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We ALL know someone with luck like this 😂🤣😳
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@porterrobinson Cheering for you in your SoloQ climb 【=◈︿◈=】 @naiteFPS @BMWEsports Most likely, the giveaway was only open to US/CA residents 😔Miss out on getting a Collector's Edition of the Heroes of Rivalry manga? We've got some more to give away!… @LCSOfficial @EvilGeniuses C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C… the ultimate ruler of the jungle 😈 Learn all you need to know about playing Graves with @loltarzaned in thi… some players moving to the main LCS roster for the Lock-In Tournament, we have opted to sub in a few names for… big news in the Industry today 😱 Enjoy your Tuesday @HeroBase @LOUDfortnite @Fortnite_SNG @TeamLiquidBR caos pra todo ladoC9 Xeppaa Ranked
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@loganrohr_exe monday @Lowii2 sorry, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……, im LIVEEE❤️ RTS & Tabs are appreciated ✨ —— ——
Retweeted by Cloud9yooooo @Cloud9 and @BMWEsports this is wild. one of the coolest additions to my manga collection in a while
Retweeted by Cloud9 @Szuster_00 This team could maybe win a MajorBuild our #C9CSGO team with Free Agents Players: - - - - - @FNATIC @BMWEsports It's too easy these days #UnitedinRivalry every undefeated LCS team a good night 🤝 @EvilGeniuses
@LoLEsportsStats @Fudgecakey FUDGE FACTOR FACTOR STATS FACT: @Fudgecakey has the three fastest Mythic Item timings of any Mid laners so far at this tou…
Retweeted by Cloud9Buying collector to collect free wins
Retweeted by Cloud9Yawn
Retweeted by Cloud9Clean games proud of the team and the 3-0 week :)
Retweeted by Cloud9Three down, one to go. #C9WIN top gap @CaptainFlowers Zhin @C9Mang0 is it the Eagles againTomorrow things get serious at the #VALORANT roster discussion. 6️⃣ rival #BMW teams talk turkey on…
Retweeted by Cloud9100% winrate in duo tourneys w/ @MilkTFT pogo
Retweeted by Cloud9Wishing every undefeated LCS team a good night 🤝 @100T_Esports @EvilGeniusesBanger game @VulcanLoL #LIVEEVIL
@TeamLiquidLoL run it back for 2022 #C9WIN @Caedrel 👑👑👑Wishing every undefeated LCS team a good night 🤝 @100T_Esports @clgaming @dignitas @EvilGeniuses @Immortals @TeamLiquidLoL @u262070 @LCSOfficial @100Thieves @100T_Esports @TSM @tsmreport @FlyQuest @GoldenGuardians ratio @lanterninho @islesworld1 @Pastrytime @Zven yes @Zven assist100% winrate since we made @Fudgecakey the CEO pentakills now, will we see Zven? penta kill for the collection
Retweeted by Cloud9 @islesworld1 seem quite easy with the best mid laner in the #LCS
Retweeted by Cloud9 @LCSOfficial @Zven Sorry @FlyQuest, sakura isn't in season 🌸Nice slow games
Retweeted by Cloud9Fudge Blaber MID JG 📈 also zven is the penta king
Retweeted by Cloud9 @Fudgecakey Great job waiting for the team 👍Two for two #C9WIN Lock In PENTAKILL for the king 👑 2nd game bounceback 💪 to Trig 101, today's guest lecturer is @blaber first LCS Akshan #LCS @Fudgecakey hovers the croc to take flight again #LETSGOC9 👊 @OTKnetwork @Renegade_JW @Snip3down @Rambrro7 Back to back 👑 @Renegade_JWFirst game back is a DUB. Super slow game and wished it was a banger but glad to be back playing LCS #c9win
Retweeted by Cloud91-0. #C9WIN, this isn't a Darshan9 video
rip csd@10, we're NOT playing 5 @Fudgecakey ??? in. #LETSGOC9 👊 got the @Maxwaldo_ pep talk, it's over for them #C9WIN IS TODAY LCS IS TODAY LCS IS TODAY LCS IS TODAY LCS IS TODAY LCS IS TODAY LCS IS TODAY LCS IS TODAY LCS IS TODAY @LCSOfficial Officially anyway... Does the rulebook have rules about controlling more than one PC at once? @RiotPhreak @LCSOfficial to fear, we have the Fudge Factor update on the Cloud9 LCS roster heading into the Lock In tournament @blaber 😍 savior has arrived celebration of our team winning this week's HCS Pro Series tournament, I'm giving away four Cloud9 skin kit code…
Retweeted by Cloud9 @MLGPuckett @Pznguin Constructed different @Pznguin Icy 🥶GGs to everybody we played today, so much competition this season, every match I play or watch is sweaty as hell, c…
Retweeted by Cloud92022 the year of the #C9HALO Era? TO BACK #HCSProSeries CHAMPIONS 🥇🥇 @HCS @Renegade_JW 👹A Triple from @Renegade_JW is the final dagger as @Cloud9 advances to our Grand Finals!
Retweeted by Cloud9Crazy start at Peak... I dropped 12 kills off the rip🥵😈
Retweeted by Cloud9A huge match has just kicked off! Winners Finals @FaZeClan ⚔️ @Cloud9 |…
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@LCSOfficial 1 DAY 9 MINUTESLCS IN 1 DAYHCS Pro Series #2 w/ Cloud 9 !Youtube -MAIN SLAYER
Retweeted by Cloud9The #HCSProSeries Week 2 is finally here and #C9HALO is ready to defend the throne once again 🔥 #C9WIN Bracket:…!! In 3 hours I'll be on the analyst desk for Proving Grounds Open Qualifiers :3 I'm really excited, I hope to…
Retweeted by Cloud9 @RealXizz3l @infinikeyxyz Unfortunately not for this set 😔 @KG_Coddiwomple @infinikeyxyz It depends on the keyboard! These should fit most keyboards with mx-style switches, b… are limited edition, get yours before they're gone! 👀- MX Compatible – works with any MX-style switches. - 129 keycaps. Will cover most ANSI style profile keyboards- Ev… more thing. Cloud9 x @infinikeyxyz Keycaps. @Breakz @PUMA Wouldn't be a day at the beach without a dropped cone @PhotexRI @PUMA Soon 👀Our official 2022 Pro Kit. Shop now. Conscious. This year’s Pro Kit is our first kit made from 100% recycled materials! Angeles isn’t complete without its coast. The blues and whites are reminiscent of the waves along the shore. Angeles is our home - and our jersey represents it. A topographic map of the LA coastline is found right alon…