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I thought some people may want to know what the different parts of the flag stand for so I took a shot at it 👉👈
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Retweeted by liz @Claire_ivalice happy birthday!!! @7Dogmin become too difficult to handle and i was getting constantly screwed over by managers @Mizert_ same here. i hope things get better from now onペンギンアイスクリーム・バー
Retweeted by lizi was about to say one of those dumb one liners but eh why
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Retweeted by lizjust quit my job so i guess what's left now is to look for another oneWe live in a time where we can legitimately ask our political leaders to please meet the bar set by Vanilla Ice
Retweeted by liz @checkerfired1 i can't take it anymore quite honestly @TheHyblidFramer god i wishquitting my job epic style @Temsik_Park that's the spirit @kobcritic_ we don't do any better either. we just like to laugh at others and pretend we're better, all the while… @kobcritic_ it all came from the european way of labeling everything they don't like with whatever terms and slurs they could @kobcritic_ -americans calling themselves british americand or german americans or polish americans @kobcritic_ exactly. racism systems have been set by european settlers. they're the ones who referred to natives as… @kobcritic_ countries like france who praise themselves for their inclusivity are incredibly racist and mocked coun… @kobcritic_ i hate how hypocritical europeans are. i am european and i know how horrible europeans treat roma peopl… @ashleyinreal please take care of yourself. you're stronger than you think. @PasgettiLuva yep. the movie is meant to be the finale @jammkamm yoooooooooo that's so amazing i'm so happy for youstill gotta watch the moviestill can't believe the show is overthe we bare bears theme song still makes me so happyScorsese’s daughter has a bigger brain than anyone else alive
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Retweeted by lizOh to be a bunny kissing my bunny gf
Retweeted by lizSince I can’t really post the stuff I’m working on now, here’s a sketch redraw of Kiki’s Delivery Service with Elli…
Retweeted by lizLockdown has provided important research time for science
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tw lynching , kidnapping , homophobia , racism
Retweeted by liz @LONGSLEEVES yeah idk if they'll let me tinker with their stuff even if they know i know how to use it y'know, parents being parents @LONGSLEEVES i quit my job and i'll have to get hrt soon, idk if i can afford anything atm @LONGSLEEVES i don't have a vcr eitheri need some advice so basically there's gonna be some adventure time reruns on tv next week and i thought of recor…
Retweeted by liz @TheHyblidFramer please i really would love a VCRyea
Retweeted by lizthere are only 9 days left until the terror bill slips into law in the philippines, a law that takes the freedom of…
Retweeted by liz @LONGSLEEVES i got one but my parents use it i got only one and my parents use it all the time @TheHyblidFramer i dont have a VCR eitherpreferably free and available in my region if possiblei need some advice so basically there's gonna be some adventure time reruns on tv next week and i thought of recor… because you were 3 when the 90s ended it doesn't mean people only started to suddenly complain when you became…"people complain too much nowadays" bro have you heard of forums from back in the late 90s/early 00s? people there did nothing but complain @kianworld do it, you are your own boss
Retweeted by liz @ihaveswag32 i can't believe you were hatsune miku all alongalso, link my pfp is me soooooo @electrotriple dont blame anime james rolfe on this
Retweeted by liz @synaeslexithymc happy birthday!!k-on is an unironic banger of a showits an unironic banger tholistening to cagayake in public to come off as a weeb so that people will leave me alone @ClassiquePlayer i am a real gay, i own multiple hawaiian shirtsthe drip we go @SmallGayGremlin @SmallGayGremlin oh free dvd and ff7 at least i guess @SmallGayGremlin yoooooooo that's so coolI have improved this tweet
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Retweeted by lizanime fans when you remind them anime and western animation have historically been influenced by each other and con…
Retweeted by liz🐰ママやっとゲームおわったの〜?
Retweeted by lizSonic Adventure - Sega Dreamcast commercial
Retweeted by lizThe richest country in the history of the world
Retweeted by lizIf you watch PORN HUB ! You might want to reconsider after watching this
Retweeted by liz2/10 no andy larkin, the forgotten canadian star DVD
Retweeted by liz @ihaveswag32 maybe you could find it on modelsresource?
Retweeted by liz @Lovelykohai @TheCEOofRacism plus idk if you can eat tons of potatoesthis is why i dont want to draw anything lately
Retweeted by liznairo is a bad person but can you guys please stop bringing etika into this? etika is not your clout device. don't use him for that. isn’t this blowing up? They actually admitted it!!!
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Retweeted by lizHere a video if what’s going on.
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Retweeted by lizPETITIONS: Please share them, more people need to get educated on this topic
Retweeted by liz13.06.2020, in Poland #MamyDość (we have enough), #LGBTtoLudzie (LGBT are people) and #stopviolenceinpoland trended…
Retweeted by lizThey were hurt by her speach.
Retweeted by lizRecently, in public television Kaja Godek said that gay people want to adopt children to molest and rape them. Aft…
Retweeted by lizKaja Godek is anti-abortion and anti-lgbt actists. In Poland, abortion is legal in three cases. However, in last fe…
Retweeted by liz13.06.2020, president of Poland, Andrzej Duda during his speech said that LGBT are not humans but an ideology which…
Retweeted by lizby homosexual couples and once again claim that marriage is relationship between a woman and a man. "The Polish Car…
Retweeted by liz10th June 2020, president of Poland signed "The Family Card" which purpose is to support traditional family values.…
Retweeted by liztransport, on the bus stops and what's more very often under the sticker there was a razor, so if somebody tried to…
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