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Cloudy with a chance of tweets | @C9LoL @C9CSGO | Esports Organization #C9WIN

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@Retals assistwhat is a Retalsnah, these disneyland bots had to day1 me. i learned INFINITE, this tournament is over
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@LiquipediaRL @RLEsports @NRGgg @G2esports @TeamBDS @TeamVitality @dignitas @FURIA @Spacestation @FaZeClan @Rogue S… biggest rivalry of Melee @Sentinels hop in 🛫 late than never 😅 but C9 Stratus is an amazing experience, the merch is way above expectations in quality,…
Retweeted by Cloud9 @Yisus @PUMA @AmongUsGame yiSUS @PUMA @AmongUsGame Get sus and drippy ඞ ⤵️ dude got DRIP 😱👟🔥💯 pulled the trigger and bought a @Cloud9 @secretlabchairs!! #secretlab
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streaming btw easy ace for @Xeppaaa 🥶 Week went pretty well 😅 Listen in on the latest @ATT Comms Hub with @blaber and @Zven as they recap our last…
Retweeted by Cloud9 @StayNaughtyy they call him naughty cause he got that dawg in him the fuck did I win this
Retweeted by Cloud9 @JakeSucky notiRetro x Modern, the greatest collaboration since @PUMA x C9. Introducing the special edition Mirage Sport Trainers… Gamer tip: Don't be bitter, be better @Pznguin @Zellsis #FreeZellsis
@gurshVE @yangsin finally @kingstontech @Xeppaaa it's the attempt that countsIt's a 👍 from @Zven in our latest @HyperX Cam
Retweeted by Cloud9 @HCS @OpTic @g1official @Sentinels @Halo 🥇 @Cloud9 🥈 @Sentinels 🥉 @OpTic 4th @g1official We got some unfinishe… @melanji so true queen @discord the game @ValorantEsports 3 certains in life: death taxes and @LOUDgg vs @OpTic @appetizer_cos THAT'S SO COOL 😱💙Jett "Cool, let's go." @cloud9
Retweeted by Cloud9 @paiNGamingBR @Raastul Bookmarkedyou get this dm, what do you do?
Xeppaa: "Bro I NEVER use the sheriff I hate that gun" Also @Xeppaaa: Xeppaa | RANKED W/@currydtx
Retweeted by Cloud9 @Keeoh @100Thieves @JackEtienne you've been demoted to C8 Keeoh @Keeoh @100Thieves @JackEtienne @Keeoh @TenZOfficial @kyedae 💙💙💙2 un-signed @C9Mang0 Nation Tour presented by @blockchain competitors have booked their tickets to an upcoming Mele…, just went LIVE❤️ 1642 followers away from 100k, come help out 😇 > <
Retweeted by Cloud9Enjoy your Tuesday 🥂 but those shoes tho? 👀
@C9Mang0 Call that the triforceYESSSSSSSIRRRRR
Retweeted by Cloud9 @L3IGHT0N_ YOU = REAL ONE @HLTVorg @C9CSGO @Ska @tarik @RUSH @Stewie @autimaticTV @valens this day in 2017 Cloud9 signed their legendary CS:GO roster! Less than 6 months later, FaZe Clan blew a 15-11 l…
Retweeted by Cloud9POV: You did your part by using code CLOUD9 at checkout for your ticket to #HCSOrlando22 See you in Orlando 🫡… @discord "hey" @Im_Hockey @HyperX ratio practiced our shots in and out of game during our LCQ Bootcamp Exclusive look through the @HyperX Cam 👀 @C9_Bobby @C9Stratus @william_f08 paid actor for sureHave a great night mang0 Nation 💙's a reason this photo exists #C9WIN
Retweeted by Cloud9 @Avery_FN @TSM_Commandment #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN #C9WIN @Avery_FN @TSM_Commandment HUGE W1st ($160,000) FNCS CHAMPIONS 🏆 I LOVE @TSM_Commandment SOMEONE SIGN HIM #C9WIN
Retweeted by Cloud9One more game before playoffs #LETSGOC9 🔴
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We should've known all along, Thieves is in their name @TylerPunllock Saving this for the next oneA message from the 🐐 @C9Mang0 🗣Fuck the rankings
Retweeted by Cloud9Well, congrats on winning LCQ, 100T. There's no way that TGRD come back from an 0-2. #VALORANTLCQ#11 by the wayOff of pure spite, @C9Mang0 is your three time Super Smash Con CHAMPION! 🐐🏆 day #LETSGOC9 🔴
Retweeted by Cloud9MANG0 IN GRAND FINALS @FURIA @TBKEsportsGG @qckvlr @dgzinh99 @Nozwer @mazinfps @khalilfps @Carlao @valesports_br Parabéns lindos 👏💙#11 > #4 🤭 vs. the Southeastern champion of the mang0 Nation Tour is always a banger Sunday tomorrow 🥲
He has spoken #C9WIN
Retweeted by Cloud9Only 2 suspects remain 🕵️🔎 @G2esports 🥲 #UnitedInRivalry, congrats on making Grand Finals, 100T. There's no way that FAZE come back from an 0-2. #VALORANTLCQ @Keeoh This doesn't change the fact that @JackEtienne is expecting you in his office on Monday though @Keeoh 💙4 years with @Cloud9 Super proud of how far we’ve come and happy to have an org that has supported me so much fro…
Retweeted by Cloud9 @G2esports @BrokenBlade @G2Jankos @G2Caps @Flakked_LoL @Targamas @LEC @C9LoL @G2esports @BrokenBlade @G2Jankos @G2Caps @Flakked_LoL @Targamas @LEC Congratulations! 👏 @Vanityxz @DSzajnuk @clgaming @EvilGeniuses Run a mile in 5:30, and the jersey is yours 🤝Wishing the happiest of birthdays to our favorite Shaco main, @IWDominate 🎊 @Pyreon_ looking very hot @Keeoh @100Thieves Hey Mr. Winkler, Please step into my office next Monday the 15th at 9am. Best, @JackEtienneOur Super Week debut #LETSGOC9 🔴
Retweeted by Cloud9Is the answer in the Trent-ches?🧐 @zekkenVAL no way right now @tarik heyAnother day another free Loss to @100Thieves extremely unhappy with my performance this tourney, felt like i didnt…
Retweeted by Cloud9ggs 0-2 to @100Thieves fucking sucks losing but we're out of LCQ. @DerrekOW Take it brotha <3
Retweeted by Cloud9 @leaf_cs @Asunaa @100Thieves @st9llar Twinsies 😍 @seangares @FaZeClan GGs and good luck in the rest of the tournament!
THAT BOY COLD @CURRYDTX FOR THE 2 SAVES THE DAY #C9WIN @Sentinels @valesports_na @ShahZaMk @TenZOfficial @Zellsis @shroud @seangares send your energy, it's tough out here @Keeoh put your shirt back on now @XeppaFanboy W