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Chris Heilmann @codepo8 Berlin, Germany

The robots are coming and we need to make a great example for them. Principal Program Manager for Browser Tools at Microsoft. Presenter, JavaScript lover.

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No, please no. Twitter says it will begin testing audio DMs soon, after introducing support for audio in tweets, s… Gundam in Yokohama is now in testing mode.
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann👉🏻 “Building a faster, leaner, and more efficient Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge Blog” 🔗 @seaotta Very Seattle. @partytimeHXLNT It's a disgrace. @Lisa_Royal @NerdPyle 1 good girl unit @sil @cwilso @stommepoes @RReverser @brucel @sil @cwilso @stommepoes @RReverser @brucel @stommepoes @RReverser @cwilso @sil @brucel You can also center if you just nest a lot of <blockquote> elements.Reach out.
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @yoanngrange's been a while since I used <img ismap />Shopify says two "rogue members" of its support teams stole customer data from over 100 merchants; the company is w… is getting a new look for the first time in 10 years. Here’s why. @brucel @cwilso @sil <ptsd /> You know, closing for XHTML compliance, but keeping the space there to ensure IE still renders it.#Speaker Spotlight* Principal Software Development Engineer at @Microsoft, Christian Heilmann joins us at…
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @cwilso @sil @brucel <layer src=""> @gaby_goldberg Thanks for writing :) @sil @brucel Wasn't that select?Hmm... @StfBauer @hiamerica And we put everything back into chromium so chrome can implement it, too. @ireaderinokun @stephaniecodes What the fuck @Dethtron5000 So far any intelligence didn't stick with himMake sure to check @hiamerica's session. She's great and lots of good info in there. Death from a Ransomware Attack People who blackmail hospitals are scum.Carrd, Linktree, and have capitalized on link sharing limits in apps like Instagram, creati… that cleared things up have no idea what that means, but it doesn't sound good... Dutch government announces plans to require accessibility of government websites. 2018: government announce…
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @hola_soy_milk @carolstran Yay! Congrats!The Command Line Comeback by @gaby_goldberg @nicolaschevobbe @FirefoxDevTools Wow, that is a success story! Congratulations!OK this helped with my mood, I hope it'll work for you, too: up sheeple was everyone's conference WiFi 📶 today? #MSIgnite
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann👉 Today marks the date, where all websites and applications in the EU have to be WCAG 2.1 conformant! Time to celebrate! ✨🎉🎊
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @DerFlixxx Schönes ArschgeweihWOOHOO! Lots of exciting stuff AND it's my first solo talk. Check it out #MSIgnite 📣🔊🥳👩‍💻🌊
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannIt's finally out, the MDN Browser Compatibility Report: (PDF, 1.9MB) A large part of 2020…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannI wrote my dog an obituary because of course I did. He was the best boy.
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannA group of wolves is called a pack. A group of crows is called a murder. A group of developers is called a merge conflict.
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@timolaak No, it wasn't :) It was Mark @M_J_Robbins at the excellent @btconf Munich (amongst others) :) @timolaak That was a conference talk at smashing conf and beyond if I remember. Let me find it @VeriLibe The same reason I also use Firefox. Browsers are much more than the rendering engines. I keep a lot of my… @VeriLibe Edge is based on Chromium now and the developer tools are the same...👉🏻 “Checkboxes can be excellent buttons” 🔗 I just wrote up a small trick I love to use.… @VeriLibe What's your perfect browser then?Needed a little recording animation.👉🏻 “MTV: The First Four Hours (12am Saturday, August 1, 1981)” 🔗, I like that multi line editor feature in Firefox's console. Good job, @FirefoxDevTools. Seems simpler than the… @ngeor OK, sorry then :) It is just a general thing that "2020 keeps on giving" is about disasters. Thanks for the clarification. @JenMsft @bestofnextdoor Next: vasectomies? @ngeor I guess not. For about a year people have been complaining that Edge isn't on Linux. Lots of work by lots of…👉🏻 “8 Cognitive Biases in Software Development” 🔗👉🏻 “Portland Passes Strictest Facial Recognition Ban in the U.S.” 🔗 Win!Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley...
Retweeted by Chris Heilmannnote to parents: to join the 9:30 wellness class (different from normal zoom), scan your child's QR badge into Clev…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannA friend just texted me from a trans-Atlantic flight saying folks are on their hands and knees looking for not one,…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannLarry was also a master at that. know it’s autumn in Berlin when the utility poles start to shed thei concert posters
Retweeted by Chris Heilmannthis is so true
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannIn video meetings it's a hassle to unmute just to say one word especially if someone else is speaking. I created a…
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @ngeor Your point? @markboulton Probably @anatudor has some magic.👉🏻 “A half billion apps are about to be created. We need more software builders, not just users.” 🔗… Web Animation: The WCAG on Animation Explained says the first preview of its Edge browser for Linux will be available in October (Frederic Lardinois/Tec… from the US, UK, Germany, Europol, and others arrest 179 during Operation DisrupTor, targeting the sale… @carolstran Sanifair :)👉🏻 “Styling the details element” 🔗 New Volume Compiles Five Decades of the Pudgy, Curious, and Drowsy Pups in Walter Chandoha’s Photographs an upcoming demo (C64) we needed a tool to record mouse movement and store it as JSON. Luckily, I know JavaScri…🚘 Array transformations 🚘 .forEach: everyone’s car gets a new paint job .map(): everyone gets a newer model of t…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannMy mask modes... Remember, remember, unknown pleasures, ducks! @AlohaFromDeer
@SachaGreif @SidebarIO Sure, Happy to
Me. Very me.
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannI wrote a SQL database engine purely using @typescript's new template literal type annotations. Supports SELECT (wi…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannPrincess: AND I’D DO IT AGAIN!
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannThe irony of people calling out Twitter on machine learning racial bias and failing to provide alternative text to… loves — when you post pics of strange/biased photo crops, please alt text them. Otherwise all i hear is "imag…
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @joeheenan Don't get me started on multilingual options and subtitle availability. @mcwm I live in Berlin @kermitnrw Alles von me first and the gimme gimmes @brendandawes Now I want to watch the hudsucker proxy again @brendandawes So that's how you got your moves. @wesbos Just be happy the glass door is there. It's the little thingsCome and work with us at @monzo 💜💜💜
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @DerFlixxx Dark. @renestalder Yes and no e-commerce site does that. Ever. Not their business model.wie alt wart ihr als ihr geblickt habt das es de-odorant heißt und nicht deo-dorant
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannThe fix we need., b, c, d, e, f, g h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p. Q, r, s? 🐕👹✨💔🌈🦄 Oh shit, that's the LSD...Online stores that allow me to pay with paypal: START WITH THAT, all the info I need to enter (addresss, etc) alrea… @isofarro @Lord_Arse @beyond_code The production company Apex was so ahead of the curve. They also did creatures 1 and 2 which were great. @Lord_Arse @beyond_code Mayhem in Monsterland grew up here. I had a mansion that's terrible! I'm sorry we've made you upset. Here at Miiriya we have something for everyone! We've picked out a product t…
Retweeted by Chris Heilmannalt= "What it's like to be nearsighted." Then office hallways are shown at -2, -3, -6 and -12 diopters, the latter…
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