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@DevinCow @brithume That's a trick question, we all know Brit Hume can't read. @ACTBrigitte No they wouldn’t. The moment there was more money to be made suppressing votes, the free market would… @JennaEllisEsq Yes. It. Is. You. Authoritarian. Hack.
Unfair?! That’s all you have? Who cares. This should be public power and belong to us all anyway. Let’s fight for t… @GOP @ScottWalker Kamala was a cop. She’s not the radical left. This entire teeet is a lie.Why are so many people pushing this idea? FexEx and UPS , like any capitalist enterprise, have 1 goal: shareholder… @MeghanMcCain @jaketapper Because so many people, bless their hearts, are sheep. @cillic @k3r3n3 1 Password. Especially if they have a Mac or iOS device. The windows client is a bit clunky, though… Prime time hearings, now. 2) Subpoenas to Trump WH and camp officials. This is a RICO case 3) Visit local post o…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann Thrope @ProjectLincoln We shouldn’t trust for-profit corporations with the most basic foundational right of our democracy.… I am illegally defunding the Post Office so less people can vote. Democrats: *fewer
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeWe should not trust for profit companies with our democracy. latest USPS sabotage news, and Trump's stunning admission, it is pretty clear that Trump will dismantle all as…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeThe Lincoln Project gets it, @SpeakerPelosi'm so sick of statements from our elected officials. Can someone please fight for our democracy? Enough letters.…
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@ZackFord @bexsayswords Nah. It’s Path of Exile: Eurovision. The neon colors of Harvest were just the beginning ...This is a universal truth. @TVietor08 Careful or you might bring me to orgasm, Tommy. is pretty epic. @RachelBitecofer It has worked that way so far.Seeing some comments along the lines of "why give QAnon a platform?" Friends, I'm afraid that horse has left the ba…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann Thrope @AquarianTiger @mikercarpenter Does he, though? @that_wanna_be_ @gofinurself I'm a gay man & who cares? Last time I checked love is love is love is love is love is…'re now the shining city on the hill for Nazis. Amazing. is a coup.’s a black man in prison for LIFE for stealing some hedge clippers in Louisiana.’ve worn real pants 3 days since March. @agentdero Lessons from the master..@KamalaHarris excites the base. I’m sorry so many of you have come to learn the base is not you.
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@mattgaetz @JoeBiden How many times do we have to tell President Trump that the 1918 influenza epidemic didn’t end World War 2?We need to talk more about voter suppression. We need to talk more about voter suppression. We need to talk mor…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeMy modest proposal is that we replace debates with hallucinogenic vision quests. Each candidates drinks the ayahua…
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I am stoked that Senator @SenKamalaHarris is Biden's choice for VP. No single person is a perfect human, and Ms Har… other VP candidate let a disasterous HIV outbreak happen in Indiana btw
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeI was betting that Kamala Harris would be president shortly after her Senate race win. Yes, "she's a cop". And h…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeIt's @KamalaHarris !!!!! Yes!!!!
Retweeted by Ms. Ann Thrope🎶 Somebody once told me this virus is baloney We oughta have a concert instead Then someone started coughin' Now we…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann Thropereminder that 100 corporations are responsible for 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions and presenting the crisis…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeBen Shapiro sharing with the world that his wife, a doctor, told him that wet pussy is a symptom of a gynecological…
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10000000000000000000000 times this We’re calling for the dismantling of the Department of Homeland Security.
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeToday's gender is glee and the sound of a theremin.
Retweeted by Ms. Ann Thrope @gofinurself At least it’s not Staten Island!!
I find it necessary to reach for the language and colorful colloquialisms of my native land, New Jersey, in order t…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann Thrope @doktormod Wait — this isn’t today’s gender?!The White House is considering directing the postal service not to deliver mail in ballots. 23 postal execs were sa…
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@rudepundit Thighland? @brucewayne5687 Radical Face.@GOP is nothing but an extension of Russia and Putin.
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Yakko Warner sings the nations you can currently travel to from the US without restrictions.
Retweeted by Ms. Ann Thrope @GrimKim It's all these checks from George Soros. We have to spend this money somehow or we'll drown in it. @alice_radley I thought it was pronounced Felonious Cockmunch @NRA THOUGHTS AND PRAYERSAccording to 23andMe I’m 16.9% Thighlandian Yo-Semite.
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@givemeabrekk Have you read because it's just pages of that (in a great way).Translation: Sit the fuck down, Kevin. You're dumb, your ideas are bad, and no one likes you. @doktormod @mjakelewis @AlyssaFranke Gumbo! @stuffonfire To be fair, it's fentanyl now. Heroin's too damned expensive!
@cklarock @justice_arman Make them all sound like Bruce Springsteen. @doktormod He might be of Cuban descent, but he's the whitest motherfucker I know.The fragility of the white ego is incredible and terrifying to behold.💯💯💯 @violetblue Give that thing a Grindr profile!can we not have a repeat of 2016? kthxbai of you, @agentdero @JoyAnnReid @chrislhayes Yes, the same playbook they've been using *checks notes* since the 1st Constitutional Convention.
Every once in a while I remember that the GOP Speaker of the House (1999 - 2007) was convicted of sexually abusing…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeCongressman Matt Gaetz Appeared To Call For Murder Of ANTIFA Members: "Can We Hunt Them Down Like We Do Those In Th…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann Thrope @genderoftheday @doktormod This gender makes me 🤧The have a plan. Great piece by @brianbeutner -'S AXIOS INTERVIEW WAS PRETTY F*CKIN' DERANGED, YEAH? via @EvanHurst
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeThis is a violent felony. This is a human rights violation. This is child abuse. This is racism. This is cruelty. T…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeIt's like an Abbott and Costello skit, but instead of Costello getting flustered and us laughing it's Democracy get… laughed. I cried. I considered huffing glue. But I read it all, and you should, too. New, from @violetblue. someone who looks at you the way Trump looks at a pardon for a child sex trafficker.Listen to black women. @realDonaldTrump RELEASE YOUR TAX RETURNS!!! @cklarock Worter is some wicked Bahstahn shit @cklarock No, it’s wadder.
That's literally not how any of this works? 🤷 @TVietor08 He had to get his golf in, Tommy. Priorities, man. @ira 100% this.You can take the boy out of Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of the boy. My top two most played albums are… a wonderful, thoughtful move by a wonderful, though-proving author. If you haven't read Ann Leckie, you should… @metaforgotten You should, it's great! =) @meat This is literally unimaginable. @fakedansavage @RuffsStuffBlog What do you call them, Dan? The world must know.The Senate wants to give corporations legal immunity if their workers get COVID-19. Translation: no consequences if…
Retweeted by Ms. Ann ThropeThe Uncanny Valleys.
The NYT Editorial board tomorrow, most likely: he’s a gentle kid who is only spewing white suprenicist ideology to… @mmmaderclark @KamalaHarris @UPS @FedEx Not sure I trust for-profit, capitalist companies to save our democracy. Th…
Thanks for constantly reminding me we’re all in this together, the problem is I don’t like any of you. 🖤
Retweeted by Ms. Ann Thrope @realDonaldTrump You didn't beat Obama, you fucking idiot.
I think this is a fair point. Universal healthcare? Let's just call it a National Health Security Plan and have the… @Tadd_Fujikawa @gofinurself Yes... we're out here. =) @emperorkhanarts "Declines to halt." They're letting it continue to waste money. Unless you meant the Supreme Court? @davidmweissman There are, of course, exceptions to this, as a rule. But I think it's truer than not, across the board.