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ck @cocoimao syd 🫧

devour cc ⋆ weekly fri streams ⋆ ଗ(͒ ⸝⸝•̥𖥦•̥⸝⸝)͒@qsyztem♡

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@marmarpits @rokokoprufei @PrideOnTwitch i was 👌🏻 close to breaking down again 😭😭 @PrideOnTwitch @marmarpits @rokokoprufei SAVED MY MENTAL ON STREAM @wyyandere i love being exclusive @poopoocu1t @starscrab MY FRIEND SAYS THE EXACT SAME THING THAT SHES JOKING WKDJWKDKWODK @rosaphy @qSyztem 😀😄😀😁
I NEED KOREAN FOOD @lystens i have a sore throat @starscrab i hate when friends force u to do things just bc they want u to💀 THIS IS SO FELT @camilleettv 🫶 got the super puff. liquid shine black. @iluvteq MILO IS IN MY BLOOD @phambam1234 yes i’m a curious fucklate night media hi
Retweeted by ck @kurosawis is this gta @kurosawis wait is this REAL??????i’ve spent an hour trying to decide my one online order 🧍🏻‍♀️ i’m an in-store person HELP @n005_m min is living The pinterest life 🧎🏻‍♀️i forgot how good GANGNAM BEAUTY WAS AISIWKDKS ARRRRRR i’m going crazy
@f1ukie @PlayVALORANT stop nerfing everything it’s fun like that @ciiiaba IM the one who instaheals @ilykass kissbew
Retweeted by cki finally got meds for my cough @thejuliama ur stunning 🥹🫶hihi <3
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Retweeted by ckROCCAT Syn Max Air 🎧 - Looking for a headset with RGB and pretty charging dock? ROCCAT !! SYN !! MAX !! AIR !! *U…
Retweeted by ck @feyyre 04:21am @luvxpoison blonde @rosaphy did he get in a relationship w someone else 😭😭 @nvrcall SAME and everything i applied is gone. contour. gone. @rosaphy why does my makeup disappear when it’s under sunlight LOLshow me ur media makeup under the sunlight bc why does it look so weird for mehi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
@harmoneeyang ur so hotRAHHHHHH
Retweeted by ck @777sundown @ROCCAT hii @Nighty10k @PinkGoat2 @ROCCAT i wish @jennniiival @ROCCAT JENNIIIII @dolIizm WAITTTTTTCRYOSTASIS VALORANT 6K ACE
Retweeted by ckmy camera quality is so shit !! grr
Retweeted by ck @ursungirl h-hi @SkuLLyJai tysm for letting me in part of the show!! i appreciate it 🥹 @marmarpits i love mar SO MUCH 🫶😭 @hunnihann ^_^ @Bicklol @ROCCAT 10% off!!! @Bicklol @ROCCAT use code G10-CHLOE NEOW @ttnecserc @ROCCAT 🫶 @dawnmoer chamber @yoridere happy birthday!!birthday girl :D
Retweeted by ckam i shadowbannedwhy am i so stuffed
Retweeted by ckI got to play val with him and I had fun, it’s been so long since we’ve played it together. In addition to Forest,… got to participate in a section of SkuLLyJai’s stream thanks to mar🫶 I got to meet megan and other fun streamers… bare face, especially when I never ever posted twitter without makeup/filter before. I had some good ranked ga…🎥 STREAM SUMMARY🫶 27Jan - I didn’t get to say this but I enjoyed the stream so much 2 days ago. It’s probably my fa…
@beehaviour_ karaoke @wndr1k @refresh1k it do be like that @turtz07 @divorcexo after that, remmeber to do @jacksonaliu @ROCCAT use my code G10-CHLOE @daiseehue @ROCCAT that’s the first thing i wanna get plastic surgery ONNNN 😭😭🫶 @sydvaIo ILL DERANK Uthis why i don’t like to duo 🧎🏻‍♀️ @ALLJasoon @ROCCAT G10-CHLOE!! @KizVAL_ @ROCCAT the code still works, go get it. 10% off bro @rosaphy it’s not april 1st yet10% OFF using my code G10-CHLOE on @sydvaIo @ROCCAT I MISS U @yukaliss @ROCCAT YUKOOOOOOOO @AghoIor @ROCCAT 🤭As someone who used to use ROCCAT’s products before cc, I’m so honoured to be sponsored for its new headset! It has… Syn Max Air 🎧 - Looking for a headset with RGB and pretty charging dock? ROCCAT !! SYN !! MAX !! AIR !! *U… year i realize how stupid i was a year ago
Retweeted by ckperfect places #valorant
Retweeted by ck @GeeValorant @Bunwunz at least pay them for their hard work + don’t ghost them since YOURE recommending :) u still have the banner up tooi waited like two months but im done being patient 😐 bro disputed commission money and ended up winning the case fo…
Retweeted by ck @7ibbyh i love ur glasseshi guys
Retweeted by ckmake me smile by letting me drain ur wallets 🤭 findom paypig
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i lost my voice from talking 10 hours straight with a sore throat 🧍🏻‍♀️ @ALLJasoon HAHAHAHAHAHAi’m still live .