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em @clefairwy jeremeowah♡

they don’t know i listen to lucki

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@JustHoodiee mr bitches u got it @die4joey_ dat was two years ago ion know bro anymore @die4joey_ no i failed to put them on 😢real @Dead_Man_Livin 🔥🔥 @Dead_Man_Livin LMFAO ofc me and mooncake will always forgive 🤍
@Dead_Man_Livin we forgive you 🤍 @Dead_Man_Livin 😁😁** @Dead_Man_Livin love u too man🤞 also it’s a frog hat 😁💔 @whyasiah @slickiki so pretty @Dead_Man_Livin prada u! look at u go @broqbreezo @veefroggy why would you say that 💔🖤👻🕷
Retweeted by em @broqbreezo not white @itzkobe_ so you’d rather see me suicidal on the tl wow @itaintw33bo @ignoreinomik never want to see me win @ignoreinomik hater @Sorainthedark say cheese @BandsSZN soon man @DabDropEmOff don’t u wanna see me win @Not6alex #real i support you @Not6alex just a thought or if you don’t want a girl be gay fr @nahdontdothis @zzTrigger have a good day average 😁😁😁 @packrunnerglory if she’s worth it keep trying, you don’t wanna regret it later on @zzTrigger okay then find peace and when you’re ready and someone comes along, give em a chance😁 @Not6alex im not saying to go seek and find someone but if someone happens to come along don’t be afraid to open your heart again😁 @XXXLoaded ofc 😁 @Not6alex you’ll find your person @zzTrigger if she worth it, chase her 💯 @packrunnerglory talk to her man it’s better than overthinking
@packrunnerglory why the sad face twinYALL HES SO CUTE IT TAKES ME LIKE 5 MINS TO SAY BYE i could listen to that man talk forever @smg_vamp ofc my pleasure @smg_vamp yeah those values crazy @smg_vamp LMFAO with a calculator or nah? @jbeeezyyyyy they woulda been on ur ass @smg_vamp what did you get @smg_vamp BROO IM SO STUPID use the quadratic formula @smg_vamp well the x values before rounding are 56.25774… and 34.51149… (from my calculator) i don’t think you can… @smg_vamp it wants you to show how? you cant use a calculator? @smg_vamp what’s the answer @smg_vamp i will do em all for free @XXXLoaded @packrunnerglory @SusFear @Imlilese @SusFear @XXXLoaded @Imlilese he’s feeling quirky @packrunnerglory @XXXLoaded @SusFear @Imlilese maybe he’s just in a silly goofy mood @XXXLoaded @SusFear @Imlilese these replies @shynesdead 😕 @Dead_Man_Livin well good luck on your blonde journey @Dead_Man_Livin you got toner? cuz u gon need it @Dead_Man_Livin blonde is so hard to maintain if your natural hair colour is dark @Dead_Man_Livin i’ve been blonde many times but it’s never lasted longer than a week @Dead_Man_Livin oh my hair isn’t naturally blonde but i just miss having blonde hair and i need my hair blonde if i… @Dead_Man_Livin WWW im going back to blonde in december @bab1jos sosososo pretty @sydddd222 you look hot with and without
@notenoughflaws are you shitting or sum<4 hehehe
Retweeted by em @GloryJeremiahh hmmm ok but no ac? booo L class @GloryJeremiahh 😕 @Woxy9ine ironic @Woxy9ine she can change him 🤪 @Woxy9ine tbh if my man cheat rn i’ll pretend ian see nun @Woxy9ine just why
@itaintw33bo YUHHHH @yeaitstrill sign me up! @bloodisbeaut @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh fr dude slow. ‘his own boss’ ik that mf broke @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh not really weird. if you can decide if i’m ugly should i not be able to do th… @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh im really not. i still don’t see a picture of you lol. @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh ratio + no bitches + yb better @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh it was weird, maybe you’re the brain dead mf who can’t accept that they’re wrong. @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh my age is on my profile. if you had time to look through my pics and depict i… @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh these aren’t comebacks im only letting you know your comment was weird. @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh seems like you have no concept of age. to put it in your perspective, it’s co… @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh someone literally called me cute on this pic? also i don’t see any pics of yo… @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh im not insulting you of your age im letting you know it’s weird of you to det… you see this please boost this for me I’m almost half way to my goal and it would mean so much to me!!?!?!!
Retweeted by em @diorfarts banger
@ilydremo i’ll do ur math 4 free @UserX1A wb @ilydremo W mom W lunch L son @ilydremo that’s actually sweet @Dead_Man_Livin im intrigued @Dead_Man_Livin lime green hoodie ☝️ @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh i don’t know who ‘we’ is but hopefully they not 23 too 🤨 @Astroklix @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh bro what it’s a filter
@slickiki @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh says u 🙈🤍 @iIyahmad do u need to poop @iiamxhris0_0 @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh go away so good W music taste @iIyahmad run home @veefroggy @GloryJeremiahh THANK U SM 🤍🤍🤍tl pls don’t be sleep i actually rlly like these pics 💔. @veefroggy posted on ig so i wanted to post too @JonnDinero 40% fye @Not6alex @6VlEWS_ @DownBadFear @bidemiistired right @6VlEWS_ @Not6alex @DownBadFear @bidemiistired y’all hell @Not6alex @bidemiistired preciate it you have a good day too @Not6alex @bidemiistired do better @nahdontdothis what she do @defnotDNK warmer in england