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Clay Wilson @claywilson Brooklyn, NY

Booking - • Sensoria - The Lot Radio / Jupiter Disco

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@gregorywawa $30/hr pay me
@OliveTonic We have truly which I hear is better @BODY_AUGMENTS Look not trying to downplay B but you know someone else presented that to her, I highly doubt she ha… @glorbis hey even if you want to just do coffee/lunch lmk but also ok if you want to just chill with fam. I’m not e… @glorbis Happy to see you back online bud hope you’re doing ok!I wish I could say how problematic that thing everyone likes really is @telefontelaviv What about dark side colonies tho?? @djauspex Even when I hate all this shit I’ll happily listen to to @mikeservito ❤️
@vxpowl also Hante and Zanias but those are both solo projects so depends if you're looking for femmes programming… @vxpowl Xeno & Oaklander @MineralDisk @joshlevi Makita fan here
Klub Naturale is live on @TheLotRadio for the next 3.5 hours! Live set from @echiverri coming up in a bit! @nervousOperator @_jakemuir Boz Digital has a few great free plugs, Bark Of Dog especially. And a lot of super reas… to start a thread of free/pwyc VSTs. I run Ableton on Windows fyi, please add any you use that I've missed. I…
Retweeted by Clay Wilson @drew_drew_ It’s definitely near time to buy the ERM or drastically change how I do rhythm/subs
@kenek Octa is handling midi ok for now but it still has its moments of drift, might end up opting for a cv to midi… @kenek Yeah, my setup is becoming more and more cv based but I’m not ready to give up the blofeld.Wild how much money we spend on gear that can’t even provide a stable fucking clock
#Smangtasia is a feeling & a place on Earth. The whole @SublimateNYC team is gearing up for another edition of a m…
Retweeted by Clay Wilson @laurenflax I’m a slut for compression
@Snadbad @ryan_deepclub If vinyl heavy DJs opt for digital it’s probably because there’s only one good track on the record lol @Snadbad @ryan_deepclub I know very few people who regularly go through the trouble of buying and ripping vinyl onl… @Snadbad @ryan_deepclub If you want to limit your 12s to being played by mostly bedroom DJs and a small sliver of g…
Listen to @FARCED talk shit with the BCB homies 😈 @matthewbalaam and? I'm aware that wasn't it's first release. It was used again as the B side for the single in 82,… @wselman Electric Avenue slaps thoit’s pretty fucking incredible that time warp was the b side to electric avenue lol
@djchloeharris Maybe an opening track is decided ahead of time, even then I usually end up nixing that based on the…
@d_hansen @_jakemuir @kingkroba @CosMichVoyager @ryan_deepclub Yeah idk there's plenty of music that oozes groove a… @MineralDisk open the cap, patch to mouth @kingkroba @d_hansen @ryan_deepclub @CosMichVoyager I mean you know, this is hal galper shit. I really feel most ev… @ryan_deepclub @kingkroba @CosMichVoyager @d_hansen and then you get into slow/fast tempos with some electro, dnb etc. @ryan_deepclub @kingkroba @CosMichVoyager @d_hansen idk there is so much great fast disco, house, and techno. limit… @d_hansen @kingkroba @ryan_deepclub I think when there's space in the music the tempo doesn't tire me out as much @d_hansen @kingkroba @ryan_deepclub I really love playing fast actually, but playing Station Rider E or old Octave… @ryan_deepclub 125 can be “harder” than 140, don’t get why people are so obsessed with bpms lol👇🏻
@ooooooooooolga Heard a bunch of <130 outside and in the live room @RussellELButler I live for a patch I can let go for 3-4 hours, fuck making a record
@noctuarysf @djauspex
@MATRiXXMAN @RussellELButler Imhotep was technically crown heights lol, RIP tho that place was 🔥 and I’m not vegan/veg
me & @gordonramsay made paninis 🥪🥪😎
Retweeted by Clay Wilson @ghostly @teachu2die !!!
@telefontelaviv Dang, that sounds rough😢it was an original? Mine is just some cheap reprint, likely bootleg that I picked up during college. @telefontelaviv S/O Lydian Chromatic Concept! Need to find and dust off my copy @grggls Don’t sub me brugDe Blasio on Monday said he has asked police to launch “a major enforcement action that will encompass every precin… @FACTmag 💩Cleaned up gear today and small room mixer had much more drink splash residue than main room so I’m putting all you… @OliveTonic Can’t wait to service all these beautiful DJs 😍
@ryan_deepclub Nah that shit happens all year round @noctuarysf Yeahhhh the worst. That shit is SO loud too, super disrupting for people trying to listen to the music.… snapping at parties is so bad, every time I think a speaker is broken 😪
@RussellELButler @gregorywawa You can corrupt the usb. If it’s writing information and pulled out without a safe ej… @kingkroba @hirshi @RNBPhilly Jam! @bhip Lol this is even better than I thoughtWhere do they get the milkshakes tho? Are people rolling up with like 3,4 milkshakes ready to go? @jimmyedgar Less vibey but more useful, finding the resonant frequency of your skull by clenching jaw and humming u… @jimmyedgar Resonant frequencies vary depending on the size of people’s bodies so even if they corresponded to a we…
wild that we are at a point where if an artist can really play an instrument or really write a song it is a revelation
Retweeted by Clay WilsonLive now on @TheLotRadio with @lycheefrut till midnight!
@MARTYN3024 for sure! I hope you make this happen, sounds more fun than most nights out atm @MARTYN3024 All pre 70 would def be tricky but honestly this idea is gold, would easily fly over for that @MARTYN3024
@BODY_AUGMENTS Lil Louis style
@AceM0 2 is just silly
Eric Dolphy's death at 36 is one of the most fucked tragedies of 20th century art. he died after passing out in a d…
Retweeted by Clay Wilson @BODY_AUGMENTS @objectblue_ Wish I could have made it out! @objectblue_ Perfect tempo for the balance of slow/fast both being danceable
@greekdiner What’d you get??
I like my coffee like resident advisor likes their jungle: white, and in a gentrified area
Retweeted by Clay Wilson @katieraffa @kiernanlaveaux @gregorywawa @motiv_a he's good, also it's ok to play music people don't expect! @FrankieFatGold Of course, this was definitely directed at non POC artists who know what they published was wrong b… @DJTAYE I feel you, I certainly am not going to let a ticket sales website influence my music. Especially not one t…
Screaming @JimmyMaheras no clue @thealexbrooks @BODY_AUGMENTS yup @bhip RA publishes some casual racism but people are too afraid of jeopardizing their career to do much of anything… @gilliamwibson I mean the quality of “journalism” has been slipping for a long time. I don’t think it’s that massiv… @OliveTonic @gregorywawa As far as soft synths go it’s near impossible to beat @OliveTonic It’s true lol I told @gregorywawa this like 3 weeks ago!Wearing sunglasses in the club for a while and then taking them off is like working on a track in mono and then flipping back to stereo 😎They really published that😂 @aerielist Lol a tie??? @kingkroba yeah this one is great toohonestly this is some of the best 13 minutes of music ever made. I might have to make an edit that's just like an h…
@aerielist What the fuck @TANO_NYC @OliveTonic we got a winner @eric_cloutier Scary! Were they open at the time? Hopefully everyone got out ok? @maks_p @aerielist Lol 😘 really not thinking of small rooms here. It’s a bigger issue when you have to compete with… @aerielist Lol it’s awful. Can not fucking stand it. Especially bad if they’re on the ceiling pointing at you from behind @Viaapp_ @motiv_a I don’t roll much but I always add a little delay after the retrig to blur it a little @motiv_a Octa foreverrrrr @djchloeharris @STRATEGY_PaulD @_jakemuir @thealexbrooks Lol I am always trying to get to that. Everything I do sta… @STRATEGY_PaulD @djchloeharris @_jakemuir @thealexbrooks hard dance trend is definitely nearing decline which means…
@jeffpleshek I've been a part of the group for somewhere between 2-3 years but this is the first recording I was in… its annoying but why the best out there musically are also the quietest. Tired of 'loudness' over…
Retweeted by Clay Wilson @d_hansen get backblaze