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Software/Hardware-tinkerer, -engineer, -reverse-engineer, -hacker , Student (almost done), Gamer. Opinions are my own. Autism. he/him

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@vodafoneNL Haha, lol, het gaat vooral fans in contact houden met de sport want ze mogen er toch niet bij staan schreeuwen. @onlytruephilip I'm a christian, but when I see friends post lots of Bible verses, I start muting and ignoring. It'… @da5ch0 Seems shading is posible with those. It's been too long I've tried drawing. Seems I do technical things bet… @da5ch0 Looks cool 😁 @ASpittel Rollercoaster Tycoon classic, or Minecraft. 😬 @cybergibbons 21.. if needed. Sofar, neighbours houses make it 20~21 already, sho our heating is switched off. @biancatoeps Hmm 🤔😬 U deleted. ☺️😉 @biancatoeps Again?Oops haha. Als het niet super erg is, gezien je liked en reageerd laat ik hem staan. mijn beeld… @lrvick @CommieGIR @ComradeEevee 😍 @TPGPlays @SwiftOnSecurity Those are sexy😉, 64 or upped 128mb ram box?just hit 12 hours straight of farmville
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Ok this is pretty good
Retweeted by 💾CodeAsm @safe_secs @ghostinthecable @hiimsteve27 @UK_Daniel_Card Tricky, but I've voted. Hope you like it 😉 @wutyes (no VM, bare metal boot) Maybe the EFI install and Windows not being the default boot option could play an… @NASA There might be a problem with your guys newsletter sending mail server setup. Outlook even trows it out as sp…🤔 @POL_Apeldoorn mogen jullie agenten de Corona App wel gewoon instaleren op de werk toestellen als ze die hebben? @onlytruephilip Are we? evolutionary we are programmed to fear things like certain animals or potential dangers. Im… @wutyes journal under linux is ok. but this. 🤔and now repeat alott of those powerstate changes, and its 61% for ove… @onlytruephilip those eyes thoFixed the vnc settings and a backup. Can work from home again. German train with wifi 😁 only now have to fix the VP… @gilmxhva @jennypotts I'm from a city where no dialect Dutch is spoken. According to my spouse I now speak some dia… @gilmxhva @jennypotts It sounds awesome. Me dutch @l_lembeck Yep, klopt. Geef ze gelijk. Zo leken ze hier ook in het begin te reageren. De run op papier, desinfrct en masks bewees het. @furan Meh, they aren't gonna fight. They just apply for assilum or wait till one country falls appart 🤭 @looovetinkebell @EllenBijster ☕✈️ hehe @realmrtj All I needed to know is :q! Or :wq! And vi is ok. Maybe I convert slowly ☺️😉 @biancatoeps 👍💥 die informatie gaat goed binnenstromen. Good looks. Haha aliegucci, hoe ga je die showen? @realmrtj Nano is fun too. But sometimes vi is Al we get. ☺️
Hahaha was ik de enige stouterd die dan labello smeerde waar ik wist dat de buschauffeur zou stempelen? Dan kon je…
Retweeted by 💾CodeAsm @kim_crawley Ow that looks cute. why me no ps4 :(Be happy today, atleast this little bit ☺️ good night all. @wutyes @furan Ow you where very close... ill have to boot windows then. tomorrow. @wutyes @furan So yeah, I dual boot, use windows 10, try my best to use it. Ill take another look at the logs anywa… @wutyes @furan Those logs dont tell why its stuck at 99%. could retry later this week, advice from MS is to stop a… @pawpawchan48 hope you can stop that "tradition" sooner then later. me as a christian does not aprove, not the "pro… @MarioMasta64 Ok thanks. have a wonderfull day ☺️ @onlytruephilip 😰 ow aww. eh... 🤭 nvr mind then. @MarioMasta64 I cant vote, I mean, what type of love? worst case I wont vote @onlytruephilip Something to watch :P for some. @curlIsudobash Doesnt matter, still had awesome convos and learned alott from the 30ish woman. Hope she got her mas… @Sjoerrdd Subscribe en klik dat belletjeIk ontdekte net dat deze bestaan, en nu wil ik ze, maar oh, zo duur. 😭
Retweeted by 💾CodeAsm @herrflick45 @zjosdekker Tuin? 🤭 @newbury_eric @Nocturnal_biped @AusomeIreland (ped, as in animal? Those can be awesome helpers)time will tell indee… @cybergibbons We get party closes at 2400. Party here? @newbury_eric @Nocturnal_biped @AusomeIreland To get "second opinions/confirmation". And their (orig tweet) message… @newbury_eric @Nocturnal_biped @AusomeIreland I'm not good in English, but I think you have a point. The original t… @eru2ee @SwiftOnSecurity Great for all types of "toys" 🤭 @NoahHester @JeshuaErickson @marcusjcarey There is only 1 kernel. Wait. @marcusjcarey @APhoenixinflame @KellySharadin @MoonyThinker People don't know what words mean I guess. @marcusjcarey @APhoenixinflame @KellySharadin @MoonyThinker I'm kinda surprised sometimes when someone sais this to… @IamEricT @marcusjcarey Until you meet some wise people from one of those. They know, they know the differences and… @l_lembeck @Tokidok83116592 @NiannTsyr @chrisklomp @IngridPinxteren Papiere zijn idd dan een stuk beter. En meerder… @l_lembeck @Tokidok83116592 @NiannTsyr @chrisklomp @IngridPinxteren En dan die gaatjes zijn voor iemand die astma h… @l_lembeck @Tokidok83116592 @NiannTsyr @chrisklomp @IngridPinxteren Zeker, groot gelijk. U was waarschijnlijk daar… is too ridiculous not to share.
Retweeted by 💾CodeAsmThis person on tiktok has developed a classification model for conspiracy theories
Retweeted by 💾CodeAsm @eyeofbass @da5ch0 Hair looks 🤢 @furan I love the amount of controll we have. I miss easy gui. Start windows 10, why and what takes this update so… @threddyrex Remote candy bag (long sticks, bag on a cart?)wrapped candy only? It might help getting the lone older… @MrMario2011 Yes, the email english isn't great but they had me at Dakimakura. They allow custom prints? Why not a gameconsole print 🤭Onze overheid zegt steeds dat het gedrag van "de mense" belangrijk is als het gaat om corona, en neemt daarom amper…
Retweeted by 💾CodeAsm @nemesis09 Keep it or give to retro fan person. You can make someone's day 😁 @robtblk94 @Foone There is no login prompt here, and anything someone types during post and bootup gets typed when…
@contodomiamor @p1nt1nh0 @Unix_Guru Be honest when something is asked. ☺️ That's being yourself. Don't talk too muc… @Tokidok83116592 @NiannTsyr @chrisklomp @IngridPinxteren Die supermarkt is stukke ruimer met een kapje op. En als u… @starshipmythic @ModernVintageG @wutyes bitrot is a real thing, anything can be destroyed and will be wiped. even o… @starshipmythic @ModernVintageG @wutyes Whatever the future storage medium will be sure. hope we can download as fa… @Threetle @__eater__ Imposibru, apply mental attractiveness ☺️ worst case, +5 for "an attempt was made". some ppl t… @thepacketrat Alott of phones died, they could have been sold. so its a loss. but yeah, joke funny :D @__eater__ @Threetle Oi, both of u did get +25 for attractiveness. Nowhere is stated you can judge yourself. There, I fixed feelings 🤭☺️ @Threetle 70 but maybe 85. mostly because income low atm. @hilda_vs @ChrisSibon @RTLnieuws "Confirmation bias", in het nederlands "Voorkeur voor bevestiging" maar vaak doen… @nocriw @4thecynarg @_TechWhisperer 😐😰 ok.. could be sad. @jennypotts Depending on the context apparently... it was rude, if it wasnt his intend, he better learn some Englis… @wamiq_rehman @jennypotts Delete your twitter 😉 Like, I dont really mean it man, but just do it. nah, ur ok. Youll… @robyyynb @LorelaiMerri @leowopard @Diegogurt @BrianDeCesare @DormantLime @BigChiefAl97 @hgtvdeathdrive @hEnereyG W… from years ago. Prices are from before euro, guldens. Got a 8.1 for this, pretty good. We had to select a… @har00ga How, what.. do some ppl like that? @biancatoeps Poleroid repair shop 😅 @DennisPochenk Aansteker erbij, es kijken of het wil haha @stry8993 @ModernVintageG I have no experience with GC games, but can one extract games and recreate a iso? Maybe t… @judges119 Its not your point tho, I like how spouse decorates the house ☺️ I needed her, maybe she needed me, mayb… @judges119 I never lived like that, am I guy? (picture is old, but I now have 1 room for my stuff, rest of house i… @DennisPochenk Kerk, prima, het type muziek? ueww hehe @4thecynarg @_TechWhisperer Intresting, might try a VM to get familiar with. btw, any word from "Juan Romero Pardines"? what happend? @Diegogurt @BrianDeCesare @DormantLime @BigChiefAl97 @hgtvdeathdrive @hEnereyG or... they replied wrong on purpose to trigger ppl ? :P @originalesushi I tried milk in my tea one time. nomore. it tasted ok, because the tea was badly made. I prefer good tea or coffee. @_TechWhisperer Arch, but I wanna switch. Not sure where to tho, easier or more controll, same commands, but no bre… @wutyes @ModernVintageG I talk too much now. Don't think mvg " push statements that ..., it hurts legitimate archi… @wutyes @ModernVintageG What if archive (if legal) offered to extract a player ready 700mb iso based on a redump so… @_rhofman @cudeso Love this, power of the internet. @Threetle The try mKe kids here in the Netherlands to sing the national anthem, we kinda get to learn it but forget… @ModernVintageG @wutyes 50mb dash update and a few hundred mb for demos and videos in low res. The old game strippi… @EmulateFreely @ModernVintageG I understand, and I love experiencing it again sure. But legal? And technicaly it's…
Retweeted by 💾CodeAsm @ModernVintageG is fine, but for gamers or Emulator ppl it (should) not be needed I agree.… @Zwarte_Magica @EricBrouwer64 En trek hem bij te veel fan verlies weer in. Je staat toch weer in de bladen en op Social media, dus binnen 😅 @ModernVintageG Preservationists (this makes sense? I'm Dutch). But most of them, datahoaders, are basically pirate…
@Threetle Sleep well 😃