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Pictures show the porcelain bathtub mysteriously embedded into the rocky cliffs of Sai Kung
Retweeted by CoconutsMalaysians are feeling both horny and terrified over a mythical ghost with enormous breasts, aka the #hantutetek.'s where you can get #weed on the menu in Thailand. American farmers union tweeted a pun playing off "ewe" and that famous encouraging speech from Viola Davis in "T…'s Selangor Islamic Religious Department can't give an answer as to why they needed 122 officers to hunt do…’s a roundup of some of the worst cases of maid abuse in #Singapore’s history. charges have been dropped against 4 Indonesian health workers who bathed a deceased female COVID-19 patie… is clucking its way into even stronger fast food dominance in Indonesia as the most popular chain is set to ope…
Retweeted by CoconutsThe Philippine Supreme Court has declared that legitimate Filipinos can use their mother’s family name. 31-year-old man died after being run over by a train in #Singapore last night. His body was found motionless on t… on the uptick of race-fueled attacks targeting Asians, the Philippine Embassy in DC is urging the US gove… are so many sea turtles washing up dead on the beach in Bali? We talk about the story and more this week on…
At least three people were seriously injured after hundreds of pro-military thugs attacked protesters in downtown… This Singaporean molds clay, glitter, and glue to look like desserts and then crushes them in oddly satisf… actress #JulieTan opened up to Coconuts about her history of self-harm after revealing it for the first… actress #JannaNick has apologized for hurting K-pop fans after naming a movie character “Lisa Blackpig.” at #Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market? It’s already happened. #โควิด19
Retweeted by CoconutsToday's protest theme is thanka. Watch our 2019 video on Myanmar's magical makeup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
Retweeted by CoconutsPolice believe an American woman found dead at #Bali's Bingin likely fell off the cliff. and Grove, Coconuts Media’s in-house creative agency, are looking for talented, creative writers and e… #quarantine time and access to facilities outside of one’s room are among options under consideration to he… win for the LGBTQ community in Selangor. #TetapBangga #CampurLGBT 🏳️‍🌈🌈✨
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Update: Three members of the military-backed cabinet of Prayuth Chan-o-cha were removed from office today after a c…
Retweeted by Coconuts3 Prayuth cabinet members convicted of treason #กปปส
Retweeted by CoconutsFor fans of all things #vintage, there’s something to look forward to next month in Bangkok. students in Bangkok have launched an online catalog of all the strays waiting to be loved so you can find your… in #Bangkok: Curvy wooden shelves, a mirrored ceiling, and a photogenic “book cave” with a vast selection of ov… gathered today at the Royal Thai Embassy in #Yangon with calls like “Reject the military coup,” “We need… male health workers have been hit with blasphemy charges in Sumatra for bathing a deceased female COVID-19 pat… pastor Joanne Chow apologizes for telling girls to dress modestly to avoid men from having "lustful tho… you think Ramon Tulfo will be punished for what he did?
Retweeted by CoconutsTwo Russian fugitives have finally been tracked down in #Bali after being hunted on the island for almost two weeks. founder Darren Chan is set to go on trial for publishing a ranking on Malaysian universities with the mos… Health officials refuted a report suggesting Bangkok’s sprawling Chatuchak Market was the origin of the glo…
Retweeted by CoconutsThailand to address theory coronavirus emerged at #Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market
Retweeted by Coconuts#Myanmar vessels were seen leaving Malaysia waters yesterday despite a court order to halt the deportation of 1,200… pandemic? A big crowd gathered to greet #Jokowi during his NTT visit. At one point, the president emerged from… Filipino-American with mental health issues died in California after police kneeled on the back of his neck when… American doctor who believes transgenderism as a “myth” and has supported the forced “conversion” of homosexuals…
A postman appearing in a viral video slingshotting a dog has been suspended by Malaysia's postal service. actor #PierrePng has signed on with two Hollywood agencies after receiving praise for his role in his 2… baby shark found in Indonesia has a face we can't unsee. Singaporean student arrested for importing a child-like sex doll into Australia has received two years’ probation… man dressed in army green took to Facebook live last night to show off his arsenal and threaten to kill anyone pr…, or a year of betrayal in Malay, is trending to mark a year of Muhyiddin Yassin’s government. Malaysian court has granted an interim stay to stop the deportation of 1,200 #Myanmar nationals. plant-based restaurant is among the latest in Bangkok to add #cannabis to its recipes. 2-year-old boy was electrocuted in the Philippines after plugging a spoon into an extension cord. Indonesian lawmaker has been named a suspect in a domestic violence case after he allegedly hit his wife with a… pastor Joanne Chow has drawn criticism for preaching the old misogynist gospel that women lead men astr… cold to ‘#clubhouseTH’ after political nemesis Thaksin’s #ทักษิณ debut
Retweeted by Coconuts#Singapore's National Parks Board is looking at whether any laws were broken in the clearance of the Kranji woodlan… Philippines might do away with COVID-19 test requirements for local travel to try and help local tourism recove… bars and restaurants can sell alcohol with an early “last call” time of an hour before midnight now, two m…
Wonder what Kushner’s biggest takeaways were from ‘The Grand Master’s Insights?’
Retweeted by CoconutsWould you like gold on your croissant? This Bangkok bar is serving gold-plated pastries. vloggers get in trouble for basketball game in violation of town's quarantine rules. viruses flying hot and heavy, the immunity-boosting fad of IV drip therapy has arrived to drive a needle into… college student and musician from the Philippines has inspired people to become more understanding of Filipinos w…'s Prasat Hin Pan Yod (Stone castle of a thousand spires) that is part of a UNESCO-listed geopark has been… Nick named a character after BlackPink’s Lisa and K-pop stans were not having it 😬#JANNANICKGOINGTOJAILPARTY
Retweeted by CoconutsElderly man spotted gunning it on an electric wheelchair down a #HongKong highway. case has since captured national attention, as two of the women were held in custody with their toddlers, who r…
Retweeted by CoconutsNot even heavy flooding could stop this Jakarta couple from getting married. just got an emergency approval for use in the Philippines only a few days before the doses donated by th… store Spotlight in #Singapore has come under fire after a complaint about unpaid wages blew up overnight. first batch of 200,000 doses of #Sinovac from Beijing will land Wednesday morning at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Air… on the fruits of decriminalization, one Thai company has began cultivating a variety of #cannabis that…
#KL: Impressive show of support for journalism in Malaysia. 👏 The company whose anti-drone gun was captured in a viral photo said it will halt the sale of equipment… They appeared to be targeting cars and people with signs or stickers rejecting the recent coup d’etat. 'This ladies and gentlemen; is a moron.' Want to be part of a mural? Now you can, literally. Indonesia’s Joe Taslim shows of ice-cold moves in Mortal Kombat reboot. Three turtles were found with plastic sticking out of their mouths while two others had to go through surger… Pandemic travel just got easier - for business elites. Will meat substitutes work in Thai dishes? Hear us out and let us know your thoughts in the replies. 👇 Not sure if lighting newspapers on fire and then putting it out would send the right message. knew you were fluent in Tagalog, @elonmusk. 😂 Five readers posting comments critical of the justice system has led to this.
Indonesians will have to go without Cheetos, Lay’s and Doritos for about three years starting in August.'s religious authority is complaining to #Supreme for using an image of a revered Thai monk on its garments… says it will charge sellers less than anyone for new food delivery arm #AirAsiaFood and future e-commerce s… Boba Butterscotch Pizza. Thoughts? #Philippines is mulling the possibility of extending the school year and compressing the summer vacation from t… dashed into Ikea stores today to get their hands on a highly anticipated #LEGO collection, with some o… Indonesian domestic worker has escaped her employers of eight years. She was allegedly locked inside the house a… Filipino teacher has devised a unique recitation method for his online classes — by asking his students to wear b… in the Wild: In a post captioned “natural vibes,” a Russian influencer can be seen stark naked while lyi… overseas Filipino worker who arrived from the UAE has tested positive for COVID-19, despite receiving two doses… Court rejects remand application for Sugarbook founder
Retweeted by CoconutsA 66-year-old doctor is the first medical worker in #Thailand to die from the coronavirus.'t let that rainbow face mask fool you. #Rosmah (wife of former premier Najib Razak) was "emotionally upset and… brands are being targeted for boycott after the country's foreign minister said the city-state should foc… rights lawyer @arnonnampa jailed on royal insult charge among Time’s ‘100 Next’
Retweeted by CoconutsThe founder of Malaysian sugar-dating site #Sugarbook is expected to be remanded at the Shah Alam Court today, foll…'s ready to block #Clubhouse if the app doesn't register in the country.
FEATURE: Where #Bangkok’s plant-based movement is at, and what its prospects are in meat-addicted Thailand. is the second Malaysian celebrity in less than a month to be criticized for overlooking racial sensitivities b… Singapore woman proudly showed off her new tattoo online. But her photo had people commenting that it resembled a…