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Public TV talking head | un-fucking the ugly legacy of urban planning | advocate for accessible/all ages/anti-racist/autonomous art spaces | very Denver person

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This interview with @smartstatistic about her work in reproductive justice is the most powerful argument I've ever… is going to magically remember she hates women having agency over their own bodies the second she puts on her r…
Retweeted by Bree Davies @katbeee @mannequinpussy Ha ha ha a 12.5 year old totally blind baby!! @DesdemonaWren I call it my security blanket, but emotional support is even better!With this dangerous appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, protecting abortion access & advancing reproductive justice i… @DesdemonaWren 30 RockEach week, the Denver City Council asks everyone in attendance to pledge their loyalty to “one nation under God,” a…
Retweeted by Bree DaviesThank you @CocoDavies! This was so so helpful.
Retweeted by Bree Davies @Buenisi_Ma @bob_ferrapuhls 😂
@CityofDenver Can we now PLEASE follow the CDC guidelines and not displace hundreds of unhoused people and make the…
Retweeted by Bree DaviesDenver’s #COVID19 situation is looking bad. Really bad. No seriously, what we are doing isn’t working. This could f…
Retweeted by Bree DaviesHey if you live in Denver and you think that spending 25 million on a security contract with a company that has a T…
Retweeted by Bree Davies @bob_ferrapuhls Ah yes, the humble hearth in my manse that’s the size of an elementary schoolI signed this petition along with lots of other bands and artists to demand @Spotify starts paying at least 1 cent…
Retweeted by Bree DaviesI'm leading a petition to ban facial recognition and algorithmic proctoring technology at my institutions @CUSystem
Retweeted by Bree DaviesUPDATE - 3:20PM - 10/26/20 Colorado Mail Ballot Returns *8* Days Until Election 1,726,166 Ballots Cast (+44,848) 64…
Retweeted by Bree Davieseverywhere is a haunted house all the time
Retweeted by Bree Davies @RubinoJC ASAP, JOE!!! MUST GET GEAR SO YOU CAN SHREDWhite people right now: "So can we colonize the moon or nah?"
Retweeted by Bree Davies @polis79 Conveniently the only guitar brand I've ever played myself!lol what
Retweeted by Bree DaviesNot enough goatees buying axes for the gig @IlhanMN TONIGHT for a workplace organizing training, co-sponsored by DSA's @restaurantproj!
Retweeted by Bree DaviesToday we are launching our campaign to demand justice at Spotify. Join us and hundreds of musicians and music worke…
Retweeted by Bree DaviesMy friend may have defeated a $180+ million campaign with a meme and I am going to give him the credit since he has…
Retweeted by Bree Daviescheck it out! #denver
Retweeted by Bree DaviesThis ballot guide was largely informed by reporters in #Colorado doing the work- I gathered such great info from th… @Riginal_Zin You should!!! I just look up eat ballot issue and see what reporter did the best job of explaining it💜…🙌🏾
Retweeted by Bree Davies @WendyAiello @chr1styharrison @FoodPsychPod Good luck!!! You and your body deserve kindness💜💜 @WendyAiello Neither! Dieting is a trap and a scam- I just left the cult of dieting last year after 20 years. I rec… is freaking awesome and if you need Colorado ballot recs, listen to her!
Retweeted by Bree DaviesIf you need help or clarification on issues
Retweeted by Bree DaviesAnd I’m glad I waited to finish my ballot because @CocoDavies knocked it out of the park with her ballot guide.…
Retweeted by Bree DaviesIt's currently 12 degrees outside in Denver. Have we done better for our unhoused neighbors yet?
Retweeted by Bree DaviesDon’t print this garbage. How do you think we got here? By platforming idiots like this who look around and deny th…
Retweeted by Bree DaviesThese are things that people say when they do not know any Black people in real life.
Retweeted by Bree Daviesvoting for judges is a great opportunity to indulge in my favorite activity: impotently repeating "no" over and ove…
Retweeted by Bree Davies @ErinStereo So glad it can be helpful!!Hey Denver - Bree’s voter guide is a LIFESAVER if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Thank you so so much @CocoDavies
Retweeted by Bree Davies @velomuso Whoa thank you!!😊Denver! Check out @CocoDavies voter guide if you are still making decisions on the laundry list of a ballot this ye…
Retweeted by Bree DaviesDía de los muertos is our way of honoring and celebrating our dead, which takes on an even greater significance in…
Retweeted by Bree Davies @Sarah_L_Ford Of course!!! @Sarah_L_Ford Thank you for reading and voting!!!If you're still filling out your ballot, like me, there is nobody I trust more to help me sort through this year's…
Retweeted by Bree Davies @eap1014 😊 @Emperor_of_Beer No prob- I know this stuff is written to be confusing sometimes and I just Want everyone to feel good in their choices! @Emperor_of_Beer 😊 @sarahbeara116 @elisabeth I couldn’t link to her twitter where she discusses judges because it’s her private accoun… @GIFfyLoop I’m glad his grumpy face can be sweet to somebody 😂Thank you Bree!!
Retweeted by Bree DaviesThanks for including the photo of Frank with the ballot info, @CocoDavies. It's like a spoonful of sugar.
Retweeted by Bree DaviesCO voters, if you’re still working on your ballot, take a look at this very helpful guide!
Retweeted by Bree Davies @littlejojo77 Thank YOU!If you are still working on your ballots, here’s a good voters guide!
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@dynamic_mike 😉My #Denver + #Colorado balllot guide is heeeeeeeeeere: @kalyn4mayor @lizcook @CocoDavies Tim Nelson.
Retweeted by Bree Davies#Denver and #Colorado! My 2020 Voter's Guide is OUT NOW!! Read here: Subscribe here to… @Emperor_of_Beer I think I've watched literally every episode he's made ha ha @Emperor_of_Beer No:/ I haven't had time to watch anything in the last week, been working on this voter guide, but… @Shontel4RTD @kalyn4mayor @lizcook Thank you, Shontel! @CocoDavies @cassie_zook And here is the tweet!
Retweeted by Bree Davies @leslieherod @cassie_zook Perfect thank you!!! @cassie_zook @leslieherod That’ll work thank you! @leslieherod I know you released a voter guide- where can I find it? I'd like to link to it in my newsletter, please & thanks! <3Doing it for the good of the hood! Vote Biden, vote Hickenlooper, vote no on 115! Do it for la raza! #northside
Retweeted by Bree DaviesAhh so the last show we played was w/ @BDolanSFR and we were supposed to play with bae @mrskimyadawson on Easter so…
Retweeted by Bree Daviestipping 33% on takeout during a pandemic is HOT!
Retweeted by Bree Daviesthis is free and in two hours -
Retweeted by Bree DaviesAbolition will never be a reality until we can find holistic systems to replace it. People need care not cages.
Retweeted by Bree DaviesAll of them @sheabutterfemme Changed mine at 28! it’s a lengthy, complex process in my state (not sure if it’s like this everyw… this very very cold snap will help put the fires out.
Retweeted by Bree DaviesThis thread is wild 👀
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@thewritejuan Thank you for showing the world what our city looks like, Juan. Your work counteracts the many stereo…’m passionate about Denver because i’ve felt all the growing pains these past 30 years. i know the nuances of ever…
Retweeted by Bree Davies @AnnAwad Ha ha ha- what are yours?? We are a Virgo and a Pisces 🤠 @CocoDavies k this is way more entertaining than the war of the astrological signs happening at our house
Retweeted by Bree Davies @JesseBenn The funny part is, he always wants me to actually make music with him and I refuse 😂 @CocoDavies both banger albums it sounds to me
Retweeted by Bree DaviesThis is particularly appropriate considering his first pick-up line of sorts when we met was, “does your band wanna… up for abusive men in the workplace is a bipartisan thing @MayorOfLA @MayorHancock
Retweeted by Bree DaviesThe COVID-19 death toll could reach a half million in the U.S. by February unless nearly all Americans wear face ma…
Retweeted by Bree DaviesI dunno if it’s because music is like, our lives, but the other day my husband and I were fighting: Gregg: “Bree’… @adnroy Damn, this is thorough! I’ll definitely add it to my links for folks to read through. Thanks, Adam! @CocoDavies Little self-promo: I did a dive into Prop 114 earlier this year, though I stopped short of making a rec…
Retweeted by Bree Davies @papemadethis 😂😂😂 @MadMaxFlapper ❤️❤️❤️A 2nd grand juror in the #BreonnaTaylor case has spoken out against Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron. They corroborated…
Retweeted by Bree DaviesWe just watched the new Borat movie in slo-mo for 15 mins because we thought it was part of the shtick. Turns out i… @DavidNGilbert That’s what I was Thinking!??? I’m hoping everyone who voted early made it to the down ballot, but I… @imjinnie ❤️❤️❤️ @imjinnie I’m a Virgo perfectionist, which is what got me in this mess:) I’m going thru each issue, writing my feel… vs Legal Application of Shelter on Sidewalks During a Pandemic
Retweeted by Bree DaviesStill grinding away on this ballot guide. Eight more measures to go. I'll have this thing out first thing monday mo… @BostonGlobe, why isn't the landlord named in this story?
Retweeted by Bree Davies @DavidNGilbert traunche is my favorite city budget related word