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@G2Jankos 👏👏 @CarlosR wait what???? @G2Jankos hey
Retweeted by Cloud9 @G2Jankos heyC9 Nisqy activated #LECThis @G2esports vs. @FNATIC #LEC match is starting to look a bit like how our match vs TL last weekend went 👀 #UnitedInRivalry @Keeoh One too many spaces, couldn't be us 🙄#C9HALO are now starting off their #H5ProSeries run vs. Rising 8! They'll be playing throughout the day - be sure t…'s that time of the Split again 😱 #UnitedInRivalry @BMWEsports @G2esports @FNATIC @Rogue 👏👏👏 @MedicCasts NA Talent Pog @TLCoreJJ same2-1 GG to Ghost, I didn’t play the best but was still a fun first experience 😄
Retweeted by Cloud9GGs to @GhostGaming, we win 2-1 & finally survive the 2nd day/Ro16. Happy we're able to stay composed in the series…
Retweeted by Cloud9I LOVE @poizFPS , GGs to all play against @T1 tmrw :D
Retweeted by Cloud9#C9BLUE take the 2-1 #C9WIN against @GhostGaming in the #VCT Challengers Open Qualifier! #GGWP @PapaSmithy And by the end of the day... A dub is a dub isn't it, Papa?After a 2-0 #C9WIN vs Last Round Save, #C9BLUE are now taking on @GhostGaming in the 3rd Open Qualifier for #VCT!… @LSXYZ9 Nice. @LoLEsportsStats Not true, our Tristana dies every 9 minutes @C9Perkz
@inero GG Nick SmithWow I press R then E and won
Retweeted by Cloud9if you draft in a way where you only have one win con and that lane falls behind, you can just go next
Retweeted by Cloud9Janna pick 🚨🚨weeewoooweeewooo 🚨🚨
Retweeted by Cloud9QSS was the MVP today In a sub-30 minute game, #C9LoL take the #C9WIN over @GoldenGuardians in Week 4 of the #LCS!… @CaptainFlowers @karl__anthony @LSXYZ9 @IWDominateLoL CaptainSparkles @LSXYZ9 Unbelievable @DellwoAlex when you defuse even though you're on T sideWhen you accidentally leash herald for them @TeamLiquidLoL @blaber @VulcanLoL More legs=more power 🐴 @BMWEsports We'll join them soon 😉 #UnitedInRivalry#C9LoL are now playing in Week 4 of the 2021 #LCS Season vs. @GoldenGuardians! #LETSGOC9 They can try and guard th… @PlayVALORANT 1 tap everyone @calle 👀👀👀 @Perkz @FlyQuest Feel better and enjoy your time with your daughter 💙💙💙TGIF eh buddy? @100Thieves @Nadeshot @Froste We were here 🙌 @yFrostyyx frosty @DumbsYT gaming is foreverWHERE THE HELL IS HE ???? can u watch our frog for us on today match , see u tmrw 😎
Retweeted by Cloud9 @RelyksOG can this image of Daniel "vice" Kim get 1 retweet in 69 hours?
Retweeted by Cloud94-0 first day of VCT - I feel like we're in good form to qualify this time ☺️ GG's to the teams we played today
Retweeted by Cloud9GGs, we win our 2nd game 2-0 vs OW Refugees. We play again tomorrow, happy to see our play progressing. Let's get it #C9WIN
Retweeted by Cloud9A perfect 4-0 sweep for the day 😎 #C9BLUE take the 2-0 #C9WIN against @OWRefugees in the 3rd Open Qualifier for… @Zedd @Ninja @Froste @Nadeshot @marshmellomusic @DillonFrancis it's over @Froste WThe Overwatch refugee @poizFPS is making his debut! Come support #C9BLUE as they take on @OWRefugees in the 3rd Op… @JakeSucky @piethrouer FRFR @Froste @Nadeshot Gamers, assemble. @Froste @Nadeshot Hopefully at 100k he unblocks us as well, assemble.
Retweeted by Cloud9 @Froste @Nadeshot Should we drop the RT? @G2esports @jagerfragetti Both are awesome 😎 #UnitedInRivalry C9: G2:… first match 2-0, ggs to ThiccWRECK (nice name btw). Waiting on next now 💪🏻 #C9WIN
Retweeted by Cloud9
@_devaustin @PUMA We're out of these but don't worry we got some stuff coming soon 😉 @HyperX @G2esports lookin great gamers 2 @originalminor no problem 💪Posture check. @3liF4r1s representing 💪 💪 @CSUNEsports @alziwastaken when crewmate isnt sus @KabutoFN_YT hi kabuto. @Frystsama @sumosuperior vote him out @Sorryimsolace sorry @BepisConsumer @Phipsn1302 amogus ?? 🤨 vote her out @sumosuperior😂😂IMPOSTER KILLED😂😂 ⬛🟥🟥🟥 ⬛🟥⬜⬜⬜ 🟥🟥⬜⬜⬜ 🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥 ⬛🟥⬛🟥인비 파이팅~ ^^ C9 팬아트 #C9WIN #LETGOC9
Retweeted by Cloud9It's a SUDDEN DEATH ACE for @TenZOfficial in Twitch Rivals INSTINCT @TenZOfficial 🤝 #C9AMATEUR fall 0-2 to @WinthropEsports ending their run in the @UpsurgeGG Unified Grand Prix. @NRGbikeage @ethoz this is why he won't let you check his phone 🤫🤫 @ethoz @breezyyylol IS INSANEE 🐮🔔 @ethoz AYO??????
YOINK 😼🤝🐉 @lol_eXyu STEALS THE OCEAN DRAG 📺: show some love to the new squad 🔥 #C9AMATEUR is now up against @WinthropEsports in the @UpsurgeGG Unified Gr… @tranthomas808 @C9Perkz HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Check out #C9LoL's Voice Comms from #LCS Week 3 in this episode of Brain Check! 🧠 the Baron steal from last #LCS weekend? Here's #C9LoL's (specifically @C9Perkz's) reaction to it! 🤣 @FURIA quaseTime for some new Valorant highlights! 👀 Playing Jett is so much fun! 👉
Retweeted by Cloud9 reverse sweep today 😔 #C9AMATEUR fall 0-2 to @SolaFideGG in Round 1 of the @UpsurgeGG Unified Grand Prix. #GGWP
It's time to enter the Rift 😤 #C9AMATEUR are now taking on @SolaFideGG in a Bo3 in Round 1 of the @UpsurgeGG Unifi… @syanne77 Lovely blanket you got there @ForestWithin @LeagueOfLegends rock² @LeagueOfLegends rock @FURIA escorrega 3 sobe mais 4 divide por 7 ai multiplicou mais 1 pronto 99,1% @FURIA 99,47 @blxckoutz @LOUDgg 😈 @LOUDgg @launders But look at the time! @Parzival_FGC TALENT RIGHT HERE @Hai @CaptainFlowers the year is 2055 and Hai is still in promos to Master