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INF Mev 🧡 @clydeshw Nanaimo, British Columbia

Your Favourite Octane Main | @PlayApex | #TSM | IGN iiTzMev | Apex player for @infthieves #EveryChildMatters

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@okheavenly @FaZeMew @okheavenly meeee @salembitchtria1 No🥺😔 @twitchdanielle Wow @hhuvie Best rapper @xThyQueen @SoupyHCS Octane doesn’t need a nerf @xThyQueen @SoupyHCS only thing I’m upset about is Rev they didn’t do anything to him @alphaINTEL @RKRigney WhyyyyyyChange not mentioned in patch notes: Sound of players landing after using a jump pad will be louder in Season 10.…
Retweeted by INF Mev 🧡 @CookieChrispTV Bro 🤣🤣🤣 @thatgirlgatto Right here @okayabs Yayyy @GhxstBabyyy Wish but i don’t have cashappTiktok kids are worse than Twitter kids @twitchdanielle NotiI’m about to fly to pennsylvania to add another notch @baarelymads Noti @VaughanFPS no u @misskalypsotv Fine Kalypso @ItsJusttDJ Yuh @misskalypsotv Das yo name wym @SmolLemonss Ur so good @misskalypsotv Jess Kalypso @GhvstFPS let’s goooo @im_trashleyyy shouldn’t be funny if it was scary ash but hope your okay @thatgirlgatto 🐻only the goats can reply @zoemevorah LmaoooNo changes or Revenant or Octane Huge w for Octaneso I’m guessing all the Warzone kids came to apex with all the campers @CookieChrispTV 😂🤣if you camp with wattson your actually fucking horrible @baarelymads @zAlexaRae @EmgClique @ruben21k @SrTenzen @Equanity_TTV ur cute lowkeyYep it’s been dead @KaleiRenay @cloakzy Wym soon thought it already was @cloakzy YepSeason 10 Battle Pass trailer!
Retweeted by INF Mev 🧡 @baarelymads Morning @gemzei you can have all of it @xmarieangel try out apex @okheavenly Morning ! @CodeNataIie @Redditt__ @DreamEsports Noti Natalie roseNah i just sit in a apex lobby for hours while im on my phone @Shes_anxious Same here my face broke out as well i hate it @serendipibee_ No @okheavenly Be safe Heav @Shes_anxious Good @Shes_anxious Heya bun! @Shes_anxious Morning Ali @VaughanFPS same and so it can be cold asf again @okheavenly Goodnight Heav have a great sleepGirl sent me nudes and left her on read @im_trashleyyy @xmarieangel ur good at the game these kids are just bad lmao @fakeifys you can say the same for every age lmao @im_trashleyyy Every time @xThyQueen Same i knock 2 kids and have the 3rd low asf and the randoms don’t push and we all die @tdunner82 Decent @SmolLemonss No towards you lemons 🥺 @DanonDL @100Thieves It’s not real Bozoif your one of those girls who still posts on your story and leaves guys on delivered i hope you step in shit and i hope ur tires are flat @Fubzy_ Hi @XOSAGEOX Sexy @Shes_anxious Sad day @baarelymads I care maddie @salembitchtria1 I would but can’t play with silver people 🥺☹️Dababy would’ve been the best performance there @WhosVronLOL @FarrenHeights_ Done @FarrenHeights_ hey lettuce doesn’t taste like anything fyi @okayabs Stweam 🥺 @baarelymads Hey🥺 @WhosVronLOL Keep spammingI’d much rather chase a girl that’s in a relationship than one that’s single at least then it’s 1v1 and not 1v100 @Shes_anxious ur Mexican ?I need cuddles (girls only) @hhuvie hi @misskalypsotv 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ofc @UhAvidity Prayers 🙏 @misskalypsotv Let’s go Jess Kalypso @thatgirlgatto ur mine wym @TheGrimsy @MonsterGaming @PlayApex @im_trashleyyy None cause i don’t suck @baarelymads Good it’s the worst cod ever madeif you buy steak just to cook it well done you wasted your moneySorry if I’m not active on Twitter my wifi in my house is terrible
@gorboob 😂😂😂😂 @okayabs Yes it does @okheavenly Thinking about youso this is how y’all Pc Players play Apex 😂 hiding behind shields @alliemalana Pls @hailewhy nice hailey 😔 @im_trashleyyy 😖2 days left of this season and it’s impossible to hit Diamond solo que so I’ll try again next season 🥰Happy #NationalGirlfriendsDay babe @tdunner82 TTV Wraith🤓
Retweeted by INF Mev 🧡 @thatgirlgatto well I’m having a terrible day so…. @Shes_anxious 🥲 @thatgirlgatto Super like @EkScarlett Lmao @prevailmads Hi