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Mike Shy @COCHMYK44 North Las Vegas, NV

Father, Husband, ⚾️ Dad. Lover of all things baseball, beer, whiskey and cigars. BEARDOWN! I am not fooled by the rhetoric.. and most importantly.... 🌮

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@KeeMartinez1 Bout to get worse sis. Arm yourself @jmarcs47 @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Dis fool out to lunch @ks197 Riding around this muthafukka like Pac. ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!! @KeeMartinez1 This fool gone get his ,,, fa sho!!! God don’t like ugly.... It was written!
7 years ago....... _kingb_24 #baseballiswhatwedo how far along we could be if they had listened... @79illwill Stay strapped big bro @ks197 @DeaconForecast Layin in the cut........ waiting for the real shit to pop off. @ks197 @DeaconForecast @aarontor
@KeeMartinez1 @AlmightyDwhitey @KeeMartinez1 @ks197 Not pictured is the corn. Damn good @ks197 Just more veggies in ya life bro.Ayo @ks197 ...... Dad
@KeeMartinez1 @0hbetave Sucka Duck ass marks. This dude cozied up to Bernie way too much for me anyways. Can’t… @KeeMartinez1 Burn that shit to the ground @snohaalegra Welp..... Trump has a Nero complex he can watch this bitch burn down @latrey69 @jemelehill Dudes just be sayin shit. In they minds it’s profound. It comes out like Charlie Browns mom
@blackfonzy71 BATSD @ks197 Get both @ks197 I can dig it✊🏾 @ks197 I have no problem with that. The first trick played on the freedman and poor whites was that were inherent… @blackfonzy71 @MistaDuPree @globetrotor @NBCNews Glad I ain’t vit for him @KeeMartinez1 @C0C0_M0NR0E Ain’t Qdoba Mexican??? @blackfonzy71 @pattonoswalt Keep u a broad with good credit..... @KeeMartinez1 G shit @blackfonzy71 Fried hard con poquito guacamole .... para llevarDon’t act like everyone loved my father. He was assassinated. A 1967 poll reflected that he was one of the most hat…
Retweeted by Mike Shy @MistaDuPree @blackfonzy71 Collateral damage.... doesn’t “prove” anything. Agreed. America was founded and built o… @MistaDuPree @blackfonzy71 Burn all that shit down!Big facts 🙏🏿
Retweeted by Mike Shy @samiewallace @CityBoyGreg Bruh! First baseball practice like WHOA @MistaDuPree Damn. I gotta copyright my shit. 😂 @blackfonzy71 Say it louder for the people in the back!!!
@CityBoyGreg @taytayturney riots are the voice of the unheard! @CityBoyGreg That peaceful shit don’t fly no mo.... BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY @KeeMartinez1 😂😂😂😂 @KeeMartinez1 These clowns get a badge after 1 year in an academy...Got em!! Man loses office lease after viral video shows him calling police on black entrepreneurs using building's…
Retweeted by Mike Shy @globetrotor @BMWill03 @TomiLahren rioting is the voice of the unheard. -MLK. We will be heard this time BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY… @BestSpeedAllday I’m with you ✊🏾 two young mixed race black kings and one queen.. protect their power and always stand beside them✊🏾✊🏾 @79illwill 😂😂And here it is, in 2020 this is still a reality😢😢😢😢
Retweeted by Mike Shy#survivingamericaTag you're it! This POS is an elected official🤬
Retweeted by Mike Shy @surfer6girl Unbelievable @blackfonzy71 Eden is aBot
@its_mrsvenus I ain’t generally a nail dude but that shit look saucey to me!!!The duality of being both Black and American is a burden no one other than the Black American could survive. SURVI… @MPJr Pray to the God THEY gave y’all for THEIR soul... Yup. Mission accomplished!! Naw Coach. I’m good!!!Twitter verse! Go to work
Retweeted by Mike ShyLet's make Susan Thorberg famous.
Retweeted by Mike Shy @aarontor Have to get it out of the SOIL! This land was founded on it. @aarontor White supremacy is rooted in the very institution that is policing....Proud @ks197 That shit just took the frown right off my face!! @latrey69 Block. Didn’t have his feet set @NoahBrasos @realDonaldTrump Naw he’s a very fine person according to the 🍊🤡I am 100 percent about humanity regardless of race. Each individual deserves to be treated as they act. I spend a… @Mr_Jay369 Until “Good Cops” speak up in Mass about these events. It’s one group THE POLICE! @marvinfreeman84 @CoachHawkHSSU It’s the video game generation. I have this convo with my athletes all the time, p… huge reason Black people don’t trust the police is because when an incident like this happens other “good” cops n…
Retweeted by Mike ShyPeople will never know how hard it is for us to see these kinds of incidents and then have to go work in white spac…
Retweeted by Mike Shy @its_mrsvenus @ks197 @ds13722 PB Crunch, Cinnamon Frosted Flakes, Honey Nut Cheerios.Tired of black men being killed in the streets by white men in uniform. Like it’s just part of the job. The hatred…
Retweeted by Mike ShyIma make you famous!
@ks197 @Rasheedgotit_23 White boys fidna start catchin hot ones. Fuck around it be Katen ass. @CityBoyGreg It’s up to your generation nephew @ks197 My man! @ks197 @Dnt_TestMe @Cyrus_Deshield Aiiiight ima play this in the whip after work.
@ks197 @Standing8Group @2_Hannsum Homemade sweet potato rolls.. vegan peppered pasta and mushroom stroganoff @ks197 @Standing8Group @2_Hannsum Y’all solo today. Me and lil mama killed in in the kitchen yesterday. Today all couch time!!!
@marvinfreeman84 @celeBRADtion @1990sBaseball Damn!
@marvinfreeman84 @celeBRADtion @1990sBaseball Go Cubs Go!!OverPosting #botl @olivacigar #nubcigars #botl #blackcigarsmoker
@_chrysjackson The force is strong with this one @theyh8me_24svn could you do 37? @dtwill23 What if you’re a taco?This is SO DOPE!!!! check em out coach @marvinfreeman84 @Dnt_TestMe @polo_man404 Scram turkey!!! @Kilapt5b THOUGHT! Top 2 MC for me. And my 1 only my 1 for sentimental shit. @black_42 4 more years of 🍊🤡 @black_42 Help me out so i don’t have to search. What he say? @therealstylesp @JayDizzyD 😂😂😂😂 @NoahBrasos @therealstylesp This shit right here??? @NoahBrasos @therealstylesp Cover me .... I’m goin in! @ks197 @Dnt_TestMe Simple ass broads.... real G’s get in where they fit in. And the Queen rolls wit ‘im ! @NoahBrasos @therealstylesp Styles got some mo new shit? @ks197 Tie me up??? That’s how get gaffled! I’m Kool Ma... @ks197 @the_mcguire 👀