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Official Twitter of CLG. 2x LCS Champions. Best female CS:GO team in the world. 12 straight Melee Doubles wins. Esports and the occasional memes. #WeAreCLG

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CLG has the best team mom, @mac_a_ronny. No competition. In this Ep of @missharvey's Engine, Ronny breaks down th… @Mwatson1311 Nice, hope you enjoy it. 🙏 @Smoothie They had familiesPyke dream ult from solo queue😊
Retweeted by CLG @LenoFN @Alithy5 @cortexfn Let’s go Leno. #CLGWIN10th money is money ($600)
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The evolution of women in competitive Counter-Strike: 20 years of the good and the bad. Join @missharvey &…"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that deter… @JayFNBR savage @JaysMaa 😅 @NiceWigg 📈📈📈 Listen to @lol_Wiggily and cop the CLG Summer Collection. ☀️ @CapitanSquee @Deus1v1 @Newegg Our players played amazing. Just a fun meme.Live look at how EG lost to us... Watch Inside CLG to see how @Deus1v1 and the squad prepared for his #LCS debut.…
@Nokokopuffs_ @RocketArena @bugha @THump Y'ALL ARE CRACKED. Congrats to you and the squad. 🏆 Super entertaining to watch. #WeAreCLGJUST WON THE TWITCH RIVALS FOR @RocketArena WITH @bugha AND @THump LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by CLG @symetrical @toff200 @frapaii Good job 🙏🏻3rd ($600) not bad free bread GGs 🍞
Retweeted by CLGDeath, taxes and @Stixxay popping off on Kalista. Catch Inside CLG tomorrow morning. #WeAreCLG @Nokokopuffs_ Your record is absurd in this game. 👀 Go bring home that dub. 🏆 @TwitchEsports @RocketArena Team @Nokokopuffs_ 🏆 @Nokokopuffs_ @RocketArena @bugha @THump GO OFF KINGALRIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT TIMEEEE. I Am competing in the $100,000 twitch rivals tournament for @RocketArena !!!! Andddd…
Retweeted by CLG.@Smoothie is here to help you hard stuck players get better! Ask him any question about the support role or Leag… you or any young gods want to learn from the best, NOW is your chance! We’re excited to announce the Junior CLG…
Enter for your chance to get @Samsung 's new #odysseyg7! Exceptional Immersion Meets Incredible Performance We…
Retweeted by CLG @etohKP @CSGO @PlayVALORANT @KnightsGG @fragadelphia Godlike @symetrical 🤔🤔🤔.@Stixxay is a CHAD on Kalista. 🔥 We're looking at @dignitas & @Immortals this weekend. #LCS @ConfusedCaribou @Cloud9 Happy birthday <3 @RilesJet @JukedGG respect!Benita goes in depth on her transition to @PlayVALORANT. Shoutout to @ImMadnessTV & @benitanov for joining… @BboyBreeze @PlayApex @NiceWigg LMAO. This is so good. 💀WE'RE LIVE. 🙏 We'll be taking questions in the chat for This Week in CLG. Powered by @GetSpectrum. #TWCLG 📺… Week in CLG is going live in just one hour. Drop any questions you have for our amazing guests down below us…'re dropping a new @flexfit hat but first we need your help! #CLG10 Top pick will make it into the CLG store. 👀 @NiceWigg <3 nice try.banger kalista game #liveevil
Retweeted by CLGProud of Deus for his first debut! Still a lot to improve so its exciting. Thank you for cheering. GGs TL, EG #WeAreCLG
Retweeted by CLGCLG only beats bad teams... #LCS | @LCSOfficial @Selviorn 👀 @Deus1v1 Nice showing <3YOU CAN'T KILL @Deus1v1! Welcome to the #LCS. #CLGWIN WOOOOOOO
Retweeted by CLG#LIVEEVIL
Retweeted by CLG.@Pobelter WHAT WAS THAT! 😱 BANGER GAME. GG @EvilGeniuses! We take the win to end the week 5-5. #LIVEEVIL #CLGWIN
MY HEART. #LCSNot the 1 on 1 you expected. Nice solo kill from @Stixxay! 👏 #LCS "Not even close" 😅 #LCS game. 😤 Need all of our faithful to show out today. We're up next vs @EvilGeniuses. #CLGWIN 📺… Call for the CLG Anime Artist Trials. Make great anime art? We want to work with you. $5000 in prizes and com…'ll get our revenge against @EvilGeniuses. Join the CLG Fam for a CLG x @Flexfit Discord Viewing Party today at… go again! 👏 Congrats to the Apex boys for qualifying for the ALGS #2 Qualifier Finals tomorrow. 🔥 #CLGWIN
That's one big raid boss. GG @TeamLiquidLoL. #LCSNot going down without a fight. #LCS NA team buff. 🤔 We're up next vs @TeamLiquidLoL. #CLGWIN Roster: - @Deus1v1 - @lol_Wiggily - @Pobelter -… @Deus1v1 will be starting for us against TL. He's been doing well and I hope the fans will give him lots of support! #CLGWIN
Retweeted by CLG[1] This is not a performance-based substitution. Ruin has been playing well, and the last 2 weeks of training his…
Retweeted by CLGIT'S GOING DOWN TODAY. 🔥 CLG vs @TeamLiquidLoL 3 PM PT. What better way to watch than a CLG x @flexfit Discord V… Roster Update @Deus1v1 will be making his debut today in our match today against @TeamLiquidLoL. #WeAreCLGYOO, WHAT A PERFORMANCE. Spot Up go off on Ascent and win the CLG Blitz Cup Open. 😱 Shoutout to all the teams that… MATCH DELIVERED. Full Focus came storming all the way back only to fall right at the end. WP both teams. Spo… a match! Spot Up close out Bind 13-10 to make it to the Grand Finals of the CLG Blitz Cup Open. Grand Finals…
NOT EVEN CLOSE. Our Semifinal Match is going the distance between @303Valorant and Spot Up! Bracket:… @NiceWigg CLG Aim Assist. Back like we never left. 🔥 @Hiltonators CLEAN 🔥Team Underrated make it look easy as they take Bind 13-2 as we head into our SemiFinals of the CLG Blitz Cup Open.… my name is Galio and @Tuesday_lol is my pocket pick. It's a good Friday for CLG Fans. 🙏 CLG Academy secure… DAY IS IT! @Tuesday_lol is popping off. 🔥 start we are looking for. It's a party in the botside. #CLGWIN Academy is back on the Rift vs @EvilGeniuses Academy right now! Looking to close out strong as we head into t… @esports_kobe @TSM @100Thieves @Cloud9 @dignitas @TeamLiquidLoL Thank you sir! Here is our Summer Playlist of Ins… CLG Blitz Cup Open is delivering. 👀 @Klassux with the clutch to keep his team alive. TIME IS NOW. Our first @PlayVALORANT CLG Blitz Cup Open is LIVE. Which 2 teams will make a name for themselve… @NiceWigg @Newegg GAMER 😍Every like will nerf this champion. CLG Reacts to Lillia, The Bashful Bloom ft. @Pobelter, @Stixxay, @lol_Wiggily Get the camera.
Retweeted by CLGYour @PlayVALORANT CLG Blitz Cup Open on-screen talent: 🔺 @blucasts 🔺@evan_emode Who's ready to run it? Still a f…'s #FaithfulFriday! 🙏 @gsmVoiD welcomes in our newest addition to The Faithful, @WaffleKittenn. THANK YOU for th… @LSXYZ9 Clean 🙏 ➡️
KINGS CANYON OUTDATED. OTHER TEAMS OVERRATED. LONG HAVE WE WAITED. NICEWIGG MADNESS ACTIVATED! @ImMadnessTV is LI… @TeamLiquidLoL.CLG Academy is kicking off this week vs @TeamLiquidLoL Academy in just under ten min. #CLGWIN @ruin_lol will be pl… said I'd do it: this is the ONLY @Stixxay chibi dad hat in the world and I'm giving it away to a lucky fan. Let's…
Retweeted by CLGDoes your squad have what it takes? 👀 Enter the CLG Blitz Cup Open. - Open Tournament (no pro teams invited) - To…
Retweeted by CLGHer Twitter handle has changed. Go follow and show some love! ➡️ @JuliCSGO
CALLING ALL ANIME ARTISTS! We want to clarify that all you have to do to enter is submit a portfolio of existing… your squad have what it takes? 👀 Enter the CLG Blitz Cup Open. - Open Tournament (no pro teams invited) - To… @PhilthyTurtle @squarespace 🙏 @MPerceived #CLGWIN 🏆Yall have no idea how surreal this is for me. Im going to work my hardest to be the best I can be, and im super exc…
Retweeted by CLGYou have seen her playing with the CLG Red squad already but we want to officially welcome @MPerceived to the team.… @PlayVALORANT this tweet if you can relate. 💀 Watch Inside CLG to see how the squad is overcoming an 0-2 weekend. Presented… @JayFNBR ⛽️⛽️⛽️ @symetrical Content creator sym 👏
@NiceWigg Clean @secret_bxy @Marksman FAXNAME SOMEONE BETTER! @Marksman with the 1v4 MLG clutch. 😤 @BoxGrub1 @SoaRKobi @MrJCorbs @TSM @daltoosh @NiceWigg @PlayApex Amazing. Keep it up. 👑CLG Judges: - @NiceWigg - @CLG_PewPewU - @xSojin