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Clewis @ClewisTheBest Colorado, USA

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. Joseph Campbell. Twitch Affiliate Clewisthebest #Thunderup #Milehigh

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Persona 4 Golden (Deer) completed! Featuring Kanji Balthus and Teddie Lorenz
Retweeted by Clewis#Persona5 Row Row fight the power✨
Retweeted by Clewis @DisrespectedP @georgealamillo1 God Of Gaming...The very definition of Elegantfeather aka TGLopez
Retweeted by ClewisThe homie and podcast member @georgealamillo1 George is playing Overwatch with the God of gaming. Go check out the…
Retweeted by ClewisTHE ONE PIECE GIANTS!!!
Retweeted by ClewisI realize this is controversial but... I’m a die hard fan of both Smash Bros AND Fire Emblem.
Retweeted by Clewis @_sunspy @zephyruskk Oh wow 😳. That's crazy @_sunspy @zephyruskk No I haven't how is he doing this
@HustleandMotiv8 Bruh I love this @zangetsu20xx Yooo that's amazing let's gooooooooSmash ladies in the hot springs
Retweeted by ClewisThe Homie @alexhero15 Alex is playing Hades on twitch. Go check out the stream and go have a good time. We highly r…
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Love when people hold on and burn their jump. Off stage Dolphin Slash Kills are goated @KillEmSoftly01 ?Marths back air being a top ten bair for a minute straight . Share to scare a lucina .
Retweeted by Clewis @Tri4cejay Lmaooooo chilllll @ItbYahboyx Good turn around bro. Hes got a really good neutral so your punish game was on point @ItbYahboyx It was waffles and crepes wasn't it. I just reverse 3-0d him a couple nights ago. He's pretty good @King_Venia @ItbYahboyx @KillakelSSB @TyloRed_SSB🥛
Retweeted by Clewis @PixelSSB 💚Colin Kaepernick took a knee against police brutality all hell broke loose, when The Klu Klux Klan, stormed the Whi…
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this means so much for us small accounts 😔
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Retweeted by ClewisRobin is best girl in one piece 💜
Retweeted by Clewis😂😂🔥🔥💜🥰👑 uhhh... I kinda did a thing. Okay bye now!
Retweeted by Clewis烈火の剣 リン #FireEmblem #烈火の剣
Retweeted by ClewisDebo is live! COME ON IN!
Retweeted by ClewisReminder
Retweeted by Clewis#FE風花雪月 #fe3h 에델가르트 エーデルガルト
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fuckin around 😴
Retweeted by ClewisKingdom Hearts has absolutely no right to be as good as it is.
Retweeted by Clewiswip
Retweeted by ClewisLyn in Beidou's outfit! 😊✨ #FireEmblem #GenshinImpact #原神
Retweeted by ClewisJust won MSM in Winners. 2 Games Dropped. GG's Discord!: (Link exp. in 1 day)
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Despite popular belief, I do in fact make art sometimes! Just finished up Axel/Lea in his post KH3 attire for a c…
Retweeted by Clewis金鹿のみんなでこたつで団欒🎮 #FE風花雪月 #FE3H
Retweeted by ClewisPersona 4 Golden (Deer) part 2 Chad Byleth and Yosuke Claude
Retweeted by ClewisStop by my stream for ep 5 of the “ The gentleman’s squared circle podcast “ with today’s guest one of the best cap…
Retweeted by Clewis🔥🔥🔥
@supaman8304 @thatgirlbeyaca 👀 @SadCarrotSalty I'm just bad lol @SadCarrotSalty Same tbh
I’m finished marking the new banner!!! 👀👀👀
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Lee Harvey Oswald thought he was a patriot. He was not. John Wilkes Booth thought he was a patriot. He was not. M…
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Retweeted by ClewisSora crashed the Gummi Ship and Donald's nephews won't offer a family discount on parts, so it's time for poster du…
Retweeted by Clewis @LouieMoney98 @ultra_ssbu Sneak diss to armadillo? 🤔Y’all mad a woman is shot dead while storming a Capitol building but don’t care when a woman is shot dead while sleeping in her own house? 🤔
Retweeted by ClewisThe reason this was allowed to happen is bc White people in America have always gotten what they wanted. From steal…
Retweeted by ClewisWhat y’all NOT gonna do is compare the actions of that woman to victims of police brutality especially Black victim…
Retweeted by ClewisIt's a lot of questionable tweets by predominantly white esports Twitch teams, streamers, and of course companies f…
Retweeted by ClewisToday has shown police don’t need de-escalation training, they choose who to escalate on, that’s not a training iss…
Retweeted by ClewisStreaming lost woods 3 for xemmy people look at what happens when you vote. They is MAD. Lol
Retweeted by ClewisHere’s my statement on today’s violence at the Capitol.
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Retweeted by Clewis @Emiliadrm Idk if it suits your interest but 13 sentinels and danganronpa are very very engaging VNsImma keep it 2 virgils with y'all. As the granddaughter of 2 Black Panthers please unfollow me if you're a Trumper…
Retweeted by ClewisBlack people have been killed for just existing. Black children have been killed for just playing. These people sto…
Retweeted by ClewisWe. Are. Not. The. Same."tl cleanse" tweets clog the tl and stop those in dc seeing information that might save their lives. tweets offering help linked below:
Retweeted by ClewisAnd you thought "Taking A Knee" was too much!?!
Retweeted by ClewisI better not see anyone contest the existence of white privilege EVER again after this. Breaching the capitol with…
Retweeted by ClewisThis is a very different country for those without melanin. These police need to be incarcerated right with the ter… of people offering help in DC!! ill be updating this whenever i find more, please stay safe!!
Retweeted by ClewisThe homie @DerrailJr Derrail is playing the 🐐 Mario Game Super Mario Galaxy on twitch!!! Go check to out the stream…
Retweeted by ClewisOne day I saw a cop car I got scared...How are my tail lights? Is my tint too dark? I was so fearful of law enfor…
Retweeted by ClewisThis is what happens when you at every point encourage violence and refusal to adhere to democracy. You have bred h… Black women every day, not just on election days.
Retweeted by ClewisThis is me added with @AFintastic Bruh I was so weakSupa pro setups does shooting a human being in the back up close 7 times not warrant charges? That shouldn’t make sense or look like justice to anyone.
Retweeted by Clewis#FireEmblem ソティス&ベレス
Retweeted by Clewis @vvvchi Why the hate on the white alt it's so drip
Peep the parry stutter step 👀
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Blazblue peeps will understand
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@lilal75775 @DisrespectedP Actually chrono trigger and legend of the dragoon hold that crown @WiiamGamer Such a great machine! Me and you have almost the same build but I have a 5700 XTPersona 5: The Animation Music: "Dark Sun..." (9th most requested OP of 2020) Composer: Shoji Meguro | Lyrics: Benj…
Retweeted by Clewis @TheAnimeKidd19 @ItbYahboyx @thrownorc @ssbSkyLine16 @NightMare_SSB Nice
Happy New Year! #FireEmblem #ShamirNevrand
Retweeted by ClewisThis was funnier in my head
Retweeted by ClewisHopefully I haven't been showing misinformation about marcina and helped my peers understand the mu and help the me…
@Slasher DMCA laws should become more relax in this day and age. But the problems is the industries is spending mil…
Retweeted by ClewisNBA back 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Clewis✨ hairstyle swap ! #FireEmblemThreeHouses #Persona4 #commission
Retweeted by Clewis明けましておめでとうございます。 2021年もよろしくお願いします。 着物が似合うエデ
Retweeted by Clewis @dailyfggirls @CarrotOfWisdom @JaceHood__ You gotta be even stronger to work 9pm to 9amHappy New Year! #FE3H
Retweeted by Clewis @cabbage_what #freemeleeFirst tweet of 2021: Tipper Dancing Blade forward 4. That’s it. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by Clewis @ultra_ssbu This was on me I was so proudGot 10! 5 3070s and 5 3090s Retweet for chance to win one! Ten winners by January tenth!
Retweeted by ClewisSpecial thanks to @georgealamillo1 @alexhero15 @DerrailJr @ClewisTheBest @CrochetCali @bbillsfan808 @FlamzerF
Retweeted by Clewis2020 was a good year for us on twitch shoutouts to everybody that came out for the last stream of the year. We blew…
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