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Club 519 @Club_Five19 Greenville, NC

The real 519 twitter account from your very own favorite bar in Greenville, NC!

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@ThomasEWoods Hang him. Now. @sarahhhooper The more I look at, I can’t believe he didn’t leave sooner. @sarahhhooper You’re welcome @sarahhhooper I guess my neighbor had better cat food. Either that or he got tired of wearing funny clothes. @jybbill What time do you start cutting? @mimskaty Never heard of him till I heard he died. @sarahhhooper Had a cat named Cookie Dough, but he took up with my neighbor. @sheetz 4th time this week I’ve been turned down on coffee because they’re cleaning the urn. Help. @1037WTIB This is there 15 minutes of fame. Of course they’re going to favor longer closures. They’ll get to remain… @Club_Five19 519 deserves their own T anyway...
Retweeted by Club 519This won’t be the last.
@ECUProfessor Kinda like this guy. @ECUProfessor Video unavailable, but I get the picture. Kinda like the guys that used to come downtown. @ECUProfessor Should I know who Brother Ross is? @Rusak27 @ecu_brad @NCPirate13 I agree with you on the improvements they HAVE made, but they neglect many others. @Brittnicole26 Yeah, with a quart of Ranch. @Pirate0216 @ECUProfessor I feel neutered. 😢 @ECUProfessor The only reason I stay at home is because I have nowhere to go. But if I did, I’d go. @DanGerlach5 Boris might have a little more to work with. 😂😂😂End the Shutdown; It’s Time for Resurrection! - LewRockwell your significant other is an essential employee still working, PLEASE remember to be patient with them. I haven’…
Retweeted by Club 519 @poppaoutlaw77 Not just gas. They have my 10 thousand dollar car valued at 25 for the property taxes. I loathe the fuckers. @NCPirate13 I think we’re getting ripped off then.Meanwhile, restaurants in NC are fighting for their lives and can’t serve a cocktail to-go🙄 @ChuckMcGrady
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@StromBoley0617 An alumnus of ECU designed a collage of the downtown bars to put on a T-shirt in a fundraising effo… @ecu_brad It’s 1.25 in Goldsboro today guys ever notice that gas is usually about 30 cents more in Greenville than in neighboring towns? @Pirate0216 Notice in the article that it says Roy Cooper asked people to not gather in groups of more than 10? I d… would have liked to have one of these, but apparently it was an infringement and legal action was threatened. @GoldMAMI___ Ain’t nothing like day trippin’ @f3nchotpursuit @ECUProfessor I just almost choked. 😂 @krystynakrez I would love to know what happened, but I understand if you don’t feel good about saying."There are certain times when public opinion is the worst of all opinions." ― Nicolas Chamfort (born this day, Apri…
Retweeted by Club 519 @jknowstheway I’ll let you know. @jknowstheway A few, but not all. Money is a concern since we don’t know when we’ll be allowed to open again. @MrScottHDuke Max Headroom! @MrScottHDuke I’m tired of drinking alone. @c_akes @YaraResists Fuck you. @JesseKellyDC
Retweeted by Club 519 @WilsonBrownNC @JustEshan If I didn’t already have an FBI file, I might. @WilsonBrownNC A political career can survive anything...EXCEPT a poorly timed sausage. better get me back to the bar soon or else I’m gonna fuck some shit UP! @ThomasEWoods After all the low prices the hospitals have given their customers over the years, they are now ill pr…
Retweeted by Club 519 @MrScottHDuke You think I DON’T! @TaeDooley @zrgrant Happy birthdayWhy aren’t you on lockdown ? Me:
Retweeted by Club 519 @stephy_woo8 Damn right! @edluv5 Nah. It’s up high. You’d want to be a ways down the bar to look at it. @zrgrant @TaeDooley I just hope they invite ME! @edluv5 Yes @edluv5 Over the table. @forevesr @ECUProfessor Well then. FUCK YOU! 😂😂😂😂 @ECUProfessor @Ben_Cochran @Ben_Cochran @ECUProfessor I choose freedom every time. @ECUProfessor Yeah, kinda sounds like that bullshit I heard after no WMD’s were found in Iraq. “Well, he was planni…
@YaraResists You need to review your numbers.I didn’t think Smitty was good for anything but a stiff liquor drink, but he hung this TV quite nicely. @ECUProfessor Yeah, that 3 is rounded. It’s about 2.52. But we have a looooong way to go before I think destroying… @JohnWilliford12 @cattherinneee I would have paid to see that. @DylCarta They’ll be okThe language and thinking of power laid bare. No facade. Just pure authoritarianism.
Retweeted by Club 519Fooled: How Gullible Politicians Promoted the Destruction of the Global Economy and Threw Us into the Abyss of Serf…
Retweeted by Club 519By the latest numbers, approximately 1/4 of 1% have tested positive in NC. The death toll stands at 31, just over 1… @JohnWilliford12 Did y’all haul ass or own up? @ECUProfessor @Roper_Lab It’s even in your CLOSET! @DylCarta I’ll let you know @JustinGarber6 You know if you have a request, let us know and we’ll try to get it. @JustinGarber6 Yessir. @JustinGarber6 It’s easy when you have 500 bottles at work. 😂 @RachelCalisto1 I hope so. I haven’t tried it yet. @JustinGarber6 Idk. It was a birthday gift several years ago. I forgot about it until I had to start drinking at home more.
@MrFammous Oh damn! I haven’t seen that one. @rennwood Can’t tonight, but I’ll bring the bottle over soon.Bet y’all ain’t got any this. @mimskaty There he is! @mimskaty I think so.“I don’t have coronavirus mom I just smoke alot of weed”
Retweeted by Club 519 @ClayJannise Not anti-police. But definitely tired of stupid enforcement of stupid laws. I always wonder how far th… @edluv5 Me too, but that one time.... whew! Slurped down near a pint last night. Ugh. @B_Avery13 Still waters run deep, huh? @B_Avery13 You never looked like you were doing much thinking anytime I saw you! 😂😂 @krystynakrez @AlexVoltaggio @Club_Five19 ♥ Thanks for supporting our #COVID19 Response! See what your generosity i…
Retweeted by Club 519 @AlexVoltaggio @Club_Five19 Just saw this - thank you for sharing!! Five19 is on it, just hidden a bit by the hood…
Retweeted by Club 519Daily conversation for me. @JamesGJefferson My grandmother used to make turtle soup, but she would have never made a spectacle at the table like that. @JamesGJefferson Turn it off! To watch it is to sanction it. @jybbill There’s no hope, Without dope. @SarahT_1993 I’m a 148 @mimskaty I know it’s him by the markings on his snout, but that doesn’t look like Crazy Eyes. @KingAlsacian @ECUProfessor Her? @KingAlsacian @ECUProfessor Chocolate makes me sneeze, but this whiskey... @KingAlsacian @ECUProfessor I am deep in the sauce right now, but the good @ECUProfessor seems to prefer infinite,…’m sitting in the dark with a huge cup of whiskey and ice, reading incantations of doom and destruction. You? @katiedawn1002 I saw that! 😂😂😂 @luciferskittenn @cattherinneee I don’t believe you.