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Clayton Cubitt @claytoncubitt NYC | NOLA | NSFW

Photographer/Director/Artist "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

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If Twitter was an actual place, WTFFFFFFF
Retweeted by Clayton CubittRotten from head to toe, the most dangerous political organization on the face of the Earth great title *and* band name! All time what you will about the art and the artist but I still think "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind o…'ve been papering over constitutional crises since we allowed the Confederacy to rise again after Reconstruction.…
Retweeted by Clayton CubittWhy do we let presidents commute sentences? That's some stale king/pope shit. Nobody should be above the law. Or be…
Wear a mask! This dude was only 37 and went from healthy to dead in 4 days. bet that dude would wear a red hat nowHmm I never even went to college. I was indoctrinated into the Radical Left as a child by seeing an enraged red-fac… said this in the wake of the previous financial collapse and it goes times a thousand now, and why I leaned so ha… weirdos who use Twitter from your computers: when you make a screenshot of text from an article try to narrow y… locked down for months to save lives. But then we hastily reopened -- and now our outbreak is exploding. We're…
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @sannewman @naylandblake Nixon + Reagan + Trust Fund + FOX = TrumpListen to your tired old queer Auntie: Reagan was a huge shit who brutalized this country. Stop using him as some b…
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Retweeted by Clayton CubittLil raccoon hands and feet break my heart! Reagan Sucked, Actually via @TeenVogue
Retweeted by Clayton CubittDestroy the idea that you gotta be good at artistic things to enjoy them, that every hobby has to become smth you'r…
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La Route d'Honfleur Félix Vallotton (Swiss, 1865-1925) 1902
Retweeted by Clayton CubittI can't believe how good the speakers sound on the current MacBook Pro 16" and I'm a sound snob are now having a good day, you're welcome
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @ericwimberly 👯‍♀️I don't know who Eric is but I hope he invites me on a road trip! @PeterLasell Hell yeah gonna take three hours gaussian blurring words and make this zine more illegible than David Carson @adamlisagor @IanSouter1 I disagree with every single thing y'all said (except on the dopeness of the ride!) but I'… guys casually returned to their bench after being brutally beaten by riot police.
Retweeted by Clayton CubittBelgrade riots: Police approaches and brutally beats 3 guys on a bench for no reason.
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @fette 👀😻Goodnight moon @luckiestbacchus Gotta follow more better people? (The Lincoln Project isn't taking swings at the GOP, it *is* grif… pic vs Tagged pic you retweet the Lincoln Project was really into fonts in the 90s @michcoll 👏happy birthday!👏 @photomattmills Aye @DashSnowInHeavn @IronStache An absolute treasure!My pocket knife sunset
I think one of the major lines of division in political thought is between those who recognize capitalism to be a s…
Retweeted by Clayton CubittKT puts her hand sanitizer in a little sriracha bottle so she can dangle it hands-free from her bag @chelseagsummers What's the catch?? @austinkleon One of the all-time classic anti-videos. So modern!What's better than disco balls and beautiful skies? Nothing. If I were in charge every intersection would have a gi… the absence of easily-available testing strips or light meters for UVC (to say nothing of the fantasy of a funct… @michcoll Yeah I took one up and over the bridge and when I found myself accelerating *uphill* I concluded that nor… @michcoll Nice! Had it for a while or newly acquired? I'm interested in never sweating again @michcoll Which one ya got?EFFORT IS OUTI made the mistake of test-driving an e-bike and now I'll never be able to ride a normal bike againR.I.P. Ennio Morricone. Thank you for the mythical soundtracks and for inspiring Peter Hook's bassline on "Blue Mon…
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Spokes so thick you couldn't get your fingers in you’re fucking fully over your stupid pet dragon
Retweeted by Clayton CubittI miss the mac and cheese at Relish you struck a good deal with your friend to buy his soccer ball @adamlisagor I'm keeping my SCSI Zip to bequeath to my heirs. 100MB is surely all anyone will ever need yeah flowers and shadows!
@adisruptivetype Both those ships sailed long ago! 😂 @psylum Yes FiOS with an Eero mesh network! @drewbeck FiOS with an Eero mesh network!Now I can regret tweets several times faster and fartherFigured since I'm on lockdown so much I'd upgrade my internet speed and cover the entire house with a mesh network.… night @aniconic_ 💯Salty balls them in the trash not on the street when you're done with them thank youSingle-use surgical masks are available for free at all subway booths in NYC. Wear a mask!There is no Planet B windows at blue hour if all the 4th of July DIY fireworks in NYC were just a preview of the end of Macy's holiday extravaganza hege…, nothing sums up American politics better than liberals and MAGA people trying to own each other by postin…
Retweeted by Clayton CubittNYC doesn't give a shit about your little bike lock! when I saw the tiny house on the tower @sannewman I'd build another tiny tower on top with a tiny birdhouse on that towerAt first I went "what tha fuck" but then I immediately fell in love but it's still horrible yet nonetheless I adore…👏bosses👏steal👏more👏than👏thieves👏
Can't believe USB was invented to replace the 6,000 connector types computer users had to deal with and now everyon… (whenever that is) zombie movies and shows are gonna have to factor in all the dumbasses who get bit on purpose
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @noahkalina Those disks are scary. Why can't they be called VelvetLamb or something soothing like thatThis was the last group thing I did before lockdown on the coasts freaking out about fireworks should definitely stay out of the south on New Year's Eve, wher… would *not* be running for president on Twitter of fireworks in LA last night + the Blade Runner soundtrack (thx @claytoncubitt for the idea)
Retweeted by Clayton CubittLook at this sweet Mexican food truck! NYC neighborhood fireworks are better than Macy's don't at me
My Cajun mom practicing social distancing in Mississippi @noahkalina'm never more disappointed in myself than when I wake up too earlyIt was coming out of an open fire hydrant down the streetBrooklyn cascade
Is this not zombie behavior? Y’all don’t want to wear a mask now this?
Retweeted by Clayton Cubitt @OhThatNumi Kudos to Taiwan for handling the pandemic though, I wish America did half that well! @OhThatNumi My reaction to that video has only to do with me personally hating airports and airlines and being myst… is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen @bradenking Truly!!Sadly looks like Jimmy's Diner in Williamsburg didn't make it. When the pandemic hit NYC they used their kitchen to… was 90 today
@dcurtisj Jesus will evidently pass on the message??