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sammie @cobwebkitten disneyland's haunted mansion

24 πŸ•Έ β€’ she/her β€’ scorpio/sag cusp β€’ makeup lover β€’ vegan β€’ spooky β™‘

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@ritualesatanum what about judas priest 😭tw transphobia the fact that there are so many films that feature a scene involving a cis male character finding o… okay someone tell me @Chris87829041 it's a documentaryi watched disclosure on netflix last night, i highly recommend itdon't be dumb, don't vote for kanyeJust a wolfie in her natural habitat 🌿
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it disturbs me that the beatles are more popular than little richard... it's unacceptable @rubidisaster i don't know, i'll have to see!! @ambunnii ur so pretty πŸ₯ΊIn ur dreams ☁️
Retweeted by sammiei have a blue wig, i just need to paint myself purple lmao i do a hellen gravely makeup look from luigi's mansion 3?i'm on the last floor of luigi's mansion 3 😳my dog ate her own poop....... i am disgusted @marsviolets oh my gosh yes it is!!!
Black people were still enslaved July 4th, 1776.
Retweeted by sammieagain, I must say the best thing about robin’s coming out scene in stranger things s3 is that steve has no prob tha…
Retweeted by sammie @aes_tival honestly same!! ever since i started making it like this i've LOVED itnot ur boring oatmeal mom got me sucked into married at first sight... @kaylakristinev @IiIghouI this is adorable πŸ₯ΊπŸ–€ @r3dandrotten i'm so sorry, i hope he can beat this. πŸ˜“what is the fourth of july? today is halloween what are you all talkin about20 year old soldier. 19 year old activist. 26 year old EMT. Vanessa Guillen Oluwatoyin "Toyin" Salau Breonna Ta…
Retweeted by sammiepeppermint tea with oat milk is so gooddo orange county next
Retweeted by sammiehi someone says it's too early for Halloween
Retweeted by sammiethis photo gives me instant anxiety
this was the only decent photo i could get of my makeup today eye done don't know how to do my makeup anymore i want to cry :( @babyxvamp cutie πŸ₯ΊπŸ–€Mullet Meli is back with a bonus cheetah print sidecut πŸ†πŸ–€
Retweeted by sammie @shelbyisdead i love this look πŸ’— is so cute & powerful ever get so nervous or anxious that you feel like you're gonna shit urselfher lipstick stains like acid rain πŸ₯€
Retweeted by sammieWaiting for my food
Retweeted by sammieI REALLY hope she is doing okay.
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Retweeted by sammieme: "i'm a pretty chill person ya" my anxiety: πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
my future home will have a garden with all black flowers @cyb3rbr4t if that ain't a mooddating & having feelings sounds so nice in theory, but in reality it makes me feel so weird what is wrong w memaybe i'll do a makeup look tomorrow if i don't feel so fkn LAZY @velvetxbats i've heard about that πŸ˜“ it's terrifying @wistfulkitsune @frankiemiguelm holy....i was so obsessed with jamba juice as a tween/teen my order was strawberries wild with immunity boost what was ur go-to order @0ooosamuel i watched this too omfg @frankiemiguelm omg i hate that πŸ˜“ @creepycuterat omfg i've thought about that too, i've also thought about how it would be if i were trapped on it's… after tweeting this i found out what submechanophobia isam i the only one who has ever thought about how creepy it would be to swim in the rivers of america at disneyland… @cyb3rbr4t she rly did πŸ‘ @theanjulisymone @SavageXFenty you are gorgeous πŸ’—πŸ₯ΊI just got these back from a shoot I did!! 😭😭❀️❀️
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Retweeted by sammiei just initiated a date jksksjtqhshIt's gonna be okay
Retweeted by sammiea woman once told me i would look better if i didn't wear so much makeup & that she didn't like it ha ha jokes on y…
i want to look like this everyday break room at work rly said HAPPY α΄›Κœ O U Y learned a smoothie tip: adding frozen bananas instead of fresh bananas makes your smoothie creamier @pussywitched u are a dream πŸ’—i better not see y’all celebrating 4th of july, the fuck y’all celebrating? systematic racism?
Retweeted by sammie"but what would u do if i was there rn lol ;)" @pxisongirl_ proud of you, i'm glad you're doing better πŸ–€ @sa_han_dwich she's trash, i'm so glad anthony isn't with her anymore
@VampireGhuleh i love moomin πŸ₯Ί. * . β€’ . . : . β€’ . * . . * β€’ ☾ . β€’ . . * ‒…
Retweeted by sammiei've been so unmotivated when it comes to doing my makeup tell me i can't be the only onei love my print from @sugarfueled πŸ’€πŸ’—
Retweeted by sammieblueberry skull @r3dandrotten omfg i love that so muchvegan pancakes topped with microwaved frozen blueberries πŸ’— vegan pancakes from scratch wish ur girl luck is def me @vampiressparkIe i loved that place omgthe year is 2008. i just got my order from jamba juice now i'm at anchor blue buying an "i <3 boobies" bracelet @hexxzander nah your hair is rad @hexxzander your hair is too tall. cancelledβ€œwHaTs SiGnIng a PeTiTioN goNnA dO”
Retweeted by sammiesince Paramore is trending
Retweeted by sammieyou mean your body looks different depending on the angles??? who'd of thought @morguegallery I LOVE ITPop artβ—οΈβœ¨
Retweeted by sammienow is such a crucial time to really be kind to each other & to also be kind to ourselves. we're dealing with somet… Goddess Energy β™‰οΈβœ¨ A nice lady was making this and thought I would love it, she was correct πŸ₯°
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where is the lie though @altpersephone truuu, but i just made a really good smoothie at home i'm so proud of myself πŸ₯Ίthey're in love are smoothies so expensive?? it's literally blended fruit, i can make one at home for like less than $5i love her you’re in Orange County, these are the places that recently have had someone test positive for COVID. Stay home,…
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@spookylilpeach PRETTY BBY πŸ₯Ί i have that same dress hehe