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I am the Executive Director for the American Association of School Personnel Administrators. I love #K12HR and #K12Talent

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Enrollment In Teacher Preparation Programs Down A Third In This Decade: Six Troubling Trends via @forbes #K12TalentAny Dillon from Blue Valley encourages fierce conversations about minority recruitment. ⁦@BVSchoolsHR⁩ ⁦@_AASPA_⁩…
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Proposed Law Would Protect Independent Contractors From Employment Discrimination And Wage Theft via @forbes has a bus driver shortage? Can I get an amen yes! #HCLS19 Learn about your future of the workforce and where th…
How Getting Sued For Workplace Discrimination Can Lead To More Diverse Teams via @forbes #K12Talent
Why saying "OK, boomer" at work can be age discrimination via @cbsmoneywatch #K12TalentPilot program in Tucson offers free tuition, $1,000 a month to ease teacher shortage
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonAs the student population grows more diverse, Spokane teachers are overwhelmingly white. School leaders want to cha…
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Legal Insider: Supreme Court to Decide Whether Sex Discrimination Laws Cover LGBT Employees #K12TalentCPS teacher absences spike on first strike make-up day via @abc7chicago #K12Talent
There are two ways to take #pHCLE Training this new year (Virtual Training Jan.15-March 11) and (Blended Training F… @azaspaa HR Administrator of the Year Crista Simmons #PrescottUnified #K12Talent the appreciation for AZ Department of Education representative receiving the @azaspaa Friend of Education Aw…
After 18 months, Redlands school employees get pay raises in ‘bittersweet’ deal #K12TalentPhilly to pilot first-of-its-kind program to recruit more teachers of color
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In case you missed it! We have some great books on Employee Discipline this month for #K12Talent. Get your copy tod…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonInquiring minds want to know what you’re thinking! Please don’t miss this fun #IASPAchat with @DaleFisherEdD & me.…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonWill we see some of our #IASPAchat friends tonight? Hoping you can join us at 7:00 pm. @mardude_ @deccarius
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonUS school districts finding unique solutions for shortage of teachers
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonLook what arrived today? It looks like a potential #IASPAchat book study might be in the works. This is gonna be g…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonSchool district in rural Colorado invites college students to classrooms, hoping they'll return as teachers
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonThinking about #pHCLE #certification training? Consider joining us Feb 11-13, 2020 in #Orlando -This training focus… general to weigh in on school employees' end-of-year bonus #K12Talent
I-SS board approves one-time bonus to hourly employees via @mooresvilletrib #K12Talent
Gov. Roy Cooper vetoes teacher raises, calling them ‘paltry’ — and wants to negotiate #K12TalentIf you have been considering #pHCLE Certification, check out the next Virtual Program scheduled for Jan. 15-March11…
Check out a few of our amazing sessions at the #HCLS19 scheduled for Dec 5-6 in #LasVegas - You should join us - Re…
In case you missed it! We have some great books on Employee Discipline this month for #K12Talent. Get your copy tod…
A 9-Year-Old Boy Gave His Teacher a $15 Bonus to Show His Appreciation For All She Does via #K12TalentHave you seen our latest news?
Check out all of the amazing #K12Talent PD at the upcoming Human Capital Leadership Summit - Dec. 5-6!… teachers take a stand in fight for higher pay #K12Talent
A new Michigan education model shows promising signs for students in struggling schools. But can it work long-term?
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonNobody wants to be a teacher; we must change that
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonNYC pays 'rubber room' teacher $1.7M over 20 years after sex abuse claims buttons&utm_campa… it time for you to transition from Human Resources to Strategic Human Capital Management - If you said yes - be… have an obligation to be balanced. We make better leaders if we take care of ourselves and prioritize what… you so much for joining us tonight. Don't forget to check out our upcoming #HCLS19 - There is a session on…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-Johnson @jonbartelt once again - everyone should want to work for you! Thank you for your leadership and #compassion - You are the best #K12TalentA9: Know your policy manual, your contractual agreements, and develop the necessary relationships that allow you to…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA9: Meet in person with new principals weekly (even for 5 minutes); send reminders to staff monthly about policies #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonOh thank you so much for this - You are so so right!! Invests in the front end of your #K12Talent not at the end. has been fun - Thank you so much to our @GASPA_HR #K12Talent folks for joining and for having me at your state c… Be sure you have a good school attorney as your bestie. They are handy in a pinch and super fun at parties. #K12Talent @KarenHaaseQ9: What resources can you share or any final words of wisdom you'd like to provide on #Mentoring #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-Johnson @NppsdH Shameless plug - Did you know @_AASPA_ has a few letters of reprimand samples as a "Member Benefit" resource? #K12TalentPlease please please don't make me have to kill you later. @K12Talent Documentation of meeting that outlines consequence and expectations for future behavior. #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA8: This is always a hard one for me. I think all, but maybe not always? #K12TalentQ8: Following an employee discipline meeting, what kinds of things would you expect to see in a personnel file? #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-Johnson @NppsdH And I am sure they love you too @KarenHaaseA7: Being new in HR, I call or email Before I take action. Love KSB Law! #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA7: It is never wrong to consult the district attorney in order to ensure you are proceeding forth in a manner cons…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA7: When the situation has a significant impact on the safety or well-being of students or other staff. #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA7: The consensus at my table is you call the school attorney when you believe this will not be the end of the situ… At what point in a discipline situation do you decide to contact your school attorney or legal counsel? #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA6: Always treat people humanely, never downplay the seriousness of what has happened. #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA6: Never say anything that is contrary to Board policy, and always seek to understand before responding. Learning…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA6: I know you did it? #K12TalentQ6: What should a #k12Talent leader NEVER say during a discipline meeting? What should you ALWAYS say?
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonAgree - we tend to get worked up sometimes as #K12Talent leaders because there is nothing we haven't seen. But it i… When it comes to employee discipline of any kind one needs to have: Documentation, Documentation, Documentation… What is your #1 Rule or the #1 Rule you have given to your principals with regard to employee discipline issues? #k12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-Johnson @Coashjohnson You have to set the table to help the individual understand the importance of their role in the organ…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA4 Both. Several dismissals on classified and several formal reprimands. One scheduled tomorrow #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonI am digging the expectation letters today - They seem to be able to get a point across and you can use it as docum… @jonbartelt I go back to my #pHCLE training were we talked about our best employees having an absenteeism problem. With a t… What types of formal discipline have you been able to put forth this fall for your difficult folks? Has this be…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonThere’s a lot of stress from the new initiatives we’re implementing this year, but lots of positivity and affirmati…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA3: I can’t connect school related issues with anything in the community. Most of the apparent sources of the probl…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonA3: Is there a time of year that these issues are worse than others? Is it a full moon or the weather? #K12TalentQ3: Have you been able to make any correlations between employee discipline and anything specific happening in your…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-Johnson @NppsdH @_AASPA_ I don't thing there is a good meme for that one - just a sad fact in #K12TalentA2: What is up with this right? #K12Talent @Phil_Georgia I think there is a loat of that going around these days #K12TalentA2: The last issue I was involved in was regarding job abandonment. #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonQ2: Let's get right to it - what is your #1 Employee Discipline Issue this fall? Is it different from previous years? #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-Johnson @jonbartelt I was hoping you would jump on tonight my friend! Great to have you. #K12Talent @NppsdH @_AASPA_ Super glad to have you! @Phil_Georgia So excited to have you! the 70's were a good time my friend #K12TalentKelly here with @_AASPA_ joining you from the great state affiliate of @GASPA_HR. Having a great time with some awesome #K12Talent folks.Don't forget to respond to our Qs using A: and #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonQ1: Welcome! thanks for joining us tonight. Please introduce yourself along with your position and tell us what ge…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonToday we are talking about Employee Discipline and #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonWelcome to the @_AASPA_ #k12Talent #edchat! This chat does not serve as legal advice. If you have legal questions,…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonDon't forget to join us for our #K12Talent ed chat TONIGHT at 8:00 p.m. CT! We will be chatting about Employee Discipline.
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonDon't forget to join us in 1 hour - We will be talking about "Employee Discipline" for our #K12Talent #edchat.
Need Resources on Employee Discipline? Grab a new book for our AASPA Bookstore Collection! #K12Talent
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-Johnson @SHRM If you're not using templates in your email system to respond to emails that require a standard response then…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonTo Curb The Teacher Shortage, We Need To Think Bigger About The Problem
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonWhat is your #1 "Employee Discipline" issue this fall? Join us tonight for our #K12Talent #edchat and share/ 8pmCT! Most Important Employee Perk That No One Talks About By @PaddleHR #K12TalentNeed Resources on Employee Discipline? Grab a new book for our AASPA Bookstore Collection! #K12Talent us tomorrow night at this time for our #K12Talent #edchat - We will be discussing "Employee Discipline" and I…
While the question of what is to be done about undocumented children is due to be discussed tomorrow, the answer is…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonHere are some steps that school leaders can take to make transgender teachers feel more included.
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonVeterans often have soft skills that employers value, such as dedication, discipline and teamwork. These tips can h…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonExplore Las Vegas at AASPA's Human Capital Leadership Summit and get some amazing professional development at the s…
Retweeted by Kelly Coash-JohnsonFuture of the PK-12 Workforce - Conducting Workplace Investigations - Unraveling the Legal Issues when Employees St…