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laney♡ @cloudai_ donating my money to church

18, cool, funny, professional lair, short, tall, nice, mean, pretty, problematic, awesome, terrible person, annoying, beautiful, and talented @ihyfaded

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@1EDEN_ @ctrrlz EDEN WTFFFFFgas this up so he doesnt unfollow me, hate comments are allowed @ihyfaded @jorhdys i’m not even short
@73WRAITH thats me...insane @1HUNNYU mf cant even see ur eyes @73WRAITH wait for it to rain @73WRAITH no @ctrrlz i put all my money into stocks @1EDEN_ @yslnai @ctrrlz @Stonelistt @Toastedtw HE FOLLOWED ME GUYSLETS GOOOO @ctrrlz oh shit nvm @ctrrlz CAUSE U DIDNT FOLLOW ME BACK @merakidina @ctrrlz @1EDEN_ @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw bet heywhy hasn’t he followed me yet @ctrrlz @1EDEN_ @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw vinny i shared my google doc w u @1EDEN_ @ctrrlz @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw i’m sorry eden @1EDEN_ @ctrrlz @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw FUCK U EDEN @ctrrlz @1EDEN_ @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw send me ur email i’ll share my doc @ctrrlz @1EDEN_ @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw i’ll be sugar mami @ctrrlz i will make a google doc one sec @ctrrlz @1EDEN_ @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw ctrrlz😭😭😭pls🥺🥺🥺 @ctrrlz follow me @ctrrlz @1EDEN_ @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw bet u feel like drake eh? @ctrrlz @1EDEN_ @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw mf don’t even follow me back. get unfollowed i have big tits and ur mad ab that @ctrrlz @1EDEN_ @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw u laugh, but little do u know i have the biggest milkers all of NA @1EDEN_ @ctrrlz @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw free subs to eachothers onlyfans @1EDEN_ @ctrrlz @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw ik but i love tit pics @1EDEN_ @ctrrlz @yslnai @Stonelistt @Toastedtw don’t tempt me @ctrrlz @yslnai @Stonelistt @1EDEN_ @Toastedtw bye vinny @1EDEN_ @yslnai @Toastedtw pls send @ @merakidina what would u do if i kissed u rn @Toastedtw @yslnai bae🥺🥺 ur starting to scare me🥰 @Toastedtw @yslnai toasted why r u everywhere @yslnai ugh send paypal @yslnai hi penis @merakidina ur stunning @11aimers $40 take it or leave it @ffrolu @ffrolu @ffrolu 🗣🗣🗣tbh i kinda like being in the drama more than just seeing in on my TL @sundownswrld welcome to being cancelled @cherrybtw holy mami
@sundownswrld 👎👎👎👍 @Toastedtw the tw in ur name coming in handy @_claisky hi mel @ihyfaded me @sundownswrld ok boost me then @sundownswrld @cherrybtw i like where this is going😏i want sushi so bad rn @1EDEN_ on god @keaIani ur the hottest person i’ve ever seen @1EDEN_ @sundownswrld eden🥺🥺🥺🥺 nah sike u a bitch exposing u @1EDEN_ @sundownswrld yea make it ur banner @keaIani @sundownswrld shhhhhh🤫🤫🤫 @yeopsoo deadass mommy @yeopsoo bro actually kiss me @_claisky @sundownswrld tru @ihyfaded @sundownswrld facts @1vanniieee @sundownswrld 😐😐😐😐 @sundownswrld is hot @sundownswrld small
@yslnai ikthis time last year>>>>>>>>>>>> @mellprivvv 2 pink hair strands in the front era pls tell me u don’t remember that @sundownswrld me @Toastedtw @merakidina @yslnai toasted brotha.. @yslnai u can get in mine @urlocalpiscesgf ur so hot @sundownswrld gm
@S41NA hello @1HUNNYU short tbh @yeniwnl @1EDEN_ wait till eden drops his of link @ihyfaded @couldbeusss ong @vampwi @1EDEN_ i’m a terrible person, unfollow @1EDEN_ LMAO the amount of hate ppl will actually give me for this @1EDEN_ eden actually what is wrong with you i’ve known you for so long and you post this shit? i cant believe you… @clongshlong69 @ihyfaded just bought him a plane ticket w that $40 <3 @1EDEN_ gonna destroy the entire val tl again @1EDEN_ igu @ihyfaded no @sundownswrld mf got like 3 ones @FadedRL W @SzethTruthless yea @1EDEN_ good don’t tell them @Last_Serenity @ihyfaded gl brotha😊
@kickrocksrocks HII @ihyfaded v @ctrrlz vinny @anonrl_ @CojaFN @sahvfx_ @ihyfaded LMAO @1EDEN_ 1EDEN???!!!! @CojaFN @sahvfx_ BROOOOOOOhow are you today @sundownswrld 9 DAY STREAK🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @sundownswrld good morning u suck @_claisky mel. @Skye_Lauryn02 me
@ihyfaded @JlMMERZ SO CUTE @ihyfaded good