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Chris Heilmann @codepo8 Berlin, Germany

The robots are coming and we need to make a great example for them. Principal Program Manager for Browser Tools at Microsoft. Presenter, JavaScript lover.

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@MasterDevwi @MicrosoftEdge I think the redhead surf character should get an extra feature where you need to add sunscreen every 500m or so. @damianpoole @MicrosoftEdge Not yet :) The whole game is 160kb, this is well done.Pretty cool - you can create sound effects in the browser and save them as wav files. on a trainer menu..., there is far too many "i"s in "visibility"...I love how accessibility is front and center for the @MicrosoftEdge team. Even the edge://surf game comes with a hi… @JamesLMilner DownasaurProper VoiceOver support coming soon to Firefox on MacOS the new surf game in Microsoft Edge LIVE: A digital event over three days and three time zones👉🏻 “Second-guessing the modern web” 🔗 A collection of generic web components with a focus on: 🚹 Accessibility 🏗 Easy to use 🎨 Easy to…👉🏻 “Web Sites as ‘Public Accommodation’ under a Pandemic” 🔗 @DzhideX I guess it can shorten a few if(x<0) else...Today I learned about Math.sign(), dann doch "niemals". Geht's noch groesser und alberner?👉🏻 “Thanks to Covid-19, Website Accessibility Has Never Been More Important” 🔗👉🏻 “Web Sites as ‘Public Accommodation’ under a Pandemic” 🔗 three hour Kraftwerk mix by my friend DJ Zyron👉🏻 “Frequently asked questions about JavaScript and links” 🔗 Information how Google index…👉🏻 “Accessibility: more than just contrast ratio” 🔗 @fcalderan @kvlly @paul_irish @LeaVerou @SaraSoueidan @jeresig @robertnyman @brucel @wesbos @stopsatgreen house's interior is just utterly bonkers. /via @jemimah_knight @NikkitaFTW Especially in EnglandNew blog post! Today I tried to help a friend who's a CS scientist but not a JS person try out a JS module he found…
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @partytimeHXLNT Apple script. The uncanny valley between English and basic. @vacooom Not sure this is even legal to show in some US states. Which of course allows huge salary differences if everything is hidden. @0xDEADBEEFCAFE That was pretty funny, I have to say. "Piranha gun!"One thing I learned when transitioning from developer to program manager is that one well-crafted email with a few…👉🏻 “Callback Functions in JavaScript” 🔗👉🏻 “Facebook And YouTube Have Allowed Conspiracy Theorists To Turn Bill Gates Into The Pandemic's Villain” 🔗 here's a new one: did you know that cows can cause network outages? Don't laugh, it happened to us. The beginn…
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann👉🏻 “Flipper ZeroFlipper Zero is a portable multi-tool for pentesters and geeks in Tamagotchi body. ” 🔗👉🏻 “Prodoscore Research from March/April 2020: Productivity Has Increased, Led By Remote Workers” 🔗…👉🏻 “Encouraging a Culture of Written Communication” 🔗 these days will never know the hardships of each week having to overcook a fresh hardboiled egg yolk for the c…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannI tried so hard and got so far but in the end git push --force origin master
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Retweeted by Chris Heilmann👉🏻 “Ask HN: What are your favorite developer-efficiency tips?” 🔗👉🏻 “The Current State of Checkout UX (18” 🔗👉🏻 “🧠 The Psychology of Design:101 Cognitive Biases & Principles That Affect Your UX” 🔗👉🏻 “Ikea shares instructions for building comfy homemade forts and tents” 🔗👉🏻 “What Is Site-Speed and Why Should I Care?” 🔗 Harry Roberts wrote a book and it is free.Wow, Gitlab's compensation calculator is open. A good thing to check how salaries could be changed when you WFH and…
Just saw this absolutely real screencap of Maxis' short-lived project management simulator and I'm feeling utterly…
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @amiedoubleD I also had fun with LEGO Inspiration lately:! After 56 years on this planet found out yesterday that I am colourblind. Just turned on the Windows 10 filter. Wow! I mean Wow!
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann“Ruin a software product by changing one letter” Microsoft Worm, PowerJoint, Abces and Encel... the whole Office Shite.
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @reybango That is your normal shoulder hair, right?Tech people on Twitter. I'm a Front-end Developer looking for a job or some contract based work. Portfolio:…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannSources: Trump is considering the establishment of a commission that would examine allegations of anticonservative… Files for Bankruptcy, Somehow Accumulated $17 Billion in Debt📖 FREE ebook, ‘What Is Site-Speed and Why Should I Care?’, is a non-technical explainer talking you through the imp…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannDetecting application vulnerabilities in container images fixed elements and backgrounds👉🏻 “That was Halfstack Online’s first edition (musings, and slides)” 🔗’s that time again. A mumpsimus (16th century) is someone who refuses to budge/insists that they are right, despi…
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @sudo_overflow Yeah but the date implementation is flawed."We're just having a bit of an earthquake here": New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern barely skipped a beat wh…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannI'm speaking tomorrow morning at Microsoft's Diversity Day!! Thanks for including me! ♥️
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @kylealden That's bad but at least superficial and nothing with heart or similar internals. All the best to the rug… dating yourself what’s the earliest password you ever used?
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@kylealden Oh no. I hope all work out fine. If you need anything, say so. Sending all good vibes to the floof @mr_mig_by @freetonik There is @simona_cotin and @jennifermarsman. Both are amazing. @seaotta Who did you poach it from @EmmaBostian Miaow miang @WebReflection Use case for clever themes. @WebReflection Could it be years of using JS and being conditioned? I have this when jumping between JS and PHP.It’s just the camera lens and the angle.
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannWe're hiring a Director of Engineering in London to lead our Infra group here @snyksec , come work with us!
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannSalam Aidilfitri from my family to yours! 🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannA major sub-theme of Twitter appears to be saying into an Internet void all those things we used to think only to o…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannNot tonight Netflix, I’ve found something else to watch till at least midnight.
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @NikkitaFTW I'm borsigwalde now :)Just discovered @easygermanvideo on YouTube which is a lovely channel to learn about living in Germany and learning… @westis96 @steipete I use the ubuntu shell on my windows. That solved that issue. @steipete @codepo8 I worked at a Java shop, they thought windows dev was dead. They all bitched about windows. Naiv…
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @WebReflection What can we do? I took this could be turned into hints for @webhintioThis is how we'll fly until there is a vaccine
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @amandaksilver She makes me uncomfortable so that may also be a factorFirefox Nightly is sharedarraybuffer away from 100% ECMAScript support.
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannWe’re slowly reaching the state where developing on Windows is better than macOS.
Retweeted by Chris Heilmann @kylealden Fuzz therapy @thejournalista It came with the flat. I call it the quarantine height adjustable desk
The real birthplace of Punk is France. Johnny Thunders kept singing he was born Toulouse. @jimujing Of course @danoliver Easy come easy go.Wenn @BelaB_official das so teilt, muss es ja stimmen! 😉
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannWhat is this? 🙆🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannWhoa, a Client Side Video Editing spec. /via @soMelanieSaid's Build2020 talk (
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannThere are a lot of good conferences, but @halfstackconf is one of my favourites. I just love the funny and quirky t…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannYo, every conf should be like @halfstackconf , every talk/demo was absolutely out of control. Talented, intelligent…
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannOr is he a little high and a little low? everyone! i am new to twitter! my name is kenai, and i’m a 1 year old rescue😊 #dogsoftwitter #dogsofinstagram
Retweeted by Chris HeilmannDoes he see himself as a poor boy getting no sympathy? @diekus Fast and furious @RReverser Better look for that walrus @davatron5000 Dropbox? GitHub pages? OneDrive? @film_girl @Microsoft @azureadvocates Lucky to have you here @davatron5000 They are so chill and cuddly. Shame they don't grow old.