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Haven't heard of Cloud9 Training Grounds? This is what it's all about. 🏕️ the squad and run this Sunday to support spinal cord research with @WFLWorldRun! Who’s with us? Sign up and j…
Retweeted by Cloud9 @FionnOnFire alrightI'm taking my #1 back. 1v3 FTW
Retweeted by Cloud9No shame in losing to the best team in Japan. We go again tomorrow.💪 #C9WIN #TrustTheProcess #MSI 📸@lolesports @Doublelift1 You didn't miss much 👍It's not too late! You can still send an e-card & flowers here: Use code 'Cloud9' at checkout for 20% off!To all the mothers out there, thank you for your love and compassion to help drive us to excellence. Here are flowe…*WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT* Going for 100-0 Arena Win Streak in 1 STREAM w/ @Nokokopuffs_ & @Moohneee starting in ~1 hou…
Retweeted by Cloud9 @horotoooo @Fudgecakey @secretlabchairs Coming next week™There's lots of work to be done at #MSI2021 😤 Visit where it'll all happen with @Fudgecakey as he takes you around… ON | FNCS TRIO - OPEN | WEEK3 w/ @retakefn & @PattatyX
Retweeted by Cloud9 @paiNGamingBR @paiNGamingBR 🤝 Losing today #MSI2021One more match to go in the first half of the #MSI2021 Group Stage Round Robin- but can we end it with a W? 🤔 Ch… @Fudgecakey 💪 #C9WIN GAME 1V9
Retweeted by Cloud9 @LCSOfficial @Fudgecakey Does anybody know what time we play today? @MedicCasts @ROGUE Nah, see you at #Worlds2022 👍Thanks for the flight tickets, @ROGUE 👍 ➡️ LAX @Official_LJL 😂😂😂😂😭Sushi🍣 > Sandwich🥪 , right? #MSI2021
Retweeted by Cloud9 @paiNGamingBR @teamDFM perdemo @yutapongo GGs!2 out of 6 “Near Airport” is known as the fastest region to arrive at the Airport. #C9LoL fall to @teamDFM in Day 2 of… @FURIA Alguém avisa por favorWho wants a @Fudgecakey sandwich? #MSI2021 @lolesports @Reapered TBT from 2018 Play-In?C9 fans every single game: #MSI @bmkibler good morning shiroJankos made it to #MSI2021 after all
Retweeted by Cloud9 @FionnOnFire Ok that's way too farThanks for the scrims @G2Jankos @sjokz @deprreshaun thanks shaun @InFinitye_sport Amazing @Skeattt OCE Jayce* @ParkerGeer He's in Korea due to visa issues.lesson learned 👍 #MSI2021 we lock in the Lissandra for old time's sake, @teamDFM? 🤪 #C9LoL are now taking on DetonatioN FocusME in Da… @CBLOL @blaber @teamDFM Blaber LINDO 😍 @RiotAzael @RiotPhreak The real best boy: just out here speedrunning Group C #MSI2021 next: #C9WIN #MSI2021
Retweeted by Cloud9 @endercasts COPIUM @lolesports @RNGRoyal Soon to be 6-0 @LSXYZ9 @TSM @DarkZeroGG @G2esports @TeamBDS @FaZeClan @SpacestationGG @OXG_Esports @FURIA @mibr @team_empire @TeamLiquid Day 2 Playing DFM in ~3 hours #C9WIN @G2esports @G2Jankos ah yesThis guy knows what’s up 🗣 🤝 @G2esports @G2Jankos #UnitedInRivalry #MSI @C9Vienna when they take our red buff and jungler's life very tired @C9Static, @harper_xd, @EnvyTaylor, @C9OCN, & @SyAILz making up the backline and @C9_Nova holding down…👋 Bonjour Paris! 🇫🇷 #C9R6 have safely arrived for the #SixInvitational! Only 4 days left until our first match!… a picture of your setup with the hastag #HyperXMSI to enter the giveaway to win a @HyperX bundle and a @PUMA
Retweeted by Cloud9Quald for dh finals CLAIMING ALL OF LAZY FIGHTING EVERYONE @Safarooniee
Retweeted by Cloud9Thank you so much for the feature @Cloud9 ! It has been an honor being able to be a part of C9TG & serve the Commu…
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No shame in losing to the best team in the World. We go again tomorrow. 💪 #C9WIN #TrustTheProcess #MSI 📸…'s my setup! Join the giveaway by retweeting the tweet below with a picture of what your MSI watching setup loo…
Retweeted by Cloud9We are thrilled to welcome @Cloud9 Co-Founder @JackEtienne to our National Advisory Board! 👍 #esports
Retweeted by Cloud9 @mattykeel Can't win it all, but you gotta always be positive about it 💪 @lfc_antonio @discord counter ratio'd by amongus @discord no rock giveaway? smh @psxychomatt @Quickshot same @dignitas @CaptainFlowers @RiotAzael Where is @esports_kobe 😭 @lolesports C9 🤣🤣We dropped a game, but we have another game tomorrow to bounce back! Get a preview of the #C9LoL vs.… @FURIA @FACEITRainbow6 @TeamBDS @CYCLOPS_OSAKA @DarkZeroGG @FaZeClan @G2esports @mibr @mkersofficial @OXG_Esports @FACEITRainbow6 @TeamBDS @CYCLOPS_OSAKA @DarkZeroGG @FaZeClan @FURIA @G2esports @mibr @mkersofficial @OXG_Esports @Vedius Huge mistake @paiNGamingBR 👏👏👏Bold prediction: paiN Gaming will win #MSI2021 @Fudgecakey Brazil vs Turkey always deliveringbanger
Retweeted by Cloud9 @lolesports IRIRIRIRIRobo the brazilian Balls #MSI2021 @Perkz 😭🇹🇷 or 🇧🇷 ? #MSI2021 @esports_kobe 👑📢 We’re kicking off our first trip to MSI with a @HyperX Giveaway! RT with a picture of how your #MSI2021 watchi… @scarra @portilho Ez W @lolesports It's an insta ban for sure @lolArnav That's exactly what happened, don't trust others 👍 @LCSOfficial #C9WIN at it again tomorrow #MSI2021
Retweeted by Cloud9Tomorrow’s a new day :) Smth smth no more farming for late game ?
Retweeted by Cloud9 @Fudgecakey TheFudge is scaling 😈👊 is not adding up here @LSXYZ9 #MSI2021 @loudgods aí é osso @Zven We got this, King 💪Dont mind C9 losing in the manner they did. They were in insane spots despite very unfortunate things happening. Th…
Retweeted by Cloud9 @LSXYZ9 Trust the process. Let's go! #C9WIN @lolesports @DWGKIA close @LSXYZ9 🥺