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cloudy🦦 @cloudyerin_ tiktok: @cloudyerin_

“valorant pick up line girl” @narwhalfps fangirl

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@NarwhalFPS @lvstys hwen @wahoooopunch HEYLOL @okayNoli @fluffyyFPS @whosmicheIa hi BOTH OF U @whosmicheIa @fishszns UR SO GOOOD @1zeooo @zekeiVAL YA CHECK DMS @zekeiVAL THATS WHAT I SAID ON FT @andrwval nt @MoonKillerYT @DoLphinvalo @fluffyyFPS JUST HMU ANYTIME BRO @fluffyyFPS @st5ls @wunjii k stop @st5ls @wunjii u can’t ratio shit bro @DoLphinvalo @MoonKillerYT @fluffyyFPS we have played HAHA WE ACTUALLY DIDDD I MISS HER @wunjii AW UR SO NICE WTF AND YA WE SHOULD PLAY @MoonKillerYT @fluffyyFPS hey lol WHEN CAN WE PLAYYY @fluffyyFPS i like dis song
@jalccna hey lol @ebbawebba @TeamSynergy W @1EDEN_ it was like 4 months ago fuck off man @1EDEN_ realyour valorant rank isn't gonna get you girls
Retweeted by cloudy🦦 @st5ls fax @st5ls im not trying to i just forget to respond ! @st5ls me me @sundownswrld @etherealVAL_ wtv @etherealVAL_ @sundownswrld LMFAO @sundownswrld @etherealVAL_ u never hmu broMY BEST VALORANT ACE RT RT
Retweeted by cloudy🦦 @sundownswrld @etherealVAL_ sorry jit @etherealVAL_ @sundownswrld ur replies are the worst ive seen all day bro @etherealVAL_ ive dated one person all good but all love @srrirachha YUPPP @etherealVAL_ ok bro what @srrirachha gp op is so bad i can telll @srrirachha all good @etherealVAL_ meow @wunjii meow @st5ls Ok @st5ls breach @mistmie HBD @sundownswrld @ignovercook meow @wunjii @dogbackp6ck noti.. @keaIani AWWW @sadIucas i don’t even play jett :( @wunjii diamond random jetts: @11tzuki www @urgfkass hey lol @fishszns I’m #1 fan @andrwval ur mean tho @zekeiVAL No. @11tzuki @sadIucas STOP @zekeiVAL ya okthx for 800 🕺🦦 @zekeiVAL i hit it before u 😜 @keaIani i haven’t even finished placements LOL @keaIani boost me @zekeiVAL NOTII @zekeiVAL UR COLD @zekeiVAL first @zekeiVAL OKAYYY"ima rush down a" - me the result:
Retweeted by cloudy🦦 @Kodahu1 nothing u just can’t ratio shit :D @Kodahu1 counter ratio u can’t ratio shit @c5sey felt yhat tbh hope things go wel tho @Kodahu1 nope just u @daddyvio lol @MoonKillerYT LMFOAAODOAAODA U LEFT IM DEAD @c5sey not much wbu? @c5sey @duhlailuh making bangers when i want to bang her @c5sey casey what
@Toastedtw @m2sty @merakidina @andrwval she’s so fine @andrwval oh @etherealVAL_ @ilyval_ No @andrwval RLY ive never rlly played soVa so @andrwval wtv is wrong w sova @ilyval_ mommy plsYEAH THEY FIXED JETT @PlayVALORANT W @NarwhalFPS @ilyval_ STILL BEGTER THAN ME @ilyval_ JUST TEACH ME PLS IM BEGGING LOL @fishszns what the f word @ilyval_ noti + teach me mommy @MoonKillerYT @btookess +16 @ignovercook W @sundownswrld @zekeiVAL @kayvalorant noti @zekeiVAL @kayvalorant double noti 🥺 @stellariwnl @sadIucas @11tzuki Free health care! @stellariwnl @sadIucas imagine being Canadian @11tzuki @sadIucas canadians 🥱 @sadIucas Wtf @RemValorant @okayNoli Nobody asked @stellariwnl @okayNoli Stfu @stellariwnl @okayNoli double noti + eGoEr @ALLMECHS mee @okayNoli oh LOL @sundownswrld @sadIucas Okay @mangosmxxthie @yslnai @ignovercook @wunjii @dogbackp6ck @sadIucas what the hell boi @yslnai @ignovercook @wunjii @dogbackp6ck @sadIucas all good im the same age as fluffy @c5sey @1zeooo @ignovercook @wunjii @yslnai @dogbackp6ck @sadIucas HI CASEYY @AeroValorant @ignovercook @wunjii @yslnai @dogbackp6ck @sadIucas k wtv