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@TatianaTMac [alt: The Rock saying "gonna be great, let's do it] @TatianaTMac I think I'm also a chaotic good @TatianaTMac Partially, yes @TatianaTMac Chaotic good @trentmwillis 200-300 words is reasonable, I think more than that is usually too much information @BenedekGagyi @jsheroes @jsconfbp Oh, I can totally see the appeal as an organiser @TatianaTMac I think guidance and examples are more helpful than limits, and I think a range could be a part of that. @malchata I really hate having to lose context or information from my abstract. It ends up making things feel a bit disjointed.Abstract limits suck, please don't apply them.
@aerotwist This was just to shut @zachleat up, wasn't it? @potch You have to do the special dance
@cybergibbons Masochism
@katie_fenn I got one at my new job and I've really liked it! I didn't know that they'd improved the keyboard on it… @katie_fenn Have you got one of the 16" ones now? @nocturnalmonkey 3A hereIf you mute these words, your Twitter timeline will be much cleaner. It removes all the random suggestions, activit…
Retweeted by Luke Bonaccorsi 🏳️‍🌈Playing spot the difference with rejections. Conference organisers please take note from JSConf. It’s polite and t…
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@hankchizljaw Pervert @matchboxhero10 Maybe @snipeyhead
@_Nec @tpiros @zoeyzou0117 Thanks, I've applied! @nocturnalmonkey Excellent listening choice
@terabaud @LucyDavinhart an addition for your website
@Foone As a cupholder? @leanne182x @iTomHanson @AND_Digital Lots of information to take on board, but it's been great so far!Anyone have a recommendation for a USB-C dock hub/dongle for a Macbook Pro?
@Foone I would like to sign up for your religion please @jamiebradley234 @Techyrey One of the big things for me was realising that working unpaid overtime just reduces my… @Techyrey I hope you didn't learn the same way I did 😬 @zachleat You spend your free time building something for people, then they come along and bitch and moan about how… @slsoftworks @nationalrailenq If you're ever further north, definitely don't get the train, they suck up here. @TatianaTMac Pfft, everyone knows the best way is through Twitter @taravancil Is that Rest In Pieces?
@cybergibbons File in a cake @heydonworks I can't remember what it was, but I was trying to use a JS library and their docs page was just one lo…'m not part of the any @gdcfpday events this year, but I'm happy to read through abstracts and give feedback! DMs are open #GDCFPDay @EphemeralLucy @SeraphimKimiko Can I interest you in some object permanence? @LucyDavinhart @goconcanada @goconcanada @LucyDavinhart
@zachleat @filamentgroup Yesterday was my last day, new job on Monday! @TatianaTMac @StyleDotCSS Monosodium Glutesamirite @PixelGuff @PixelGuff She'll brb @rowan_m @cybergibbons Well a bottle was specified, I usually just scoop it out of buckets @grappleshark @cybergibbons I didn't know that this was an actual thing 🤯 @Maggysche What the fuck is wrong with men @cybergibbons Open it because it's a screw cap @wcgallego @jesslynnrose One of the junior developers I know was let go in similar circumstances and the first thin… @wcgallego @jesslynnrose I'd stress to them that the company likely failed them, not the other way round. Juniors n… @chicgeek @frontendphil @jsconfbp Awesome! @wcgallego @jesslynnrose Got fired from that in 2012, spent 7 months unemployed and nearly left it behind before ge… @wcgallego @jesslynnrose I had 1 lesson of HTML at school when I was 11 (2001), then carried on because I thought i… @chicgeek @frontendphil Are you going to do a "how we spent the money" like @jsconfbp did (… @zachleat Terrible beard ZachRT if you’ve been making web things so long you remember the days when you had to download Firebug so you could hav…
Retweeted by Luke Bonaccorsi 🏳️‍🌈Yesterday was my last day at @SkyBetCareers, so my only task for today was to get a haircut in preparation for star… @lakatos88 @RevolutApp I wonder if they'll keep sending them after it's expired @lakatos88 @RevolutApp But Alex, it's about to expire @grappleshark I started pickling at 28 🙈 @EccentricTester can vouch for my cabbage though @heydonworks What did B.A. Baracas say when he walked into the room and there were no chairs left? "I sitty the stool"I would also add sanity check ➡️ sense check, consistency check, “can you just look over this for me”
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@TejasKumar_ The NSA says hiHire Jess, she's amazing! I first met Jess at @ScotlandJS 2018 and we had some great, in depth conversations. She'… @lingmops @malchata @alistapart Maybe something that @smashingmag might be interested in?Folks! Unfortunately I won’t make it to @naconf next week, as it clashes with an interview I’ve been asked to atten…
Retweeted by Luke Bonaccorsi 🏳️‍🌈 @misprintedtype Big hugs, hope you find something soon!
@poshaughnessy @diekus @mkeblx If you unfold your device, you'll see the rest of the tweet @sarah_edo @philhawksworth @Netlify Would you say you're upsetlify? @Techyrey You aren't paid to work lunch time. Don't dilute your salary
@potch And it makes things taste amazing @nocturnalmonkey I read the book before watching the film. I was disappointed that the film didn't open like the book @PixelGuff They do that anyway @_Nec I always accidentally type 'index.ks' KavaScript @jesslynnrose Technical tests that are completely unrelated to what you're actually going to be doing. @_Nec It's great you've shared this stuff though!One of my goals this year is to try and do at least one piece of pixel art a month. January's one is Sunshine Terr…
Retweeted by Luke Bonaccorsi 🏳️‍🌈 @stefanjudis @tinyhelpersdev @eleven_ty @zeithq And so powerful! The fact that it's available everywhere lets you… @stefanjudis @tinyhelpersdev @eleven_ty @zeithq I'm in love with the data handling in @eleven_ty
@TomNomNom Or computers @TomNomNom @bitandbang @TatianaTMac @sebmck And into the sea @chicgeek Same! I just wasn't setting enough time aside to actually do any and that made me sad. If I set it as a… of my goals this year is to try and do at least one piece of pixel art a month. January's one is Sunshine Terr… to try one of the @GreggsOfficial vegan steak bakes. More like a mince and onion bake (dunno if that's an actua… @TomNomNom @SkyBetCareers @AND_Digital Cheers, hope everything is going well in Sweden (besides them losing your bag!) @ripixelcodes @LeedsJS Just goes to show how much info you can get from a single image request though! @ripixelcodes @LeedsJS Main website is on Netlify and the analytics app is a separate app on a separate server, so… @ripixelcodes @LeedsJS The no JS bit was mainly to not add a load of page weight, but I reckon I could keep it down… @LeedsJS I've not properly launched the project yet as I have some bits to do like docs, tests and some UI cleanup,… deployed an instance of my cookieless, privacy-first analytics system for @LeedsJS and it's pretty interesting to… you know somewhere that would be cool to work as a junior ux designer? Pls send me companies and people I can talk to :) thanks!
Retweeted by Luke Bonaccorsi 🏳️‍🌈I said I had news to announce in January, and here it is: This is my last week at @SkyBetCareers! On Monday I'll… which Glínner suggests a trans person is a sex offender because they wear a hair clip in their hair. 18 OF YOU…
Retweeted by Luke Bonaccorsi 🏳️‍🌈 @katie_fenn It was in mine
@lingmops @jesslynnrose Ha, yes! I've heard legends of you. @bigolewannabe @jesslynnrose The one I worked for is based in Halifax and the MD made all the product decisions wit… @jesslynnrose I used to work for a company that made one 👀I'm pretty sure it was a a Robot Wars one about Chaos 2 @vlh Then in a few days, you'll get something in the mail saying "HEY!! you’ve started parking!"