RelaxFloyd needs to send his best men at this point enough is enoughI don’t know how to apologise I’ll just buy you stuff lol
Lost my respect for Youngboy today I’ll be realThe man at the desk keeps asking me questions no sargeant I don’t feel suicidalPremier League Years 😭
Retweeted by CBYou guys are all neeksMy broo 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
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My hearts way too pure for this gameSpotify✨✨ the pleasure to sit down with @YoungTandBugsey and talk about their new project ‘Plead the 5th’, the…
Retweeted by CB @AfFromDaEast My bro ❤️levellin!
Retweeted by CBHad the pleasure to sit down with @YoungTandBugsey and talk about their new project ‘Plead the 5th’, the… @ImJusSaiyan With Iniestas second coming on their side anything is possibleNa sorry congolese love songs are top tier and it isn’t even closeIt’s New music Friday! I cant wait to share my new interview with you guysYour desire to prove them wrong will exceed all doubt
Retweeted by CBQuavo’s deffo on TalkTalk
What’s everyone wearing for Quavo’s birthday?
Retweeted by CB @RollingLoud What about portugal? I’d like a refund how do I go about it @t2trilll Block me BmtConsider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the te…
Retweeted by CB‘Time is Money’- 100cm by 100cm. @artezaofficial @LeoDiCaprio Original and Prints Available to purchase via my…
Retweeted by CBIt’s a pleasure to name @HardyCaprio this weeks #1 artist.
Retweeted by CBPleasure to have @NSG as Number 1 artists this week🤝🤝
Retweeted by CBBig up OFB for being the artists of the week! Hope you all enjoy 🤝
Retweeted by CBCongratulations to our artist of the week @mahalia on her new release ‘Love and Compromise’ 👑
Retweeted by CBNew Music Fridays featuring our artist of the week @officialdarkoo & new releases from @YoungTandBugsey @Iamodeal
Retweeted by CBHappy 1 year anniversary to Clay’s Homegrown Talent! This was literally created out of me being bored at uni one da…
Retweeted by CBOfficial Lil Durk starter pack to get you guys right for @lildurk show next year. This is the exact order I’d love…
Retweeted by CBHomegrown Decade round up available on Apple Music & Spotify!
Retweeted by CBBig up this weeks artist of the week Uju Militér @Jhus eberyone stream ‘Big Conspiracy’ and get him the number 1 he…
Retweeted by CBHad a pleasure to sit down and talk with a very quiet and interesting talent @onlydouble00 catch the full interview…
Retweeted by CBHad the pleasure to catch up with @jbscofield_ about the ideas behind his new collab with @Jay1Official_. Exclusive…
Retweeted by CBHad a chance to sit down and talk to @onebrna about Da Zoo, his upcoming project & headline show, catch the full in…
Retweeted by CBHad the chance to sit down and talk to @hakkz_ about his new single ‘Harrods’, juggling A levels and a rap career &…
Retweeted by CBHad the chance to sit down and talk @Officialtmulla about his new single ‘Tonight’, What to expect from him in 2020…
Retweeted by CBHad the pleasure to interview my favourite artist in the game right now @m1llionz as we discussed how he burst into…
Retweeted by CBThings to give up if you want to be happy: 1. The need to always be right. 2. The need to impress others. 3. The…
Retweeted by CBWhen the hate don’t work they start telling lies! @lennyvandross @innercitypress got way too much integrity to run them type of jokes bro6ix9ine breaking Tory’s IG live record tonight6ix9ine coming out in next 3 hours 🙏🏾Life is all about hard work, honesty and familyMy moneys on futureFuture Vs Thug Ig Live battle best out of 20 hits only. Let’s settle it once and for all
Marty is a good man I don’t know how he’s tolerating Wendy like thisEverytime I’ve trusted niggas they embarrass meOkay Twitter the R&B discussion has been real today. Until the next time ✌🏾
Retweeted by CB @Dv1Up I know what you mean it’s out of them two and lonely child @Gervinchy What do you think it is @vimchibanda Genie though..😭 think House arrest tingz might be youngboys best songThree headed snakes Vs Dre beat battle would be crazyI’m done for the day @JoChristine__ 🤣🤣 I’m showing you there’s nothing chris browns done that usher hasn’tI wont lie Justin timberlake is diff gravy I’m not tolerating any slander around them sides @JoChristine__ Deep you put songs from 5 diff projects to compare against one albumChris brown is NOT a better dancer than Michael jackson. Mj created a whole genre of dance kids that were never ali… @JoChristine__ Yeah, confessions pt1&2, burn, caught up, my boo, bad girl, throwback, superstar. That one album blo… @JoChristine__ Joanna. @JoChristine__ Are you?? What’s this body of work that’s better than those two if you say FAME I’m gonna block you @JoChristine__ Chris brown ain’t got a better body of work than confessions or 8701 @JoChristine__ WhatMichael Jackson would stand and stare at the crowd for 10 mins and they’d all scream till they faint it’s not even closeThe real comparison is Justin timberlake Vs Chris brown he don’t belong in the Usher, MJ debatesChris Brown will never make anything remotely close to that confessions albumJust finished the first few episodes of Ozark I don’t know how Marty hasn’t killed his wife yet
Tha coldest! kept it real never folded never turned my back on my ownSigh let me just do my assignments @StraightMilli It’ll be a lot closer than you think, Pharrell’s done a lotLove for all the support. I’m back.. Hardy Season
Retweeted by CBFuck Pharrell and Timbaland I wanna see Pharrell Vs Kanye that’s where the real battle isNiggas will act how they act but they want your place @lxnigirolee_ We were robbed smhWhat’s crazy is SG is actually winning lmaoo* @o__mighty I realised he’s talking through the ads to buy some time @o__mighty 😂😂😂😂😂TI is killing me😂😂 Garrett Vs The Dream 👀How can that live end like that fuck off we was getting litSomeone needs to summon Ari I’m tryna see history tonight @KARTERAMA You ain’t been on insta live in a minute and it shows @RellikThaDon_ Ryan Babel being shameless all night too😂😂 @KARTERAMA ?Meg Thee Stallion best rapper of all time not even a debate
Wiz Khalifa does the 10 puff challenge
Retweeted by CBTory Lanez live is jumping off rn🌱VEGANG CHURRO BOWLS 🌱 (...but ASMR) 👉🏾follow the kid @bisolaotun 👈🏾
Retweeted by CBCB’s back up I was going through a phase @hakkz_ make that happen for her bro! @daveade_ No cap😂😂 @wxlfcapone When he dropped niggas in Paris @wxlfcapone Frrr Hit-Boy won for me though