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“my father” -meghan mccain 💓 @gaypassing

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@clintoris the body ody ody keeps the score
Retweeted by clintorismx. americanx and the heartbreak prxnce >:]
just got a job at buzzfeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (they posted my tweet without telling me) @undrcover_ninja fix it @roxiqt hate this so much roxi <3
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Retweeted by clintoris @b26tt ok wait I didn't even consider this as an option.. I love it @weaponisedbussy actually whatwait how do u pronounce itI can’t find the meme i know one of u has itbernie voice no one working 40 hours a week should have to scrape resin just to get high! @kathbarbadoro ok I needed this laugh thank youof course my ass is fat, where else do u store trauma @deaddildo me in 2017-2018! u can do this @geihauss damn u woni’m the only person being affected by the pandemic. it sucks that it has to be me. why me?anyone else on this app living thru a pandemic ? @sasstaco byeeeeee I kinda wanna delete my digital footprint fact that I have a tummy ache is not really the slay you guys think it isno joke i’m feelin so fly like a G6 rn 😩😍 @koresatanist we’re starting a whole movement over here @corietjohnson memy fatal flaw is that i’m a genuine human being that likes connecting with others on a deep and fulfilling level
Retweeted by clintorisit rly puts me at peace knowing i just exist as a concept and reality is fake 26 is all about finding new and creative ways to redo being 22
@notnotviolet same @quinoaslut69 I understandcupcakke has done more to redistribute wealth in this country than any politician, celebrity or CEO. she is singleh… ignored my imessages for another day’s the point of being verified.. like who is impersonating you.. is there someone out there trying to steal ur identity.. exactly.. @whorekneegorl bye it keeps showing up on my fypI cyber stalk the shit out of people like if you think I haven’t cyber stalked you recently I definitely have. I’m nosy as hell
Retweeted by clintoris @finallgirll sry it’s true @whoteverforever like 😭 can u guys come up w something differentif u start a conversation with “Hey” you are literally psychoticim wearing grey sweatpants and grey sweatshirt in case any fashion designers on here wanted sum tipsu guys need to be nicer to me i’m starting to think the internet doesn’t have my best interests in mind @walmartemoji HAHAHAHAH OMG no I completely agree like he’s so GLAMOROUS like no live laugh love but he’s such a moodmy oomfs is my oomfs is your oomfs heard it’s her oomfs too @allisonoconor like literally why notgetting crossfaded as a social experiment in god again because i have nothing else to do tbh @chicafresa160 simulation vibes @dilfyunho GUESS THIS IS THE WINTER...The first thing I do when I get vaccinated? Probably go home
Retweeted by clintoris @roxiqt go roxi go roxi @italian_embassy good @VaVaGloom glad this resonates w some1I'm not the main character i'm the guy whispering "pussy pussy pussy marijuana" into the mirror
@sorryicantbeher HHAHAAoh $15/hr? why thank u Joe i can finally buy some Vitamin D bc my doctor (the tiktok psychologists) tell me it will help w depressionraising the minimum wage is cute but I’d rather abolish it and demand a govt-issues universal basic income that sec… thing gayer than listening to charli xcx is harmonizing along w it*bong rip* "Good Writing" is a myth constructed by The Man 👨 to sell copies of the New Yorker.
Retweeted by clintorisdoing radical self acceptance (not fixing my typo)nothing hotter than a 38 year old man talking about how he took advanced biology is freshman year of high school @freshhel the highest form of flattery is absolutely jerking off to someone. then imitationLiterally the most respectful thing u can do at someone is jerk off to them I think i might really believe this
Retweeted by clintoris @l0gicth0t like!! it’s four ingredients and takes 2 minutes to make. silly to buy it in a restaurant, pandemic or not imoit’s so inspiring to see people risking their lives and the livelihood of others just to eat a $14 chicken caesar s… can’t talk right now i’m doing toxic masculinity shit (going hiking for the third time in a week)LA loves palm trees bc they love when an invasive species moves there and does nothing but look pretty for 70 years @perfumedumbxss love audio messages @bigracks my youth pastor when I said I was gay and not coming back to church @braincelltwo nothing short of coke and bitches for the birthday oomf! happy bday! @bigracks #LGBTQSpiritDay vibeshaving a fat ass makes me a good person actually
Retweeted by clintorist @freshhel so true queen xoxo think dicks should be bigger @whoteverforever 🙏unprecedented times is when something happens every day for a year @KelseyxFace u are goodhi
so let me get this straight wait I'm the oomfie?
Retweeted by clintoris @cointelprostate :( @spinubzilla i couldn’t be alone w this thought im sorry @KaufmanAudrey and gay cowboysmoods are all fun and games until they become disordered @finallgirll they’re really thinking like change the game when that digital dropcloseted married men sending 12 unsolicited ass pics from slightly different angles one is better at singing their own name than jason derulocats do not forget to stretch. add that to the list of things we can learn
Retweeted by clintorisIt has begun
Retweeted by clintorisif you’ve ever posted cringe you may be entitled to mesothelioma @gabagoolrockef1 I love youi may not show it but i’m going through some kind of psychological change in my life
KFKROFKKRKF starve bitch @councilofDeen that was an edit of me omfg @councilofDeen bye not chuck esmelove when a guy slides into my dms, finds out i’m sexy & theyre like “why are u hiding behind baby grinch? 😩 U R so… play Love Like This by Faith Evans you're drinking from a $100 coffee thermos that can withstand -75 degree Antarctica temperatures even tho u live… @P00DI3PI3 solid counterpoint but who am I to try and stop them from expressing themselves... i'm not a fucking copi am not longer trying to control my “mood swings” bc frankly my feelings are none of my business. that’s between t…