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It’s day one. Make no mistake, the NHS as we know it is finished. FIGHT CONTINUES! Despite some saying they don't want immediate 'hot takes', many of us have been raising conce…
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour PartyThank you to everyone who voted Labour in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Time to regroup and reflect - but I am very proud of…
It’s time for our LIVE exit poll! Pls RT before voting. Who did you vote for? #GE2109 #GeneralElection #GeneralElection19 #ExitPoll
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour PartyJust voted for change. Have you? #VoteLabourToday #ElectionDay
@ScottDickinson0 Thank you - your support means the world! @SheilaHarn Thank you so much!We’ve got teams of volunteers out all day today and tomorrow getting the #Labour message of hope out - please go an…
Brilliant #Corbyn4Christmas my friend, you are not alone #VoteLabourDecember12 #VoteLabour2019 #ToriesOut @emelisande @BorisJohnson PatheticJust to add - the food bank have requested Bags for Life to make up their Christmas food parcels. If you have spare… @PeterStefanovi2 The facial expression is mildly terrifying as well
Absolutely love this programme, my daughter and I watch every series - and now love it even more!
Vote Labour on 12th December. #TrishWilliamsforBerwick #GE19 of the team out in Berwick today. #VoteTrish4Berwick #Trishwilliamsforberwickupontweed know what @UKLabour Will do for you? try this...
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour PartyA coalition with the Lib Dems? Not with their voting record! #GE19 #VoteTrish4Berwick doesn’t bear thinking about what the next five years could be like if this lot get back in. The inimitable Pete… held to account. Not for the first time #ToryLies #GE19 @hannahITV @Shambles151 You are an excellent journalist! @LuckyHeronSay The amount of vulnerable people who will die as a result of their cruel policies - tied with it bein… bit blustery out in Hadston with a great team including the lovely @ScottDickinson0 this morning!… few apparently devoid of basic human decency and compassion. #DescribeTheToriesIn10Words @CatMcKinnell Best of luck Catherine!Plot twist: the policeman was Rowan Atkinsons character from Love Actually #Corbyn4Christmas @chunkymark “Gather my thoughts” = how can I defend this without also making myself look badThank you and solidarity to everyone who is standing up for what they believe this election #GE2019 #SaveOurNHS
Labour’s 20 pledges to support small businesses who gets the Renters Vote? #VoteLabour #GE19 Tory lies, as if you needed to be reminded. @BolshieNorth Do you mind sending me a DM with where you are? Ill look into it! 🙂The term 'Hard Left' was invented because it's pretty hard to criticise the political belief that: 'Society should…
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour Party @Tpopularfront Overwhelmingly positive really, responses we’re getting are often desperately sad but so supportive!… @Tpopularfront When they called a winter election and thought people would be put off canvassing and door knocking… of positively channelled anger here in Berwick-upon-Tweed - the highest numbers of Labour volunteers we’ve eve… @thelawoffice11 @kevthecheff Worth a look! article. Shows this government for what it is and leaves you feeling a bit teary at the end!… excellent thread. are 800 more food banks than McDonald's in the UK, new figures show
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour PartyIt doesn't take two years to say no. #bbcleadersdebate #bbcdebate #saveournhs #notforsale
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour PartySupport for Lib Dem’s collapses as remain voters switch to Labour. #Trishwilliamsforberwickupontweed #VoteLabour
@CLPBerwick In one tweet, you’ve done more to show empathy with the Berwick constituents than @annietrev has done in the past four years.
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour PartyI'm taking your passion, energy and hope into tonight's debate. #BBCDebate
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour PartyA quick reminder about what happened in 2017 and why the only tactical vote is for Labour #tacticalvoting sat down with Becci at Berwick Food Bank to learn more. Watch the video please. #Berwick #foodbanks #labourvideos gather the Tories are saying a Labour government will mean chaos. I am sure I have heard that somewhere before...
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour Party
Homelessness is NOT falling. 135,000 children in Britain are homeless tonight. @pollyn1 explains why getting these…
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour Party @Shelter @Tpopularfront @pollyn1 Thank you for correcting him. @moreBerwick @BerwickLitFest @FantasyPrints What a great idea - my grandson will love this!This is scary. Senior Tory Minister on live TV claims to have cut homelessness. There has been a 93% rise in Child…
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour PartyIf that’s what he’s proud of then I dread to think how much worse it could get! #SajidJavid #VoteLabourDecember12th true @JonAshworth @bbcquestiontime @AnnelieseDodds @UKLabour Nice one Jon. All-male panels can only become a thing of th… worrying that this isn’t being widely reported. #VoteLabourDecember12th #GTTO week to go, we can do this! #VoteLabourDecember12th #JC4PM @Sarah_Woolley @TomLondon6 @jeremycorbyn Thank you for sharing these! @BerwickLitFest Stunning!
Heading to Alnwick Area Friends of the Earth Hustings. 7:30pm start upstairs at (accessible) St James URC Centre, P… @BennnyH You are brilliant - proof that the youth of this country are more engaged and informed than the media woul… @TheMendozaWoman @ChunkypaulPaul Thank you for sharing this! @lilyallen Well said Lily @BurgerKingUK Brilliant 😂What do we say to demagogues? Not today. #VoteLabourDecember12th #GTTO daughter had DVT aged just 22, because of a previously undiagnosed blood disorder. No doubts the NHS saved her l… @chessmartinez Brilliant video Francesca! @SocialistRole Enjoy every moment! A vote for a person you believe in is a precious thing 😊Prices like these are what you get when you allow “total market access”. Labour founded the NHS to remove the fear…
@lewis_goodall Looks like polystyrene to me... can’t be good putting that in a microwave 🤔 @WansbeckLabour @IanLaveryMP Well done everyone! @LauraPidcockMP @UKLabour You did very well Laura! @BerwickConstit1 It still astounds me that those responsible for austerity continually fail to take responsibility… #IDPD2019, we’ve launched our manifesto for disabled people, developed by and for them. @NlandLibs @RNorthumberland How lovely!We’re going to build a society that everyone can participate in. On #InternationalDisabilityDay, Marsha de Cordova… @neillafferty It’s a shame isn’t it - it’s like society has been conditioned out of caring about what happens to people who are struggling“These cuts don’t even save money” - all the cuts have done is widen the gap between richest and poorest, and that’… @gaurangmorjaria Fantastic thread! 🌹
Life expectancy has actually fallen under this government. Millions of children ARE living in poverty, even if the… @SusanDungworth We’re all behind you Susan! 🌹 @redsarah99 @mac123_m @BBC @BorisJohnson What a truly incredible woman she is! @BeccyBeatles @TriskaF @raylondon66 @PamPOWansbeck @SusanDungworth @MATTxLAW @WansbeckLabour @tynewrc @larymary60 video and well worth a watch. #VoteLabour #EndAusterity #ForTheManyNotTheFew
@BeccyBeatles @helenmallam @barryoleary77 @BenJolly9 @Hardeep216 @SkyeCity_ @TheCurran73 @PJAMESM1 @kevthecheff @SW10etseq Thank you Janet! 🌹 @LabourYeovil @LedlieTerry We’re in the same position in Berwick-upon-Tweed but so much positive feedback from the… @WansbeckLabour @IanLaveryMP Well done everyone!The London Bridge terrorist was sentenced using a Labour written law that would have seen him detained indefinitely…
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour Party @ScouseBirdBlogs Well done for this! A follow from me 👍🌹Lovely (cold!) afternoon in Alnwick yesterday. Residents concerns include long journeys to NSECH or RVI for hospita…
That this is happening in a country as rich as ours is heartbreaking. This government is not only failing vulnerabl…
Your sons government is deliberately underfunding our schools, Stanley. In Northumberland we’re facing a £1.6m shor… @theodoreshand @jeremycorbyn This is wonderful! What a lovely dad you have 💜Time to tell the truth Ahead of Boris Johnson’s press conference this morning, the Labour party has published 60 q…
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My daughter is a single mother. She is raising her children to be kind, compassionate and honest - qualities the Pr… @ToryFibs Heartbreaking to watch. To think that she feels ashamed, when those who caused this pain feel no shame at all! @stellacreasy Congratulations!From floods in Yorkshire to fires in Australia, the climate crisis couldn't be clearer. Yet we’ve been watching ic…
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Watch our latest Party Election Broadcast before anyone else.
Retweeted by Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour Party#Northumberland #BerwickUponTweed #Berwick #Alnwick #GetTheToriesOut #SaveOURNHS #VoteLabour12December
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