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"In His Hands" @Dejiimole_ 4 5 6 @philipnation 1 & 2 SamuelCreate @Forchrist_2620 ❤️ @julesrprecious FATHER @Forchrist_2620 Lol That would be nice Raman 😂"Slumbering (Sunny) Pages" @ClementEast_ There’s so much untold stories and unspoken feelings in this picture...❤️
Retweeted by Clement Eastwood 🇬🇭 @jhojo_Robertson So much. Not everyone can know. @Fiifi_Pixels Beautiful"Music of Dawn"
@toolzbabe ²😁 @Elikem_kem We really played a lot back in the day. The sand was our field for all kinds of sports.Stop demonizing anything with a penis. Boys, men, fathers, are not bad people."Sole of my Soul""Warm Pages" @IamAreala Appreciated. I hope to create more shots then to inspire more people like you ❤️Tho tired Giving up no option on the table Cos dats how we're wired Hustlers, grinders we care about no labels Com…
Retweeted by Clement Eastwood 🇬🇭 @IamAreala Beautiful piece @onyeoma_kc Ha ha ha"The Lone Wait"⠀ Click on the link to subscribe to my Podcast on Google.❤️
Retweeted by Clement Eastwood 🇬🇭“INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD ASHIA” by Eastwood Shire
Retweeted by Clement Eastwood 🇬🇭I love Luigi Mario is too famous.They say good things come to those who wait. So ima be at least about an hour late. – Kanye West
@gbolahanba Commit suicide for naked you came and naked shall you go too.Don't forget the purpose you started with. @Just_Ikhene Thank you man ❤️"Golden Sun" @as0mani 😂😂 @NiqqlesC @TweetOfImran Reddington will only call someone and they'll release the client 😂 @NiqqlesC @AmgMedikal 😂😂Tasting is the only way to finding anything that you want to call favourite. @TweetOfImran Reddington will do that easy with less bloodshed. @heisTictac 3years and counting @Ohemea_Doritoss 😂😂😂"Edge of the Water" @AmgMedikal MDK Commercial Bank and Investments - MDKCBI @KwakuWilson_ @qouphy_johnson @kwamemoments Lol @GiftyDzenyo @Mr_korkorte 😂😂What a beautiful Name it is Nothing compares to this What a beautiful Name it is The Name of Jesus ❤️🔥 @pseudo_ceria @as0mani Lol @as0mani @pseudo_ceria ,😂ah @yt_omegagen ❤️"The Smile" @Forchrist_2620 😂😂😂 it's good I ruined it @debeck__ @GiftyDzenyo Thank you man. ❤️ @Mr_korkorte @GiftyDzenyo 😂 when is the wedding? @Forchrist_2620 Lol, no
@BaffoeJonathan @GiftyDzenyo Thank you. @Sterlingmills22 @mollyblond @leuxmagazine @localwolves @theH_collective @urbangorillas Amazing photograph. You got… matter, you’re seen, you’re loved ❤️
Retweeted by Clement Eastwood 🇬🇭 @GiftyDzenyo ❤️ @mountainknt You look like Freya from the series - Originals. Lol. Cool though @julesrprecious 😂😂😂😂Calmly, I responded - "Yes". But I could not really get it out of my mind. The question from that day was... "Did I matter?".I felt it more maybe because I was sitting at the back - and I could only ask myself one question - "Do I matter?"… year December, I was in an Uber with this beautiful lady. We were on our way to a workshop for Creatives. Out… vision is your fuel. An artist without vision creates Practically nothing. @mopage19 LeftAs an artist, do not let your fears be larger than your faith. Artists live on faith. @toolzbabe A mistakeable sex? Lmao. Yes, I can forgive that."Bent" your work. It's always about who you can potentially impact, not the likes/views. Share your work! @julesrprecious Tongue @Forchrist_2620 😂 I see @Forchrist_2620 Bugs Bunny @Forchrist_2620 LolMy chains are gone I've been set free My God, My Saviour has ransomed me And like a flood HIS MERCY REIGNS Unending… @Forchrist_2620 Oh okay. Great @Forchrist_2620 Great. Who is Cathy? @Forchrist_2620 Oh 😂 @Forchrist_2620 I made it look like a painting. That is all. 😊 @Forchrist_2620 Yes, my picture 😀 @Irunnia2 General Knowledge in Art.People actually died, some (burnt alive) just to have the Bible written in English (so you and I can read) and you… @Forchrist_2620 Lol, what Raman?"Tawfiq (Success)"
@Views09 I literally just did that @mojapelo_naledi This is so funny lmao @irenesika ❤️When you hear testimonies of some people, you'll know God exists. Not that testimony of needing money and getting i…“INTERVIEW WITH CONCEPTUAL PHOTOGRAPHER WHO CREATES STUNNING IMAGES WITH HIS PHONE — HORACE MENSAH…” by Eastwood Sh…
Retweeted by Clement Eastwood 🇬🇭 @Forchrist_2620 Amen
@dela_the_inker @_orje Yes, salvation can still be lost. I didn't mean working out our salvation in the manner of d… @KwameKoda @MercedesBenz @SamsungMobile @SamsungMobileUS These are awesome New Episode on the Eastwood Experience. Click on the link to listen. Enjoy!"Faith"⠀ ⠀ If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the mi…
@fremzay @emirkofi A knock will solve this @DannyWonders 💯"The more you possess, the tighter you are chained to this world." - @ashleychuizarFaith formula f= p+h Faith = Patience + HopeYour purpose precedes you. Imagine living without one. @Akua_Nana_ Ei. Lol. You're really wild. @_orje Sin. The scriptures say, without holiness nonman shall see God. Based on what is written in scripture. Based… @_orje It's not biblical. We can lose our salvation. Which is why we're told to work out our salvation with fear an… @Rhoyalbecky @theSheila_ Thank you @Forchrist_2620 LolShare your work. It only has to make sense to one person not 5million followers.