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Germany's death toll has increased by 266 in the past day -- the largest 24 hour increase in fatalities since the c… Johnson's father, Stanley Johnson, is relieved and "tremendously grateful" that his son has been moved out of… city of Daegu, which had been the epicenter of South Korea’s coronavirus outbreak, reported zero new cases for… EU has bungled its response to coronavirus and it might never fully recover | Analysis by @lukemcgee Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is expected to announce an extension to the country's lockdown measures when… legend Magic Johnson says an important factor in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic will be expanding testing… Trump says America does not need and will never have mass coronavirus testing, despite warnings by expert… states mandate statewide school closures due to Covid-19. • Alabama • Alaska • Arizona • Arkansas • Georgia • I… when lockdown was beginning to lose its bite United States is already in a recession and will remain that way for the first half of the year, according to a… have to perform regular takeoffs and landings in order to keep their licenses. But, with most of the world's… is closing its beaches from Bondi to the Gold Coast because of the country's Covid-19 lockdown. officials have urged people not to travel to the state during the coronavirus pandemic -- but some people st… five more detainees at the Cook County Jail in Chicago have tested positive for Covid-19, raising the total… new study backs up what has already been documented anecdotally in the last few months: The coronavirus pandemic… US federal government will still fund and staff some state coronavirus testing sites if needed, Vice President… effectiveness of homemade masks is "not possible to assess" at this time, said the National Academies of Scienc… US Food and Drug Administration is warning InfoWars founder and right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to ta… in New York who have died from the coronavirus and not been claimed by anyone could be buried on Hart Island… current tests for coronavirus infection and post-recovery immunity are both imperfect, a top scientific advisor… say they have found the world's oldest string of yarn or cord, which our Neanderthal ancestors made b… going dark because of the coronavirus pandemic, "Saturday Night Live" will be back this weekend with new orig… lockdowns across the globe should not be completely lifted until a vaccine for the disease is found, ac… woman was arrested after she licked $1,800 worth of merchandise at a California grocery store near the Nevada bor…"Speak the truth. Speak it clearly. Speak it with compassion." Former President Obama gave some advice to a group o… Himalayas are visible from certain parts of India for the first time in "decades" due to the reduction in air p… Bundy, the rancher who led an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, said he plans on holdi… a 20-minute drive from the heart of downtown Chicago sits a refrigerated warehouse that is now being prepped a… Gov. Ron DeSantis falsely claimed that the novel coronavirus hasn't killed anyone under 25 nationwide while… US now has at least 462,135 cases of the coronavirus and 16,513 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins Un… officials have urged people not to travel to the state during the coronavirus pandemic, but some still aren'… Mexico is using cell phone data to track the movement of people within the state for information on whether peo… Sanjay Gupta provides a tutorial on how to make a mask at home using a bandana. is giving its workers an additional three months of paid parental leave to deal with extended school clos… is usually prime home shopping season. But this year, sellers are reluctant to put their homes on the market… federal judge has once again cleared the way for some abortions to resume in Texas despite the governor's order r… experts have said from the beginning that only the coronavirus sets the timetable for when the mass pause is… is the latest state to extend school closures through the remainder of the academic year Sanders launched his first presidential campaign in near obscurity. He ended his second on Wednesday having… Drucker, whose distinctive caricatures of celebrities appeared in the pages of Mad Magazine for more than five…"I am not trying to suppress religion. I'm just trying to save Kansans lives." Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly's administ… a World War II veteran who recovered in time to celebrate his 104th birthday to a newborn baby boy who battled… is bringing back its widely talked-about docuseries "Tiger King" for one more episode are step-by-step instructions for how to make your own face mask, even if you don't know how to sew. Tripp, and the trailing damage of the Clinton affair | @secupp writes for @CNNOpinion Gov. Gary Herbert has issued an executive order requiring adults entering the state to disclose their travel p…"As shepherds, we are called to protect God's flock, not just feed it and lead it. And if you really love your cong… Sanjay Gupta provides a tutorial on how to make a mask at home using a bandana. #CNNTownHall and Russia reached a tentative agreement for a global cut in oil production by 10 million barrels a day for Ma…"We need sports, especially in a time like this. But only if everybody is safe." Basketball legend Earvin…"We must now in the black community educate ourselves." @MagicJohnson on the impact of coronavirus among African A… you to those who tweeted coronavirus questions for the #CNNTownHall. For answers to many of these questions,… Covid-19 pandemic is a reminder that the world needs to work together to address its other pressing crisis: glo… Gov. Ron DeSantis falsely claimed that the novel coronavirus hasn't killed anyone under 25 nationwide while…"I'm not going to recommend it. I'm not going to not recommend it." - CDC Director Robert Redfield on the drug hydr… Gov. Gary Herbert has issued an executive order requiring everyone traveling into the state to register their… Trump administration is seeking to block the International Monetary Fund from providing a $5 billion emergency…"Modelers for sure didn't predict that a majority of American people would embrace that social distancing," says CD… city of Honolulu, Hawaii, is instituting a "pilot" curfew for the city into place to try to avoid the spread of…"If we have continued flu-like illness, then obviously, very expansive testing is going to be necessary," says CDC… Republicans are toughening their stance against Democrats' efforts to provide states more funding for… Gov. Ned Lamont explains announcing schools, bars and restaurants will open no earlier than May 20. "I… says it has reassigned a group of employees to build a lab meant for coronavirus testing. It hopes to begin… Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in Florida will remain closed at least through May 31 due… Trump said that there have been more than two million coronavirus tests conducted in the United States, b… numbers in CNN's new national poll show that, at the moment, voters likely to vote for President Trump are more… Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Russia have reached a tentative agreement to cut o… has seen roughly 140,000 new unemployment claims filed over the last week, Gov. Charlie Baker said research projects suggest NYC's coronavirus outbreak came from Europe and other parts of the US. Viviana Simon… joins @AndersonCooper and @DrSanjayGupta for "Coronavirus: Facts and Fears." Watch now:…
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said she was "disturbed" by images she's seen on social media of people part… Rikers Island inmate has died from coronavirus, according to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s deputy press se… Gov. Laura Kelly's administration filed a lawsuit this afternoon with the Kansas supreme court over an order… ACLU and other grouops have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of nine people in the Dallas County Jail aga… state of New Mexico is using cell phone data to track the movement of people within the state for data on wheth…, owner of 30 US newspapers, has announced that it will furlough 4.4% of its employees, lay off four execu… do you want to ask the experts about coronavirus? Tweet your questions and we will feature some during a… @MagicJohnson joins @AndersonCooper & @DrSanjayGupta for a new #CNNTownHall. Coronavirus - Facts and Fears. Live… VP Joe Biden holds a wide lead over President Trump in the national race for the White House, according to a… of workers are finding themselves working from home to help curb the spread of coronavirus, but many of us don… Phyllis Lyon, who spent more than 50 years fighting for LGBTQ rights, has died of natural causes. She was…"Part of what made [Abraham] Lincoln such an effective leader was that he never let the gravity of the situation ..…"Speak the truth. Speak it clearly. Speak it with compassion." Former President Obama gave some advice to a group o… will be receiving $100,000 to expand Covid-19 testing and 10,000 coronavirus test kits from the Hyundai Mot… top 10 women Joe Biden might choose for his vice presidential pick | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN doesn't discriminate when it comes to political affiliation, but we are seeing a different response to… weeks-long testing delay that effectively blinded public health officials to the spread of the coronavirus in the… vaccine that was first developed to fight off tuberculosis is being studied in clinical trials around the world t… Mike Pence's office reversed course on Thursday afternoon, after declining for days to allow the nation's top he… are swamped with coronavirus cases. And Americans are being encouraged to stay home unless absolutely nec… Gov. Jay Inslee said the state is taking a close look at how to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the… American Heart Association has issued an interim set of guidelines for emergency workers responding to cardiac… New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner has issued a memo extending the time a body will be kept in thei… President Obama addressed a group of mayors organized by Bloomberg Philanthropies, telling the group that “t… total number of beds in ICUs available during the spread of coronavirus in 43 countries in Africa is less than… 20 is the earliest date schools, bar and restaurants could reopen in Connecticut, Gov. Ned Lamont said. He caut… Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell asked residents to continue to follow the stay at home mandate as the city contin… back to the presence of domestic violence in his home growing up, Joe Torre writes that he often found sol… number of people traveling by plane has dropped by about 96% amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to multip… are offering tips as high as $50 or more to entice Instacart workers to pick up their orders, but some have…