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I'm just a cool beans kinda guy. I love drawing and making quick dubs. I'm slowly becoming a Sonic va... Enjoy your stay! Banner by @chibichanga12

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@_cdlum YO WAIT @bloochyartBRAND NEW OP DOODLE! Gear Second Luffy! He's one STEAMIN' stretchy boy! #myart #OnePiece First time drawing a dig… @Mengo923 you aren't mengo.... @bloochyart @00BLAQI said I was goig to do a pin up but then..... @YoDuppio This is the most accurate Bailey you've drawnTime to mute this post because some of you like to whine about this movie for 10 hours! You don't like tjhe film, cool, move on. @CarlsAmateurHr Me and @DeputyRust should dub stuff from itあこがれ
Retweeted by The Great Beanzaru @Mengo923 :^) >:^) @00BLAQ @EvelynYashiro W h y @Mengo923 HEY THAT'S ME @SSBHado Yeah they're just wearing tribal masks and gear. You can tell because they have red locks and knuckle gloves @azulstarry HMMMMMMMMMMMM @yasuholuvbug HMMMMMM @00BLAQ @jean_hayashi @_milkystar__ Huh @Qwerty_Soda PLEASE DOOOOO @00BLAQ U welcome DAWGLemme see some pin up suggestions right now. It'd be my first attempt. @YoDuppio U dum @Qwerty_Soda I honestly hum it almost every dayyes YES HMMMMMMMMM yes @Phetty_cent Maybe that's his child @TRIANGLE_MUPPET YES THIS IS TRUE
Retweeted by The Great Beanzaru @Kolsan5 Wow u captured the render perfectly
@DeadmemeSam No, I'm sorry @DeadmemeSam One's a beastgirl, one's a kaijugirl @BlueN22 @EvelynYashiro Well, they're styled to match that first design @SuperTwinerva Don't joke about this don't tease us Ozzy @bento_kento Aw :^(It's time to let them fight HOLD ON DID I JUST MAKE THE SAME CHARACTER TWICE. GRUMPY TAN GIRLS WITH BLONDE HAIR, IMMENSE STRENGTH, AND S… @o___8 TIFA TUESDAY @_cdlum's monster form?
Retweeted by The Great Beanzaru @UwUrgot True @jean_hayashi I really did give her bakugo colors, wow @jean_hayashi firmly believe Broly has one of the best themes in all of Super. @GatebreakerYT @sukoshi_kaze PERHAPS @JoJoWentBananas YEAH???? @Sad_Boi_Senpai The knuckles tribe @Betas_Inferno AWI'm thinking about giving Ruka a partner who's basically kaiju themed toku hero. He used his monster blood to summ… is it with Marvel vs Capcom 2 being @pulseulta yEAh @DeputyRust @NEWBIEPAPERBOT @DragoDragonDra1 Rust, don't bother. Their first gripe is that "Sonic had a purse"."Indivisible new game + and couch co-op" approva, tokusatsu suit Ruka @YoDuppio >Weiss >S tier's monster form? @TRIANGLE_MUPPET BluuuuueeeTHE ECHIDNAS WERE ALWAYS PART OF THE SONIC MOVIE, EVEN WITH THE OLD DESIGN. like how the Echidnas in the Sonic movie actually have bandaged, tattered gloves with sharp knuckles shooting out. monster killing girl is a monster herself! Here's a new character, Ruka, that I brainstormed yesterday. SHE'S…
Retweeted by The Great Beanzaru @thatsagoodpost @YoDuppio She wasn't white, he's just a butt head who abandoned everyone's favorite @maridoesathing Cool cool @GearHappyArt :0 @doodlesishere BUUUUUURMMMM BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMM BUUUURRRRRRRRRMMMMM @180Nigga @180Nigga YOU DON'T THINK I CAN HUH @TecFuzz O @CarlsAmateurHr No @MeatySpiceballs Hey THANKS @180Nigga @ChrisRojo10 @ChrisRojo10 @DystopianATS YOU'RE JUST GATEWAY PORN know If I don't draw porn, which I probably won't, I could always do pin ups. monster killing girl is a monster herself! Here's a new character, Ruka, that I brainstormed yesterday. SHE'S… AM Bowser now you cant tell me shit
Retweeted by The Great Beanzaru
@YoDuppio He's finally come @sukoshi_kaze YeI like character's wearing shirts with miscellaneous words. Her's is a sound effect! @WonderWaffle93 Woah he's so cool but it's COOL WTH @YoDuppio This was me when I was considering watching One Piece! It was boredom and curiosity at first, but I reall… Gal incoming.... Started thar big brain idea I had yesterday.... we talk about how this is one of the most underrated fight sequences in db
Retweeted by The Great BeanzaruThe woman known as the devil child! Nico Robin! She got a 79,000,000 beli bounty at the age of 8! It's said she sun… @piroeoe The biggest compliment @JoshinTosh_ Neat! @Jetdoodles AYYYYYEEE, Robin almost went back home. Because. She's already an angel. have you guys thought about this newer pencil brush I've been using for my pieces lately? is it. This is the entire dynamic. @Gliscuck_24 Not true :(Gone is the age of 4 finger cartoons Long live the 5 fingers. @Gliscuck_24 It's MARIO TIME @00BLAQB R u h This is so ominous it actually gave me chills. @Phetty_cent DO IT!! @00BLAQ