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@gwinchie Yes :/ @Yolo_Ron123 Vandal was never good move shooting, ever. It has always been punishing. This is different @Hakns_ it not normallyWth happened to the Vandal, why does it feel so awful???
@auxiee @KING_BABYBAY Pretty sure he's using a second gen Iphone in this AHAAHAH @infamousbtw @KING_BABYBAY The 350thHappy Bday to the teammate and long time homie @KING_BABYBAY @Marved6 Yea me too, literally turning into this guy
Anyways thats my take on DM… Self explanatory 4. What better way to promote running around to and shooting people then gaining the most EXP… I’m all for competition and am a firm believer in it… BUT forcing competition into something that is actually re… way of trying to stop the “anti fun” is the red dots on the mini map/radar when you spawn in. Not only does t… then forces players to play the mode in the most safe way possible. Which is shift walking, camping and holdin… so let’s dive a little deeper into these. 1. Having the respawn timer actually counter acts in my opinion the… to fix DM 1. Remove respawn timer 2. Remove 1st place, 2nd, 3rd…etc 3. Make it so that the DM is a fixed a… @kozmifyVAL @TDragon_21 @x334q @ValorLeaks This is a great start
@jammyzx Whats your rank? @jammyzx 200% volume baby @x334q @ValorLeaks You arent using your time effectively. When you learned to write in school, did you start off by… @ShakkCS ahahahaha 😂 @enyA_PS3D You have to assert dominance @shaanskrr <3 @starlovesuu true tho @katiaIys 😂😂😂😂 @zestjz Si @GraveKevin Any time Kevin 😂
@WedidOfficial @vice_cs @Ban_Val @VeLo_Val Say that to my 20 loss streak 😂 @chalq1 :(
. @LaskiCS @floppyCSGO Ahahaha I can hear the sarcasm through this post @txntu Good luck my friend, I quit gaming for almost 2 years because of work/school
@chloe_hime7 Covid owned every lan cafe. Just wait a couple months and the val will pop up :) @chloe_hime7 Try to, its a lot of fun. Also Edmonton and Calgary run a lot of local lans. @chloe_hime7 You've never been to fragapalooza? @OhhhPez Unfortunately because of circumstance he couldnt continue. Such is life @GambitOfficiall no we had a falling out but I miss the guy @texerino Sicko mode @ShakkCS But does it blend?
Had an irl friend that used to grind every fps game with me. We went to lans together, grinded pugs and talked abou… lat to the world of warcraft legend @DylanKalchuk @javrawr Heheee @randyySAVAGEVAL Whats the fps
@thepamin21 @FaZeClan @infamousbtw @KING_BABYBAY @Corey_OW @Rawkus @zacklombardo @Marved6 Well deservedI'm pushing long B-he-heee @AYRINval Fast n slow 😏
@zacklombardo @t_genie @KING_BABYBAY 🤔 @t_genie Yes @Vanityxz WATCH THIS!!!---> 🖕 @zacklombardo Not you, ZachareeeheeeeIt isn't enough to only be able to play 1 ROLE in this game. If you want to be able to compete at the tier 1 level you need to be flexible. @realmocking @nurfed25 @koalanoob @pr0phie @ShahZaMk finessedStream @ 7pstheeheee @SingularityCS One thing to add, this game has different agents that allow you to enable your teammates and put the… @SingularityCS Your mentality shouldnt really be focused around what you are doing for the sake of you but what you…! Thank you guys for 5k followers. Absolutely blessed 😇Lil Streamski in 30 mins 🥰
One sec friends need to go somewhwre with better 5g @Fractalmao Secnnnnyaaaaa EH? That's how I'm feeeelling @TemperatureCSGO Is your fave drink dr.... @Lear_VAL She turns off my pc regularly when I dont pay enough attention to her. She's cost me many rounds. @Justinovah Nah I'm watching Justinovah VODS
@ruvatel I enabled it and since then my frames in game have been more stable. @munchyVAL yesWell my friends 1k polling is what we should be using. @Glorinsz Sheeeee looks like I’m out 20 dollars @larissa2000soa2 Nooooo @careertwitch *split @chicho5121 @infamousbtw @FaZeClan Unlucko @Hakns_ Mmm I think 1 more is good to goOne more map and I think ranked is gucci for a Veto System! @zacklombardo LOL @OnlyShadY_ Thank you! @maylin_00 Hahaha apparently you’re 1 of the 10 people that could 😂😢 @TheSmiguli <3 @AYRINval ahah first time casting so it was a little awkward 😊Shout out to all the pros that participated in the Smeag Cup yesterday and kept it competitive even after a lot you…
@Liz_Lombardo @Corey_OW @zacklombardo After the comment he just made, I'm calling him Zech from now on @Ban_Val @zacklombardo @Corey_OW they dont want any of this wait to Chad Wide Swing some frail noobs in ranked today @JerkTBE Overklocked pumping out valorant prosFirst SMEAG CUP completed. @Corey_OW 's team took it all and won $3500. @tarik played like a beast overall and his…
Retweeted by FaZe Trippy コーチ @Wushny1 hahahaWinners of the smeag cup hosted by @KING_BABYBAY, thanks for having me goat squadron = @zacklombardo @T1BcJ @currydtx @Corey_OW
Retweeted by FaZe Trippy コーチSMEAG CUP CHAMPS!!!! My team was insane. GGs LFG @zacklombardo @texerino @Corey_OW @currydtx
Retweeted by FaZe Trippy コーチTHE SMEAG TROPHY IS OURS LETS GOOOO @currydtx @T1BcJ @Corey_OW @texerino
Retweeted by FaZe Trippy コーチThe $5,000 Smeag Cup is LIVE! Who is HYPED? #NeverAlone LETS GOOOO @shakawear @esportstower
Retweeted by FaZe Trippy コーチPre Smeag Cup, LETS GO !!!
@FNS @s0mcs @T1BcJ Phantom users "shooting" @PaincakesVAL Respek @TimeSensitiveTV Its just a joke bro😂 @KING_BABYBAY Unleashed @karbowanyfranek Found the phantom user @snprFPS on @desperadoval Average joe working a 9-5