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Personal finance writer. Interests are economics, technology, the future, philosophy and a bit of everything else.

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Tell me why.. trip will become cheaper than South-east Asia trip :O
"bItCoIn iS tHe fUtUre, bRo" - Chad. @anshikawasthi I've not tried the handwash, but it must be having the same fragrance like the one in the disinfectant.Why does Savlon's disinfectant spray smell better than most perfumes?! :OSeeing news of some Indian men stabbing, molesting, shooting at women who aren't interested in them. Guys what the f is wrong with y'all?!
Now one can own fractional shares in Arts and Collectibles. Wonderful concept. Now Arts students can finally enter…
@ETPrime_com Where to check the news about this? @anshikawasthi it the right time to get a floating rate loan or a fixed rate loan? @suchetadalal
Retweeted by Clinton FernandesWhen some 'experts' push such backward theories about money, it is obvious they're doing it for personal gain (than… @WeekendInvestng Kuch bhi. Banks do not lend the money you deposit. Rather banks create credit, and then search for…
How To Make Your Index Investing Yield Higher Returns? @suchetadalal @Moneylifers @yogtoday
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PRs and lawyers are just armies for corporates.Odd that we discovered writing 5,000 years ago, and still it is difficult to find any texts on inception of religio… ever thought that viruses are God's tools for balancing populations? A half alive-dead zombie; now c'mon… that many got a work-from-home experience for 6+ months, but on a condition that flights remain off. #WTFThis saying by Charles Dickens suits the current situation of the world: "It was the best of times, it was the wor…
Retweeted by Clinton Fernandes @MGMotorIn 5000rs cheque using Rs1000 printing and paper. 😂
I don't get how tariffs work well when put up by UK, USA but not if India does it. @dugalira And some of us want govt to finance it's deficit directly with RBI. Why nobody thought of widening covera… @WeekendInvestng If you search for ITC then you see Mr D Muthu's profile at the top. And if you search for Gold, then.. 😉 @billionaite @deepakshenoy @thetrickytrade Forget Samsung, there are so many others who offer Snapdragon processor,…
@billionaite @deepakshenoy @thetrickytrade So if one wants a simple Apple phone - he has to buy airpods, magsafe an… the IYI (intellectual yet idiot) bureaucratic-political class: We spend trillions of $$ on Qixotic nucle…
Retweeted by Clinton Fernandes @invstmntplanet @jasminrupani @Datta_karan 1. Most schemes are fully invested in equities by mandate. Also funds pe… payments failure rate has increased. Money being deducted from bank and shows failure at merchant/payment aggr… @jasminrupani @Datta_karan I've no probs with some MFDs being 'good'. But a regulator cannot make easy rules hoping… @jasminrupani @Datta_karan You're just connecting two unrelated things. It's like saying my local pharmacy guy can… @jasminrupani @Datta_karan Even your doctor's analogy is backward. Doctors who strictly earn only upfront fees (RIA…
Futures rise in overnight on stimulus optimism and sink during the daytime on realism.
Retweeted by Clinton Fernandes @aloksdubey @Datta_karan @jasminrupani @Datta_karan My basis for criticising MFDs is very simple to understand: incentives and decisions peo… @Datta_karan You're just making up stuff. If an MFD would be willing to lose most of his income so that his clients… will sell you anything you want at throwaway prices for THIS REASON. outside in #Corona times is like playing #AmongUs. You go out, do your tasks and hope the person hovering nea… managers are often mocked to be permanently bullish. But Mutual Fund Distributors are permabulls on steroids! @Datta_karan C'mon, tell me whether a MFD will tell his clients to exit equities when Nifty PE crossed 25 and move… so many articles praising Gold and suggesting best ways to invest in gold. Where were these guys last year b…
Pretty sure most people that live in cities seeing condo towers don't know they have a lifespan. After 40-50 year…
Retweeted by Clinton FernandesAt the end of last year, Japan owned net global assets of ¥328 trillion Against the Japan-led phalanx of global cr… tweeted, if everyone's likes and profiles were hidden would then everyone be nice to each other? I'm more…'s definitely a fat tail risk situation. Does the workers' reaction to the scene indicates her financial portfo… language tell culture? I guess if your native and learnt (2nd, 3rd..etc.) languages do not have a word for mo… is the risk with equities, which no one in financial markets or the government, will tell the rest of the Worl…'t the internet just one big library with too many newspapers, books, cassettes and CDs. Also what even happened to real libraries!?Has anybody wondered the body is the hardware and the mind is a software? @nikadubrovsky @davidgraeber Thank you for sharing. 2020 has been the worst year and Graeber's untimely death was the final straw!Sign Of The Top? Porn Star Pitches 'Trading Seminar' - "It's The Right Time To Get Into Stocks"
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@BalakrishnanR He's not wrong here. You should watch recent episode of KBC where an 18 year old girl is fighting fo… @dugalira All thanks to Mota Bhai @Prashanth_Krish @paragparikh If people wouldn't borrow then government will (higher taxes instead of EMI), and cor…
@EkOldMonk Stop isn't the right word then. It should be that cause and effect has extremely slowed down for everyon… @EkOldMonk Why would you want to quantify that time when the point of stopping it is to do whatever you want for as…
@MKBHD What a sellout this guyYou know what's even more environmentally friendly? Not buying an iPhone every year @deepakshenoy @capitalmind_in Is this data publicly available?It's quite unfair that the size of investment capital has an inverse relation with returns. Small Investment produ…, if removing the charger from the box has such a massive environmental impact, imagine the environmental impac…
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@contrarianEPS @KKKrishK @nakulakant31 Long term performance of QLTEV had been poor vs peers. @anshikawasthi Hahaha the cat's expression is priceless
Bhai 100-200 jyada lele but electricity chalu kara de. @TataPower #powercut @TonyTassell @TheStalwart Pretty sure it's those hip travel bloggers buying this crap @anshikawasthi not to lose your dividend and interest when selling stocks and bonds @suchetadalal
Retweeted by Clinton Fernandes#Powercut Political Twitter blaming Maharashtra CM for electricity outage in Mumbai. Meanwhile engineers at power… story First day at the Tata Power Plant- Manager: Welcome all! Let me show you the most important duty h… as Covid caused out of some Chinese guy's bat soup order, I'm sure the #powercut in Mumbai is due to some inte…
As someone in the comments pointed out, such an anti-poor decision has been taken to make Indian Railways ready for… Capita income 2020 ! India - $ 2169 Bangladesh - $ 2173 Kya se kya ho gaya, bewafa tere pyaar mein.
Retweeted by Clinton Fernandes @Jamie_Venom @raizada55 Europe is hard to get in and settle because of the range of languages and cultures and laid… @Jamie_Venom @raizada55 It's true. India is still fighting religious wars over fighting for development. The countr… of the criticisms on Mutual funds, it doesn't change the fact that a mutual fund remains THE investment… Excellent articles by Harvard Business School on Financial Statement Analysis (h/t Tim Stobierski). @dmuthuk
Retweeted by Clinton FernandesThe viral blog post by @_alice_evans on why South India does far better than North India in gender equality mention…
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@Jamie_Venom What you're asking for is impractical as everywhere in d world you will find that - professions tend t… @Jamie_Venom I feel it's already happening. But for it to completely change our society, we have to abolish our sir… @Jamie_Venom Statistically possible. Evolution made a smart product like the human body which even the smartest sci… @deepakshenoy @SG_Dr_India Thanks 👍 @deepakshenoy @SG_Dr_India Interested to hear your take on the Franklin debt fund debacle. Retail knowingly investe… @Amit_Jeswani1 RBI can directly monetise govt debt without having to sell anything. Your idea will only lead to str… talk about why most buyers of single premium policies are making a loss deal. @larissafernand @BloombergQuint I read. By escape I meant 'earn below the taxable limit' even after deductions. T… @larissafernand @BloombergQuint I've paid more tax indirectly in a year than I've paid since I started earning 5 ye…
NFO Review: Are the 3 Thematic MF Schemes Worth Investing in? @suchetadalal @Moneylifers
Retweeted by Clinton FernandesGood to see your book is now a webseries!! @Moneylifers @suchetadalal 👍👍
Retweeted by Clinton Fernandes @_CreatingWealth @Tejas04718726 @kaul_vivek Avoid these fools under OPs tweets. They're all birds of the same feather. @Tashi52334241 @Tejas04718726 @kaul_vivek How did you even get into IIT? LoL. And for the Q that came out of your… @Tashi52334241 @kaul_vivek Please don't spit garbage if you don't know how bank credit fuels money supply. @Tejas04718726 @kaul_vivek Just look at Scandinavian countries and you'll know what I'm talking about. Low interest… @Tejas04718726 @_CreatingWealth @kaul_vivek Please read War and Gold book and you'll know everything about interest… @Tejas04718726 @_CreatingWealth @kaul_vivek It's not rigging cost. If an economy (like Scandinavian ones) is desper… @Tejas04718726 @kaul_vivek 1) you can have low interest rates and falling money supply. 2) Qty of money doesnt depr… @sidismx @stayingwired @kaul_vivek I doubt if he even has any political ideology. Rather I feel he's creating a nic… has made it clear that MF dividends are not really dividends and should not be called as such. You end up gett…
Retweeted by Clinton Fernandes @_CreatingWealth @Tejas04718726 @kaul_vivek I feel his problems are nothing to do with economics of interest rate,… @sidismx @stayingwired @kaul_vivek Absolutely. He coerces data to fit his narrative. Plus people vehicle spending i… @Tejas04718726 @_CreatingWealth @kaul_vivek So what's the alternative? Do you want to start a communist regime guar… @news_rookie @_CreatingWealth @Tejas04718726 @kaul_vivek Low interest rates aren't a magic spell that quickly turna… @news_rookie @_CreatingWealth @Tejas04718726 @kaul_vivek Stop talking nonsense without actual data.