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Cherie Priest @cmpriest Seattle, WA (from FL/TX/KY/TN)

Author of stuff, and sometimes things. 85% pet pics, 15% ladyrage by volume. Repped by @StaciaDecker at DCL. (

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@KBSpangler Thanks! The baskets are starting to wind down; I'll probably have to toss them in another week or two. Alas. @TheNuminous1 Aw, thanks? It's now pouring/hailing, if that makes you feel any better...Uh... looks like we might be in for some of that rain the rest of the Sound has been getting this morning 😳 @MortuaryReport @StaciaDecker Woohoo! Congrats!❤️❤️❤️👇👇👇 @Saraphina_Marie @BNBuzz 😆😆😆 @mightymur Pretty much 😆 @Saraphina_Marie @BNBuzz ❤️ @mightymur ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @ericlinuskaplan Hard agree @NerdPyle It’s fine over here? And they don’t mind the rain. The rain is not a factor in their walkie calculations. @ericlinuskaplan Nah, she’s a sweet goofball - with a killer resting bitch face morning, did you know that it’s time for a walk @ericlinuskaplan The Romantics. I had a lit professor who had days worth of screeds about them. Bless him, such a classicist at heart. @LeeFlower @peripateticmeg so right @SatanicRights @annie_mcgarry @MarthaKelly3 The Woolite with OxyClean even has a built-in plastic scrubbie pad on t… @LeeFlower @peripateticmeg omg @Rustyfoxfyre Cats. @2fish1whale @annie_mcgarry @MarthaKelly3 I’ve used them on wool, yes. It depends more on the dye used on the wool,… @johnhornor juice is for closers @annie_mcgarry @MarthaKelly3 Also: strongly recommend Bissel’s “Stomp and Go Lifting Pads.” Those things are unreal… @annie_mcgarry @MarthaKelly3 Woolite with OxyClean is the fucking miracle. (I’ve used both 😉) It works so good that… @mikebrugato They ask for three business days, but I was hitting refresh every hour or two myself 😆 @MarthaKelly3 Update: the cat literally just did this to me. ::sigh:: ::brings out the Woolite for carpets and upholstery:: @MarthaKelly3 But as long as she’s not lethargic and/or acting like she’s in pain somehow (read: otherwise fine) ju… @DeborahJRoss @jessnevins I’ve swiped entire characters and plot arcs from old material 😆 @mikebrugato I handed mine in a few days ago 😉 @MarthaKelly3 See if she’ll take some treats or high value food; if she’ll snack, she’s probably fine. If not, I du… @jessnevins Always! And you can always go back and cannibalize that one later. No words are wasted, dude ❤️
@wighthouse1965 ❤️❤️❤️ @charlesatan Good morning, sir!The many faces of Jojo! 😍 We think the sign is clear! "ADOPT ME," Jojo (A549570) says! So many of you have reached…
Retweeted by Cherie Priest @sirpumped @MarthaKelly3 I came into the room and she was just sitting there, like that. Feet out and up like a wei…❤️❤️❤️👇👇👇 @AnnVanderMeer I understand why they do it, and I'm not even really mad about it... I'm just *tired*... @Seule Imagine a "haunted house" the size of a theme park.... @KristiCCoulter ::cackles::nothing, why do you ask @bonniegrrl I love ballot-tracking!Hooray! I have voted! This means I can finally opt out of all election coverage and commercials now, right? Right?… @NaomiKritzer well I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors but I think that God's got a sick sense of humor...Dark City @ElizabethGalen 100% yes @Truthbomb_Queen Oh yeah, it’s Dog Facebook. They’ve got to check in, and leave some pee-mails.It’s half overcast and half sunny, and these dogs want a walk 😎, friends, thru Sunday only: Contribute $10 or more to help save land for wildlife in Colombia & you'll get an e…
Retweeted by Cherie Priest @ChesyaBurkePhD @germanrlopez A very fine choice indeed! 👍😆 @KameronHurley Well, sometimes you don’t know what to say.... 😆 @ChesyaBurkePhD @germanrlopez I have so many memes, and yet none seemed sufficient here 😆 @laurenthehough SUPER normal yeah @germanrlopez Look at this man, telling on himself @ButMostlySwears Good for you? @formicadinette I SAID GOOD DAY SIR @Dupe1970 yeah @09mshatraw farts are funny it is a universal truth @formicadinette just a hunch @sesmith I’m here for you! 🤘😆👍Lucy farted love out there for a good boy with a bad tumor? And by “love” I mean “help with money.” 👇👇👇 @wellseewellsee @LeahLitman Amazingly enough, it never is. Every time! What are the odds, eh? @phillionaire15 @wellseewellsee @LeahLitman ::slow clap:: @dangerdaveball @wellseewellsee @LeahLitman Don’t I wish. @phillionaire15 @wellseewellsee @LeahLitman Yeah, Obama sure did get to appoint a lot of judges, that worked out gr… @dangerdaveball @wellseewellsee @LeahLitman Must be some crazy pattern, gosh, I dunno @phillionaire15 @wellseewellsee @LeahLitman She was going to, but then Trump won. @wellseewellsee @LeahLitman Yeah, allllll the nation’s problems occur because some woman refuses to give up her aut… @CupcakeGoth 😍😍😍 @sagaston Me too 🥰
❤️❤️❤️ @SpiderRyder Dudes, amirite? @SpiderRyder Oh yeah. But I posted this before the article was updated ;) @NaomiKritzer @LeeFlower It was a New Yorker reporter, on a zoom call, with his wang. 2020 Clue is kind of the worst. @BrakDBarbarian These situations are not analogous. @BrakDBarbarian He didn't wear pants to a meeting, Don. @wallrike Indeed! Mistakes happen! BUT! @JamesSACorey @timpratt that’s just mean, dude @AndrewLiptak @JamesSACorey @timpratt Andrew.Look, my laptop webcam is (somewhat inexplicably) down on my keyboard/screen hinge and I’ve accidentally given folk… @JamesSACorey @timpratt Ty. @timpratt Tim. @sesmith I didn't, but we always vote by mail in Washington State. ::hard frowny face:: (They say you can get a dig… @Angiereads1 ❤️ @ttparks11 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️modern regional gothics @dog_rates @dogfather Same happy grins and everything! @JohnPicacio @hollycarillonpt Not here. @dog_rates @dogfather He has Lucy ears!!! @dogfather Awww! You got a house-bear of your own 🥰 @dogfather oh MY ❤️ @AliciLee Done!Goooood morning, Lucy has some opinions re: Mondays @emarley ❤️ @ThatEricAlper Ted Lasso @BrigidTanner True @Annaleen @C_Morgs65 meanwhile, mine... @formicadinette 😆😆😆 @weischoice Yeah, she gets a lot of that. Here she is with her “brother.” (No relation) @weischoice Probably. She definitely knows things I don’t.