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Clayton Cubitt @claytoncubitt NYC | NOLA | NSFW

Photographer/Director/Artist "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

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@chelseagsummers Chelsea welcome to the revolution. We're all grouchy @nataliesurely Hey he sent a lucky winner to Hamilton with his husbandThe rural poor are not more likely to vote for Republicans. The rural poor don't vote as much. They don't vote for… @susiebright Bernie, AOC, Ilhan, Tlaib, Warren, and a few others here or there, I take great inspiration from. AOC… I was a kid food stamps looked like Monopoly money and everyone in the checkout line would sneer but they save…
Retweeted by Clayton CubittThis empathy is why it's vital we elect more people from the working class @averybrooks @GreatDismal See the other article I posted on the battle over hand washing "science" and market share anytime I see any baby pig or goat Doorbells now more terrifying than the horror movie The Ring @parkerfiftyone @Splitcoil @GreatDismal @GreatDismal I found this longread on the industry/propaganda battle between paper vs air blaster hand drying metho… always asks me to go pee for him. I want to try and be a good boyfriend so I get up from bed and walk to the bat…
Retweeted by Clayton CubittAmerican muscle’t let pictures lie to you! Just saw a bad photo of myself and thought “hmm untrue”
Retweeted by Clayton CubittNew in the shop: @BernieSanders ”not me. Us” limited edition art print $100 from each sale goes to the Bernie cam…
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The No Malarkey bus tour is over. All aboard the Pain Train.Joe Biden to Iowa voters @GreatDismal I mean, these things are basically jetpacks for germs! People peeing directly into them might actually…'s a city in my mind Come along and take that ride And it's alright, baby, it's all right And it's very far aw… @JordanUhl This is like a flash forward 50 years sequence for the Rip Torn / Norman Mailer fight*watches Wild Wild Country once* have enough resources and knowledge to provide a life of comfort and security and pleasure to every single perso… of sharing that Biden ad (which won't reach anyone that's not already on board) please share this Bernie ad… @murrayoden Hopefully not being subjected to some airport TV tuned to a blaring news channel, which is basically a… @murrayoden Please see my first tweet for the type of television I'm talking about, which is garbageHalf the time they're just reading screenshots of tweets anyway. Television is garbage and it's rotting your brain.Twitter gets a lot of shit for lack of nuance and context collapse but it's a thousand times better than any televi… CAME FOR THE SEANCE BUT WE STAYED FOR THE GUN SHOW
Retweeted by Clayton CubittMe when I see the words "Republicans outraged" hope poor people eat you alive
The Mandalorian is a kid's show right?Who will win the battle between people who live off work and those who live off wealth? We followed UK economist…
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @xdswgx I think it is on Spotify! Although weirdly not available on the soundtrack, only on his own album. So I sup… I see yellow road divider lines at night I think about Lost Highway and hear Bowie's song "I'm Deranged"… many times will I have to email @Drobo before they finally answer my quite simple support question?"his wife, Annie, described him as mostly relying on vaping and edibles nowadays" don't trust any politician that doesn't pose an existential threat to Wall Street, the pharma/health insurance in… @sponson Hampton was assassinated by the US state on this day in 1969. He was murdered because he was incredibly effec…
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Retweeted by Clayton CubittI'm looking forward to consuming all your content today friends!"At least two of the men involved in the murder were trained by U.S. military forces." truly feel like I've had a stroke and want you to sneak up behind me with a sledgehammer and knock my block off*taps mic* NO BILLIONAIRE IS GONNA FUCKIN SAVE YOU YOU FUCKIN DUMBASSESFling me into space @tomtomorrow @tomtomorrow Kill your television!Hi just an FYI if you watch more than 5 minutes of television news in a day you're wasting your life
What's included under Medicare for All: ➡️Dental care ➡️Eyeglasses ➡️Hearing aids What's not included under Medica…
Retweeted by Clayton CubittGood morning friends, how do you even pay for your stuff? you gotta pay for education, your rent is expensive as fuck, health…
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Here's me looking at the wintery woods and wondering how my Cajun ass got here is part of the nature of every definitive love that sooner or later it can reach the beloved only in infinity. –… Cyber Monday! like a post-production photo collage but the suitcases were cut and arranged like this in real life
It's snowin y'all other candidate has a serious climate plan period, much less one that commits to a just transition for workers i…
Retweeted by Clayton CubittThe little bird gathered it’s wits and flew off into the night. The owl glared at me. I couldn't restart the movie… owl swooped in for the kill but got distracted by the deck lights (and my filming) and then went back to its tr… was hunting the little bird and that must have been why it flew into the window. I might have peed a little we're in the country and we were watching Midsommar and right at the peak moment a loud BANG hit the window. A l… deserve a national high speed rail network! If we'd spent just a fraction of the money we spent on war in the la…
Just got back from the centrist rally. Amazing turnout. Thousands of people holding hands and chanting “Better things aren’t possible”
Retweeted by Clayton CubittHello friends I hope your weekend is nice morning light @mollycrabapple Warhol hated Trump because he thought he was a boor but also because he did spec paintings for Trum…
Retweeted by Clayton CubittJoe Biden: "the vast majority of Democrats do not support Medicare for All." Latest NYT Poll: "Medicare-for-all,…
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @mollycrabapple Warhol hated Trump because he thought he was a boor but also because he did spec paintings for Trum… @mollycrabapple Young Andy would go Bernie (he allegedly supported Henry Wallace in 1948) but post-fame Andy would… travel is the best (especially on holiday off-days)
This Mayo Pete discourse about college has me leaning towards banning all private schools and making *everyone* onl… toys for dogs"The husband was keen to create a cosy home, while his wife, who works as a deer hunter, wanted practical spaces fo… at the beginning of Thanksgiving / me at the end of Thanksgiving when I want to fuck a lighthouse of millionaires can already drive on roads "for free" and use libraries "for free" and go to K-12 "for free" a… at the beginning of Thanksgiving meal / Me at the end
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @mathowie 😂
Before Thanksgiving dinner/ after
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @jnack Forgot about that movie!Literally cannot imagine having a childhood home to return to! I have 64 sites sprinkled across 2,000 miles most of… family: Let’s try not to talk about polit- Me, rolling up to Thanksgiving dinner:
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @vorbis Classic kid's table vibes't watch any previews or read reviews just trust me, gather up the whole family and enjoy the hyggeMuch respect and solidarity to retail and service industry workers out there having to work long hours for low pay… the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade was directed by Hieronymus Bosch butthole-sunning trend goes back at least to 2018 @mollycrabapple
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @arabellesicardi It's 93,100 PM where I amAlgorithms aren't neutral and no company is your friend endorsement for Labour jail this is called a fifi
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @melanie__jade @SusanSarandon She's a happy warrior
@jnack Tesla Cybercow @KimBoekbinder Do more! The world needs more beauty and truth and especially truth presented beautifully @KimBoekbinder Seriously! And twitter/Instagram links also discourage clicking, the silo is real! (Fantastic video btw!)