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Mark W. Clark, Esq. @Coastguard 50 51' 27.72 N 1 23' 57.91W

Director at @mtinetwork. But all my twaddle is my own work and thoughts. Nothing to do with anyone else!

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@Pumpkinz16 Greek. Organised chaos (χάος) and great fun! @SpecCoffeeHouse That's a very old image. Why not use a recent one?
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@Otto_English We are planning on some horse mounted raids for grain and wives from our capital Winchester here in W…
Of the first 100 divisions in this session of Parliament, 65 of them would have changed result if voting was propor…
Retweeted by Mark W. Clark, Esq. @DanielJHannan And Iraq was such a success, wasn't it Dan?The Daily Star have been having a ball all summer. @ArtthurClarky Coronavirus: Fans may not be able to return to sporting events until at least end of March - @CllrCarpenter @andy_robo69 @DesmondSwayne @ConHome is an interesting read these days. For a 'minority' commentator… @christopherhope In a previous life you were clearly the third engineer on the Titanic. 'Another few knots please!' @danwootton Strategy was never your strong point, was it Dan?No watching @SouthamptonFC from my new season ticket seats in the Itchen Stand until March 2021 then. My 13 yr old will be gutted. 😒 @iainmartin1 Well done Iain for supporting this loop fruit all the way from scribbler to screwing the country. @Matt_Leat When Maurice was CEO we sent a stinking letter to the AA asking them to lay off. It had some limited eff… @jackdaviesld Round to yours with a dozen tinnies at 10.01 then? Me and a dozen mates? Stick the football on. @ByDonkeys @realDonaldTrump @CBSNews @ABC @NBCNews @cnni Hey America...! Watch this. @gary_d_carter @tnewtondunn As a Town Councillor he wouldn't get anywhere near our Council. We have a far higher le…! Good for Sir Keir.
@PickardJE @cfradings A bracing story. Any other strange Dutch men we should know about? @ExasperatedTory Surely they'll sink into their own wet hole of despair, recrimination and backbiting. You know wha… Lord. Last year people were despairing of her. Now she is the voice of urgent reason and good sense. @CllrCarpenter @BBCPolitics Dear, oh dear. You've gone off script again, Fran. Taking back control means Parliament… @bernardjenkin Emergency curbs on freedom now this. Is this some kind of a creeping coup?one person followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
@cjcheesecake You could look up old friends there. @marinamaral2 In the arms of her nephew the Kaiser Wilhelm, much to the irritation of her son, Edward. @thetimesscot As a Scotsman working in London, is this nonsense @aquillinus ? If so I'm clearly not doing very well… @CliveWismayer Oh lawks! The spelling. Thats the crime. Presumably the printer of the banner, looking at the custom…
@CllrCarpenter @KenWhistance Dissenters? Boris Johnson's London legacy: -Garden Bridge -Water cannon -Orbit towe…
@Dante_Banks @BibiLynch Bloody hell. I remember playing this in a dead trendy club in Camberley one Sunday night when I was DJ. @egm974 How's Sir Robin Day? He's always been very firm as the host. @Geoffrey_Cox @iainmartin1 What a fine actor Paul Scofield was! A very pertinent lesson from Sir Thomas More. @davidhepworth Eh? Thats Tony Hancock (l) and Hugh Lloyd (r) isn't it? @DariaHassQT A very well thought of outfit on the South coast who put together a range of m… @DariaHassQT Novatech.
@MrHarryCole Why do you still lap up this shit, every single day, Harry? @ArtthurClarky @BBCPolitics Another Tory. More sleaze. @ScottBentonMP Ah. Cannon fodder speaks. @elliotttimes Why doesn't he go back to being The Quiet One? Like forever?4 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by
@ecolitical Yep. Does it regularly now and goes off at a tangent just to rouse the backbenchers. What a coward.Conservatives, you can see what's happening can't you? You're being taken over by a populist cult. You're losing cr… you want to understand one of the reasons for the transformation of the Conservative Party, today’s abandonment…
Retweeted by Mark W. Clark, Esq.We can’t allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit. An…
Retweeted by Mark W. Clark, Esq. @Saints_Mike7167 "One eye on the pot and the other up the chimney.." @finance_LL As I live (and now mostly work) in the Home Counties, I can tell you we're discussing armed roadblocks… really hurts me to agree with you, Sarah.
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@vikki4mdnp This will work to your advantage. The new leadership will be faced with some enormous challenges about… a shame. Lib Dem Cllr Vikki Slade lost the vote of no confidence tonight at BCP. 39 votes for the Tory motion.… @montie Hahah...we're a broad church, Tim. Welcome to the LDs. @aquillinus The Treaty of Accession being signed in January 1972 by prime minister Edward Heath, leader of the Cons… @vikki4mdnp Best wishes from all of us over here in the New Forest.
@SarahLudford You only have to listen to him occasionally. He is one of our local MPs. Truly awful most of the time.It never ages, does it? @Arron_banks How's New Zealand? @DesmondSwayne No, there isn't. If you think there is, point it out to us. @Ed_Miliband absolutely owning Johnson. He's frit. used to be packed with cars in the evening at our little rural railway station..waiting for their owners to dr… @finance_LL "Without shipping, the UK would freeze and starve in the dark" said everyone.The row over the UK Internal Markets Bill isn't just about trade technicalities, it's about what kind of country we…
Retweeted by Mark W. Clark, Esq. @David__Osland If a beater stays two metres from his colleague, whats the issue? Likewise if you hand a loaded shot… @EduardHabsburg We should send black suited passionate Spanish missionaries in spaceships with silver helmeted Conq… @evesleads Are you paying? @markswjg No surprise here...
@John_Ferrett Agreed. Geeta Sidhu-Robb booted out tonight. @CllrCarpenter @GWandShows @TheMontyDon There is always the off button.. @Tobias_Ellwood Nice nod to Nixon when confronted with evidence of the illegal Huston Plan, the President declarin…Эпичное видео. Белорусские женщины бесстрашно набрасываются на уродов и срывают маски. Мрази позорно отступают. Жыв…
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@ArtthurClarky @Royston_Smith Oh bog off. Stop bitching. It's your Govt that keeps changing the rules.
@DPJHodges Ooh goody! A cones hotline again! @A_C_McGregor Calais is going to become English territory again in exchange for an unaltered WA. @RhonddaBryant The Slough Grammar pecking order clearly still has a role to play. @LBC @MaajidNawaz Off you pop.Top, top day that was. We all waved goodbye. @ArtthurClarky @craigfletcherld @LiamFox How's the WTO application going? @Mike_Fabricant In the Telegraph. How's your echo chamber, Michael?
Starting next week, we will label or remove false or misleading information intended to undermine public confidence…
Retweeted by Mark W. Clark, Esq. @PaulCliftonBBC @BBCPeterH The red trouser brigade, gin n' tonic in hand will be devastated. @ChrisMasonBBC @BBCRadio4 Get Nadine. I need a good laugh.Just finally catching up with 'Once Upon in Iraq' on the BBC. Unbelievable. Superb. A Ken Burns standard level of p… and wise words from Michael Howard. I hope my Party listens to him
Retweeted by Mark W. Clark, Esq. @jackdaviesld @LibDems Is it true that the Lib Dems have patented that pointing finger and frown as you look into a pothole? @CllrCarpenter The more daft things he does, I'm afraid the more they'll grow in number. Have you applied to be a N… person followed me // automatically checked by
Brexit explained...
Retweeted by Mark W. Clark, Esq. @prodnose Anything by Orange Juice. @MrHarryCole That depends if he has one to start with...Will Dido Harding now be made 'Chief Covid Secure Marshal of All England' She's been given everything else so why not this?
@MichaelEzra @tnewtondunn But its OK. Ignore it. You can break the law in a very specific and limited way. @marinamaral2 Yes but look at the history of the man she was about to marry. George Putnam. Quite a history there.…
With a no deal approaching, I remember borrowing Tilley lamps from my local Scouts to light my parents house during… @Otto_English My shed is full of Brexit stash. Do I need to buy a second shed?
One of the main reasons I left the Labour Party and joined the @LibDems was my passionate belief we were better off…
Retweeted by Mark W. Clark, Esq. @Holbornlolz Or perhaps a single weirdo instead. @GerardBattenUK All your mates down in Dover? Why weren't you there?one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by