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cancel coture gone too far cant even doodoo eveyerwhere
Retweeted by shelley @keeleyhammond yes exclamation point
@seldo given that money is talking to them loudly right now i'd *hope* it's pro forma but also my optimism is not r… @wesleytodd @mmarkini I’m grateful to be living in a city that (despite severe mistakes wrt the unhoused) has done… @wesleytodd @mmarkini Yeah honestly any jokes i make about it are so i can keep myself from being crushed by the cr… @0x604 as they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure 😆I wonder when tech leaders are going to learn. If you get people to come work for you because of the culture — thin…
Retweeted by shelley @mistydemeo relatedly, this is very good: and speaks to some of the reasons that they're a… @jkleinsc HUGE mood @cjamcl people stop saying "no one is talking about this" and "no one has thought about this before," especially in reg…
Retweeted by shelleycongratulations america we flattened the curve vertically
human like 'i kno a place:" and it on the grounde.
Retweeted by shelley @LamdaCalrissian @ryzokuken @ttamimi_ @bitandbang fair - ideally we do want solutions that serve a variety of experiences! rip slack's IRC gateway @ryzokuken @ttamimi_ @bitandbang the point here is what choice is good to make for an open source project targeting… you breakup with a kernel engineer, that's a core dump
Retweeted by shelley @EmilyKager that was a solid corncobbing if i've ever seen oneThis is fascism and yet another form of “soft” genocide.
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Retweeted by shelley @captainsafia this is basically the origin story for my slack avatar
@mmarkini i feel this I’m true neutral except with one leg down so i just constantly fuck up my back @bitandbang @0x604
Retweeted by shelley @0x604 @bitandbang FORBIDDEN SNACKSThe National Park Service employee who chose the verb “commit” here should be awarded a Nobel Prize in literature
Retweeted by shelleysorry folks, website is having a bad day - link pending longer than usual but should be rectified shortly @scrlkx @Jorge_Rockr @nodejs @mmarkini @targos89 @jasnell you're fine! the website deploy is flaking a bit more tha…
🥳 @nodejs v14.5.0 has been released! 🥳 Of note: - V8 has been updated to v8.3 (h/t @mmarkini @targos89)! - New exp… @SilvestriCodes @electronjs 💖 @moriah_personal solidarity fav, hope the downtime helps 💖Some good, important rulings in the last couple weeks, but Roberts as the “court’s ideological center” shows just h…
Retweeted by shelley @bitandbang @zkat__ would also love to 💖 @gesa @stubbornella @Bianchi_Seb is with the uptick in people trying to draw hard lines in the sand between queer folks. whence cometh the fuc…
Retweeted by shelleyas a side benefit of this tweet i'm now learning a bunch of rad things about marketing tactics @patriciarealini @bitandbang my ~influencer~ game is basically nonexistent but recently i've recognized more and mo… @patriciarealini @bitandbang i will openly admit that my marketing knowledge is bargain basement so this makes a lo… @0x604 @zkat__ anytime someone tells me they're excited bc something they did is on the orange website i'm just like @bitandbang my least favorite genres of tech tweet is probably "does anyone else <thing many other people constantly an… correct price for a coronavirus test is zero dollars
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if i found out any poster here was writing c++ id lose it. id ask "what business does a nasty mother fucker like yo…
Retweeted by shelley @devsnek bless you, ty 🙏🏻 @jimmybosse oh i'm talking about literally building Node.js from source 😛It's fun to watch the people who complained forever about Twitter's "bias against conservatives" and who repeated t…
Retweeted by shelleywaiting for Node.js to build for a tiny change in /lib love incense
Retweeted by shelleyFun fact, the name Gilead comes from the Bible verse "Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why…
Retweeted by shelleyThe end of eviction moratoriums is going to be absolute chaos. As Sawyer says here, it's a crisis.
Retweeted by shelleyme trying to face a new week with a modicum of positivity Killing the Black Body or Fatal Invention by @DorothyERoberts Read Racecraft by Barbara and Karen Fields Re…
Retweeted by shelleyWhite Fragility caters to readers who want controlled self-flagellation for their complicity and participation in s…
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Retweeted by shelleyhe walks right into a Wittgenstein / Diogenes combo attack
Retweeted by shelleyThe four horsemen of typography
Retweeted by shelley @qkate @iSmashFizzle my mentality (for better or worse) was always "i care about doing well on this personally and… @scottpageusmc @IanColdwater 24 and yes hahaPretty cool how we can’t eat indoors at food places right now, but years of anti-homeless urban design mean there’s…
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Always worth remembering that the changes happening at universities—the renaming of buildings, the taking down of s…
Retweeted by shelley @devsnek every line of that was somehow as bad or worse than the previous wow apple what that i am older and wiser
Retweeted by shelleyPeople just do not understand how much the U.S. economy depends on skilled immigration.
Retweeted by shelleyWhen I made fun of this at the end of April a bunch of Elon Musk defenders appeared to tell me he was actually righ…
Retweeted by shelley @LamdaCalrissian /r/boottoobig @zkat__ @addaleax got a few tweets in and then was like 1) ☠️ at this galaxy brain bad take 2) @anaisbetts honestly did a lil cheer.@glinner bye bitch
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bold of you to assume this is not also true of we 24 year olds @LamdaCalrissian d a m n this is a nice view @bitandbang ok that THAT is cursed
@iokiwi thank u i tryforbidden ravioli @jimmybosse there was this gem: definitely a Woman Respecter, this guy @LorienMCS @_rpgbx yeah: also the person in the screenshot is not and has literally never… @sidecut @Cloud145 @ElanHasson I am still genuinely unclear 😆 Read the reply and was like did you think i just put… @sidecut @Cloud145 @ElanHasson It’s actually way funnier: @IanColdwater I muted him pretty fast but there’s some response somewhere where he’s like “she’s never even proven… @smoothotperator @sidecut honestly i felt kinda bad 💀 he didn't have to do himself like that!! @sidecut here ya go lol @mgreiler hi hello ✨
What is the “app sandbox,” what is it protecting against, and why does it matter? @charlie_hess answers those quest…
Retweeted by shelley @krosylight we support windows on arm but that’s the closest we’ve ever gotten to something not bespoke desktop @krosylight i promise you it literally never has hahalook what youve gone and done. youve shit-eated yourself again
Retweeted by shelley @marypcbuk @havochaos @mimismash @ashleymcnamara i think they just blocked you - i can still see things @marypcbuk @mimismash @ashleymcnamara fyi from a quick tour of his profile/past engagements he's definitely an alt-… Boston just became the largest city on the East Coast to ban face surveillance.
Retweeted by shelley @keithkurson @bitandbang a master class in tweeting through it @RockStarwind honestly samesomeone just confidently spent several tweets telling me that Electron works on mobile and that i'm a know-it-all f… @Shotta @CalebJHull you didn't look at my bio, did you @Shotta @CalebJHull by all means continue to tell me how Electron works lmao @Shotta @CalebJHull 1) Electron literally does not work on mobile. It is desktop only. 2) There is no Electron app… @Shotta @CalebJHull uhh considering that it's a mobile app, that'd be a no haha#dataviz is my passion
Retweeted by shelleyif you ask me many of Americans have been wearing the mask even before from covid 19. the mask i refer to is of course the clown's mask.
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