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@darth_erogenous room for a second? haha 😀 @BeefedUpBro HELLO MEEEEEE IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR FOLKY ALABAMA SHAKES VIBESin 2024 we should introduce the concept of having young and more in touch with reality presidentsalright joe now where is my stimmy checkkamala harris made history today being sworn in as the first woman who owes me $2000
Retweeted by caca @phillygurldeb @deaddilf69 no like... that’s literally barack obama that’s where he was sitting..???
Retweeted by caca @bocxtop update us on how they’re feelingthey let stan twitter pick the inauguration lineup#NotMyPresident
Retweeted by caca @pissboymcgee and the snow... missed opportunitywhy didn’t amy klobuchar tell the blizzard joke
Retweeted by caca @pissboymcgee STOPBREAKING: JASON DERULO HAS FALLEN DOWN THE STAIRS AT THE PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION @TaintBezos i’m back onsorry for going 102 in a 65 i was really feeling this song your honor
@RainbowTittiez I WANT ONE IN WHITEThis is from the Pfizer v-a-c-c-i-n-e. Please understand these shots cause harm. Injury is REAL and not rare. It’s… @maburrn he was telling his little friends to follow me my heart dropped to my stomach manhe reached 50 followers SO HES DRINKING HOT SAUCE LIVE EVERYONE TUNE IN @Grayjax I am ❤️❤️ love him my little stink @yung_butters ❤️❤️❤️❤️he’s dyslexic so when you guys with complicated usernames follow he keeps going “thank you so much... i’m not gona say it” LMAOOOMG ITS PENCIL GUY LMAOOO guys are so nice I have the best followers ❤️hey guys my little brother finally got his stuff to stream and hes very excited he got 5 views on his stream if you… @COSTCOBACKWOODS why did he SLOP it @12234d they both suck and trump sucks harder @BeefedUpBro I was with you until bananaits mac miller’s birthday nobody fuckin talk to me. @insaneppltweets shit like this makes me sick to my stomach idk how you guys do this I wouldn’t eat for days @Drewcels @clay_png they said “oh no please kill yourself anyways youre suspended for wanting to kill yourself”Help me find my frens 😅
Retweeted by cacai want redbone by childish gambino to drop for the first time again @lynndewitttoya meeee
choose your fighter @DurhamSheriff “we move in silence” the silence: said “low profile” then gave us a 360 @slippinonmeat @wydstepbrOoke shut up weirdosuch a good season
Retweeted by caca @bocxtop you when his mom stirred sugar in her tea every morning @lynndewitttoya stop one time I called this brand out for selling something for $200 and it was $30 dollars on amazonforgot i found this the other day while on a walk @cinnamonzaddy not me slowing it down so I can take notes for that drop kick
@wydstepbrOoke euthanize men 2021 roommates sugar daddy tested positive for covid... if that man doesnt write her in his will so the girls can eat 😩 @blacksupergurl when I was little and killed a bug in my house I would put it outside on the sidewalk so his family… @BeefedUpBro you should start a go fund me for surgery
2021 taking lunches away from children when they can’t pay for it is sick and I hope they don’t still do that shitin elementary school the lunch lady lived across the street from me and knew we were struggling financially so when…
Retweeted by caca @pissboymcgee 90% like I didn’t already know @marcelineFsteel call me a sinner
Apple watch says I burned 300 calories wrestling with gay thoughts today
Retweeted by caca @real_bombthreat can we pretend it was me @BeefedUpBro mike has a crotch beltme vs fantasy greek goddess warrior me my first week living in nyc @ItsMacDoogle yes I did???? he literally murdered his whole family I- @BeefedUpBro I need my room cleaned whats your address @pissboymcgee this is the covid vaccine
Good morning
Retweeted by caca @skate4official_ @froggysexual I left a review calling him a terrorist lol @froggysexual @skate4official_ HIS RESPONSE LMAO @theestallion @ArianaGrande @DojaCat azealia about to throw a fitmy dreams last night
@SafeWebUser I want one
@BeefedUpBro CAN I COME @dadhattodd @Pguapp
Retweeted by caca @umgirlalmighty GIRL WE ARE TALKING AB HER POSTING IT @_rudeboy18 @MairinMurphy @playboyriots and that’s weird too 😭 but babe if anyone else posted that maybe but it’s t… @MairinMurphy @playboyriots ???? racist??? also if you watched the video nothing about it was ceremonial... she was… @virgothanos i respect that but... keep it in the coven baby @melaninequeen98 @michiethebunnie @arrgeearr @theestallion @DojaCat you have a great point however azealia does thi… @beliebinskz ok but if it’s sacred why is she posting it on the internet @MylesSucks I saw that 😩😩 @LNotless !!! @playboyriots please check her insta before she deleted it shes deff having an episode she made videos fat shaming doja and megan too @playboyriots THAT DOESNT MAKE THIS NORMALAZEALIA BANKS JUST UPLOADED A VIDEO OF HER DIGGING UP HER DEAD CAT AND COOKING IT?!?!? @samelpan2 i’m currently biting the skin off the inside of my cheeks @onlinegirlie can I come next time omg @real_bombthreat is that milk
might spin around on this with my eyes closed just to feel something was me i found out this man was into BDSM was when i was napping on his bed and heard a belt and i just thought to mys… @matchawife my queen @palearab ugh @palearab is bumble better than hinge i’m tired of being alone @matchawife I just thought the uncle replying woth WTF in all caps was funny @fr6nkie let me hop on @onlinegirlie this is gross
Funniest video ever 😭
Retweeted by caca @real_bombthreat heyyy @postedinthecrib I get dehydrated even looking at pictures of salt lake city