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@jessicahkim 👀Big day for Minnesotan chess yesterday 👍 #C9WIN
Retweeted by Cloud9 @scarra we don't talk about the fight club @TenZ_CS Happy birthday @k_shymko! @TheeMarkZ @TravisGafford You're our favorite co-host.*Mid pings missing* Bot moments before getting ganked: @andrewbogut 👀 @CallMeCarsonYT Only if you beat us in pool 😳We've had our fun with the VALORANT submissions but now it's time for a different game 😈 Submit your League of Le…
It's the meta votar lá família!! Representar a @Cloud9 e @Brasil_Fortnite na categoria “Craque da Galera” 👊🏻🔥…
Retweeted by Cloud9 @TSM only if it's the Astroworld one 😳 @trvisXXLots of people confuse mezii for Messi. There are lots of similarities, but know the differences @floppyCSGO @ENCE Let's go 😎 2-0 win vs @ENCE in #DHMasters, GGWP! #c9win
Retweeted by Cloud9The boys get the job done 😎 #C9CSGO take Nuke 16-9 and get the #C9WIN 2-0 over @ENCE in the #DHMasters Winter 202… @HenryGcsgo The caster curse lives on15 rounds #DHMasters @DreamHackCSGO @floppyCSGO clutch king 👑ABSOLUTE. FILTH! @floppyCSGO! 🔥🔥🔥 #DHMasters
Retweeted by Cloud9We're back with @VividFN, @ChapFN, @noshfn, & @Avery_FN in our latest #C9FN video! Find out which among them is th… @launders ALEX MASTERMINDS Cloud9's Longest Win.@CSGOALEX put up a monstrous performance to power @Cloud9 to victory on Dust2 over @ENCE. Finishing the map with…
Retweeted by Cloud9Triple Overtime 😅 #C9CSGO take the 25-23 #C9WIN on Dust2 over @ence and go up 1-0 in #DHMasters! Coming up next is… @CSGOALEX remember @CSGOALEX's Dualies on round 17 at this point after those OTs? #DHMasters my..! @CSGOALEX with 28 kills already! 🔥🔥🔥 #DHMasters
Retweeted by Cloud9 @launders 🔔 are now playing vs. @ence in the #DHMasters Winter 2020 lower bracket round 1! #LETSGOC9 🗺 Dust2->Nuke->Mi… @Rainbow6Game HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🥳💙
I think this is my best ace 1v5 - Radiant lobby @Cloud9 I'll be on the bench just put me in whenever😂
Retweeted by Cloud9I 💙 @Cloud9
Retweeted by Cloud9 @HoshiFPS we have a lot of thingsThe last C9 Sunday Special 1v1 CSGO Tournament is quickly approaching! Get a chance to win bragging rights and a… @Sneaky @squarenoodles you're so hot brotherLet's talk about why youth esports are so important and how TG values leadership, community, and mentorship in educ…
Retweeted by Cloud9Want to know more about our upcoming Training Grounds Camp? Join some of the brains behind TG, @Maebeebuzz,… 14-16 😔 #C9CSGO fall on Inferno vs @GambitEsports and drop to the lower bracket of #DHMasters Winter 2020.… That was definitely a map to forget. After a 6-16 map loss, we move on to Inferno next. #C9CSGO vs.… @launders video inc?We're back again. #C9CSGO are now playing vs. @GambitEsports in the #DHMasters Winter 2020 Group A Opener!… @Hai no u#27📈 - only up from here. Next stop, #CSCSGO vs. @GambitEsports in 40 minutes for #DHMasters! #LETSGOC9 is the last day to purchase the Limited Edition items in the C9 Store! Make sure you get each one of them bef… @TeamLiquidLoL @Draeikou There is an imposter among us @redbullgaming Say less @TeamLiquidLoL @Draeikou Sorry to rain on your parade but there are 9 of them not just a single one @Officialautoma1 Yup! It's a LAN Tournament at the LoL Park venue (yes, that LoL Park)If you're looking for C9 VALORANT action, be sure to tune in this Thursday, December 3rd, at 3:00am PST / 8:00pm KS… came in as the #1 seed to the @nerdstgamers Qualifier, but ultimately failed to qualify for VALORANT… this new week with our first #DHMasters game tonight against @GambitEsports 👊 Let's continue the grind…
Retweeted by Cloud9my favorite color is light blue
Retweeted by Cloud9 @ayellol Presente
@AshKUK Unfortunately registrations for the first year are restricted to US and CA :( We're looking to expand in t…⚠ Registrations for 𝗦𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘁𝘂𝘀 close TONIGHT! ⚠ With just tens of spots remaining, if you're interested don't miss ou…'s also streaming right now at! Drop by to wish him a happy birthday! @mousesports GG, gl in finals! 🤝It's a special day because we have another birthday! Send lots of love to @penguingm1 today ♟️💙 vs @mousesports in #BLASTPremier , not a great ending but I'm happy we have shown progression and its only going to get better! #C9WIN
Retweeted by Cloud9gG @mousesports, played much better as a team in this tournament than Flashpoint and we had really limited time to…
Retweeted by Cloud9Not a great way to end the tournament, but they’re further along the process than we are. Still happy about the imp…
Retweeted by Cloud9Lost vs better team today! Good game @mousesports! Dreamhack starts tomorrow and we are facing @GambitEsports in the opener!
Retweeted by Cloud9gg's @mousesports we lose 0-2 in @BLASTPremier, they played well. better showing from us this event than Flashpoint…
Retweeted by Cloud9And it's over. With a 13-16 loss on Inferno, #C9CSGO fall 0-2 to @mousesports and are eliminated from the… have questions and we have answers! Tune in for our FINAL C9U Panel where you can learn about the esports indu… a solid start, #C9CSGO couldn't quite keep it rolling on Vertigo and drop the map 7-16 vs. @mousesports. We'… @launders .Right after Colossus vs. Juggernaut, @w0xic faces his old team in the #BLASTPremier Fall Showdown! #C9CSGO are now… it finally time? #BLASTPremier often do you get to ask questions to people in esports? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn first hand what i…'S GAME DAY & @ES3TAG's BIRTHDAY! Wish him good luck & a very happy birthday 🥳 or die! Got to win this game against @mousesports to qualify for the #BlastPremier Finals! Let's go #c9win 📺…
Retweeted by Cloud9Ggs @GiantsGaming. we lose 0-3 congrats apac november major
Retweeted by Cloud9It was a hard fought series with every map going to OT but #C9R6 fall 0-3 against @GiantsGamingENG and finish in 2n… sneaky @C9_Nova 🤫 #SixMajor
Retweeted by Cloud9It all came down to an OT nail biter but #C9R6 came up just a bit short and go down 0-2 against @GiantsGamingENG in… was a really close game but #C9R6 fall on Oregon and go down 0-1 against @GiantsGamingENG in the APAC November…'S TIME TO GO BACK TO BACK 😤 #C9R6 are defending their APAC November #SixMajor title against @GiantsGamingENG in… @rainbow6kr #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN @SummerRainR6 FIGHTING #C9WINKorean casters ready to cheering @Cloud9 #APAC
Retweeted by Cloud9 @G2Perkz @VulcanLoL 2021 the year of NAAnother year another challenger on 3 servers for Mr Worldwide
Retweeted by Cloud9 @penguingm1 @MrBeastYT vouch @G2esports G2What was that 2nd shot? 😱 @TenZ_CS @MrBeastYT @penguingm1
Don’t miss your chance to sign up for the C9 Sunday Special tomorrow! Winner will be taking home a Gameday Hoodie. 🤩 @launders keep'em comingYOUR SERIES MVP: @CSGOALEX IGL, colossus and top fragging across three maps. What a king! 👑 #BLASTPremier
Retweeted by Cloud9What a game , Juggernaut down! GG @Complexity Well done team! @CSGOALEX @es3tag @w0xic @kingmezii @es3tag @HenryGcsgo
Retweeted by Cloud9well that was pretty fun.. GGs @Complexity Sick game from everyone, could have been 2-0 but we got it done in the end! #c9win
Retweeted by Cloud9THAT FEELING 💪 @w0xic #BLASTPremier
Retweeted by Cloud9JUGGERNAUT LMFAOOOOOOOOO gg's @Complexity we win 2-1!!!!! #c9win
Retweeted by Cloud9woooooooooooooooooooooooo 2-1 against @Complexity gg wp next mousesports
Retweeted by Cloud9YEAH BUDDY #c9win
Retweeted by Cloud9IT'S HAPPENED. THE #C9CSGO TAKE DOWN THE @Complexity JUGGERNAUT WITH A 16-14 WIN ON DUST 2 AT THE #BLASTPremier FAL… take a 0-2 loss to @PyronicGG and are eliminated from the @nerdstgamers VALORANT Monthly. #GGWP🚨 WE ARE LIVE 🚨 Join us for a very exciting C9U Panel series where you can learn more about working in esports fro…