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Mom, grandma, animal lover, occasional baker, used to be photographer. Hate trump. #resist I swear often. #FightLikeaMother #spinabifida

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@WideDamnAwake I hope all is okay. When I’ve dumped my bike, it always hurt worse the next day. Take care.
@funder #MVPHarris @jaywhyelle Yes. I don’t like potato chips. @notquiteold You’re not alone.
Trump at his rally: "3 Weeks in, Biden gets shot, Harris becomes President" @FBI Trump just threatened @JoeBiden
Retweeted by Carollee 🌊🌊just wear the damned mask @kirstiealley @POTUS Steroids and stimulants.
@WideDamnAwake It’s tough to watch your kids grow up and leave; but, that means you did things right. You’re a good mom. @rxjef77 Good night. Peace, love, and healing. @Turnip2020 Sorry for your poultry loss. Fowl play? @2020BlueTexas Well, heck, that’s a lot of cornbread stuffing for five people. You’d better start eating now! @rxjef77 Well dammit. Don’t you dare get covid. (I’m shaking my stern old lady finger at you.)NEW VIDEO! #PleaseSaveTheseChildren If you don't have a bright line for crimes against children you don't have a…
Retweeted by Carollee 🌊🌊just wear the damned mask @Cosette2016 @JoeBiden Wow! That’s a whole lotta broken bones. I’m glad you’re okay and I’m glad you voted—you’re an inspiration. @laurasweetjane @DebbiEsvelt Go. Just go. Best wishes.Ivanka threatened to sue The Lincoln Project over this billboard so please don’t share it. #MyVoteIsEssential
Retweeted by Carollee 🌊🌊just wear the damned mask @OlderthanU70 She’s beautiful!
@thedavidcrosby I pretend it's me because I have green eyes. :) @DebbieLuna Nope, I haven’t. @BradJRob10 I’m very sorry. @The1stImmortal @jbutler2017 @LizzieBLove You don't really know what you would do if you were hungry, threatened wi… @LizzieBLove I heard it.
@Turnip2020 @JoeBiden Turnip!!! Where ya been? Nice to see you. I was planning on voting for you. Guess I’ll follow… @rxjef77 Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. @kalistacat Oh lord you’re hilarious! @ida_skibenes Sleep is more important for you. You can catch it all later. @S3333Angel @LuckieKathy I’m also old and I know things. It will be okay. @realDonaldTrump It was your fault. You caused the deaths of over 200,000 people. You and you alone bear the blame. @RepMattGaetz I love when you say stupid things and set yourself up for the best replies. You’re such a tool. @chuckwoolery And your point? @ceraldi_carleen I’m happy this was all discovered so it could be fixed. Love to you both. @rxjef77 Love, peace, and healing.
@kingmanmarie39 I hope you’re better soon! @rxjef77 You will get through this. One day soon this will all be a bad memory and you will be feeling good. Heck,… @JasonMillerinDC Haven’t you disgraced yourself enough yet? You shouldn’t be asking anything about anybody.
@rxjef77 At least you have some answers and a plan. @rxjef77 Arrrghh. You can do it, but damn—another week?! @rxjef77 Good luck!!!Dr. Fauci is one of our country’s most distinguished public servants. He has served 6 presidents, starting with Ron…
Retweeted by Carollee 🌊🌊just wear the damned mask @kirstiealley It will be “lose.” It’s also a superspreader event. That probably makes you and your fellow cult members happy. @TheJeffBridges My daughter kicked its butt—you will too. @kenolin1 @TheRealHoarse I was hoping. @bongomansam Chatham, Hyannis, Provincetown, so many... @rxjef77 I’m a rural woman, but I like you anyway. Good luck tomorrow. You can handle whatever the outcome. Peace and love backatcha.
@JTru08213726 @kirstiealley @seanhannity I meant why should I watch. @kirstiealley @seanhannity Why? @rxjef77 Enjoy the massage as best you can. I hope your ortho dr gives you good news. You’re not really broken—you’… @rxjef77 @USPS I trust the USPS.
@ceraldi_carleen @CeraldiMark Got you covered with the love. Best wishes, you're both in my thoughts. @kirstiealley @realDonaldTrump Hey, if you're OK with 200,00+ people dying, kids in cages, families separated, the…
@emerald1910 Hello! Please take some deep breaths. Are you thinking of harming yourself?
@Cosette2016 What a sweetie. I understand. I went through that with my little old chihuahua Rio. I still miss him,… @dianemariereid @bebe1969 My hair is much healthier since I haven’t been near a salon since January. My last appoin… @bebe1969 I have pandemic hair. @donnalove0 I use sumatriptan (Imitrex). It works well for me. @Mitumba10 Completely Nuts—orange ice cream with chopped walnuts, pecans, and macadamia—wait that sounds good—never mind. @rxjef77 Good thoughts still coming at you, Jeff. @funder @DramaDept123 #EricTrumpsUkraineScandal
@2real_4u_2 @rxjef77 Keep doing what you're doing--my immuno-compropmised daughter was around me and she didn't get… @2real_4u_2 @rxjef77 Sometimes you slip up and do things like touching a railing and forgetting to use hand sanitiz… @rxjef77 I hope things go very well for you, Jeff—whatever the outcome I hope you find peace and healing.
@kshering I’m sorry I have no words to help, just know I’m holding your son and you in my thoughts, as are many, many people. @NBCNews @SavannahGuthrie Will not be watching. #boycottnbc
@rxjef77 You got this, Jeff.
@thefalconette Yes. Absolutely. @JohnVetsResist1 Very wise—if you need them, take them.
@NikkiHaley Except the one who won’t show his taxes. @decolmtd01 @joncoopertweets @JewishNewsUSA @realDonaldTrump I agree, but what if he manages, against all odds, to… @joncoopertweets @JewishNewsUSA @realDonaldTrump Let him resign, that will eliminate any chance of him cheating his way to a second term. @JulyahZ I’m doing better, thanks for asking. Home from hospital. My temp is just about normal, still have a cough,… @LindseyGrahamSC Guess you won’t be chairman, then. #LindseyHasCovid
@Robin_Blue19 Hazelnut. Hazel for short. @charliekirk11 Yes. And it’s weren’t. @zietray Then you cast a vote for trump. @2020_TrashBin Got mine. @NikkiHaley What’s unacceptable is “You’ll get a stimulus check after I’m elected.”
@VerySherry70 @PinkyD124 I’m sorry. It will get better. @LindseyGrahamSC You mean the guy with pinkeye and a fly on his head? You’re nuts.
@kenbone18 And you’re proud of this? @rxjef77 Heck no. He can’t help himself! @nancysquinn Jimi @jinngaa I’m much better, thanks for asking. I’m home from the hospital and trying to get my strength back. Exhaust…
@rxjef77 Which toe?
@EricTrump So reckless, arrogant, selfish, and stupid. Your father is a sociopath.
@CrystalMaracle All losses are horrific in their own way. I’m sorry you are dealing with this pain, Crystal. When m… @AngrierWHStaff Expected findings means diffuse, ground glass opacities. Been there, done that. @2020BlueTexas I asked my daughter about her plans. She lives in Harris County. She said she applied for a mail-in… @jonostrower @AP How many rooms does he need in order to pretend to be working? @tokyo_jon He sounds like shit, like he always does. @wm_hammons @2020BlueTexas I will do that, thanks! @2020BlueTexas I will, thanks! @2020BlueTexas Thank you. I will check with my Texas daughter who had a heart transplant to make sure x she knows what to do. @ceraldi_carleen Hahaha, at first I thought you meant throw a vagina in a volcano! That would be some eruption!!! @rxjef77 My best friend had osteomyelitis as a child. It’s a tough fight but you seem up for it. I wish you the best outcome. @Weasel3071 @washumom I had a Fanner Fifty cap gun as a kid!
@phyllisj1003 I’m getting ready to retire and I’m scared shitless. I’ll be fine for about 10 years, and then I’ll h… @speechboy71 @0scar1709 My grandchildren haven’t hugged me since March. I live right next door to them.
@CrystalMaracle I’m so very sorry. She lives on in your memories forever. She also lives on in her generosity as an… @ezgigurgen @mcgatorb8 FU. @chrissyteigen I’m so sorry. Nothing helps but time and love. @GeorgeMgoblue07 Yes! Shingles too.