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Marais @codervandal Gold Coast, Queensland

Frontend guru @, co-creator of Module Federation. Always bet on Relay. Views are my own.

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Facebook, your JSResource—is that an explicit import at development time, and provide the argument. Or is there a B… @sarah_federman Did ThinkMill build Atlaskit, or were they merely there for support? @nickhudkins @sseraphini @jimmy_jia I think react-router-relay was before entrypoints. But yeah definitely similar… @Elyx0 @sseraphini 😎 @ScriptedAlchemy @alexandereardon @LucaColonnello @theKashey That is why I've stuck with treat—it gives me css-in-j… @dhh in your you failed to outline if prefix's will be able to also be custom.There is one variant of this; I don't async the entrypoints. So all I'm entrypoints are eagerly required for my router.An up and coming pattern for Relay. The entrypoint! In this diagram, you can see I'm rendering-as-I-fetch per route…
@kassens @alunyov @n1rual @en_JS @aweary Which is why I like the neon approach, it'll be rust. But a little js wrap… @kassens @alunyov @n1rual @en_JS @aweary It won't be concurrent like rust can offer? Ideally you'd want the entire… @alunyov @kassens @n1rual @en_JS @aweary At some point wasm would bind to rust though yeah? Isn't that the same problem then? @MarzBarGaming No no no... PayPal didn't get hacked. *Your* PayPal got hacked. Unless I'm horribly mistaken, but I… @theKashey @erikras How does it work at Atlassian? Like do *you* get to pick the OSS library you want to use? Or is… @alunyov @kassens @n1rual @en_JS @aweary They use this: @alunyov @kassens @n1rual @en_JS @aweary I was just looking at swc, but their build tool does what you're doing. Ha… @alunyov @kassens @n1rual @en_JS @aweary I was actually going to give the ts stuff a ago! But if y'all already iterating, this is exciting! @kassens @n1rual @en_JS @aweary (3) typescript typegen 😅 - which i can help contribute @kassens @n1rual @en_JS @aweary Oh yeah no definitely! Still see loads of `TODO`'s.. But the progress is amazing!… @kassens @n1rual @en_JS I actually like this! Does the schema _have_ to be defined per project, or can this/should… @kassens @n1rual @en_JS Yeah its pretty sick! Don't think @aweary ever got to implementing the actual things, it s… @n1rual got the LSP up and running in vscode, trying to see what I can do with it! But as you can see on the left,… you can now have scoped projects in a monorepo. Meaning relay doesnt have to "true" global uniqueness.… @n1rual Doing this as we speak! Last time I tried to compile it locally, lots of things broke. So will let you know.Yo Rust Relay will ship an official LSP, complete with red squiggles when fragment names aren't correct! @mike_hasarms @florinpop1705 YUSS! The classic "its a trivial task"—"spends 3 hours on it". Guess its a matter...of...perspective? @vincentriemer can you please open source I'm wanting to leverage that, or feature add to support Relay EntryPoints. @dhh When do we get custom domains? @alexandereardon Now that I think about it, it's actually more than okay. Because if there was so collisopn, the ch… @alexandereardon there are holes though.. Like all child elements of that div will also get access to local-background. @lukeed05 @marvinhagemeist You might need to send me a quick example 😅 not sure what you mean. @lukeed05 @marvinhagemeist one thing i've always wanted from an ast walker, is nestings. ie, if I find an Identifi…
@Benjie Are the graphql-spec WG recordings made available after the meet? @theKashey @MaterialUI Ooo so react-media-marcher is single instance? I like it!!! Is it instant, like .matches?? @theKashey I once attempted one of these, but instead of ever useMedia invoking its own listener, I used batchedUpd… @ScriptedAlchemy yeah we will! I'm passionate about getting you to like TS! <3 @ScriptedAlchemy It does support dynamic imports. Type information for them carry through just fine also! @ScriptedAlchemy ts is brilliant man. You'll learn to love it. @dhh how reliable is HEY? Will my incoming email's fail if your servers go down? @theKashey @typescript @nanot1m @nanot1m 🙏 @theKashey out of curiosity, is there some _other_ i could have shaped that object, or multiple objects such so tha… @theKashey im almost going to say that an interface cannot have itself derive properties from itself. @typescript @theKashey you're my only hope! @ScriptedAlchemy Yeah for sure 👌🏻Another tricky TypeScript interface; have a component have its props derived from a function on the same instance.…
@lukeed05 What do you run on your main? @lukeed05 Still running POP? @Joelbdenning I thought you meant api calls! But that's probably okay too if it's jsonp @Joelbdenning You don't want to block initial load though. It's still the same artifact. Just different is chunks per env. @Joelbdenning Yeah! We do this in our bootstrap @Joelbdenning But then it means all your configs are bundled with your application. Ideally you shouldn't even have… @jsngr Now just gotta try get the avatar the same on all three platforms. This xplat stuff isn't gonna work! @Joelbdenning I once tried this with configs-webpack-plugin. A single redeployable artefact that travels between environments. @wongmjane did you end up getting far with EntryPointContainer? @sseraphini If it suspends, it doesn't work. UseTransition only gives it the timeoutMs. After that expires, it'll r… @sseraphini im using suspense with usePaginationFragment in production. Coz refetch requires suspense wrappers. D… you're using a monorepo, make sure you own a scope for it. Just so you dont accidentally have NPM dependency's r… @kentcdodds @dan_abramov I'm after Suspense/useTransition. Both are included in Facebooks production bundle. So I'd… @dan_abramov @kentcdodds is react@experimental sorta okay to just in Production? Like what is outstanding from making it "stable"? @tannerlinsley but its the best i could do without state getting out of whack if server response fails, and having… @tannerlinsley i've been through a few iterations. In the end i've settled on 2 options, `sorts: Array<{id: ColumnI… @tannerlinsley i've got a weird scenario where i want to use useReducer for internal state, but then emit the chang… @tannerlinsley to have react-table plugins take options? Is the best way to use a factory? ie `useMyPlugin(options… @WLBT @iamkieranblack can you explain to me why this is "history in the making"?
@ScriptedAlchemy Definitely should give Firefox a go then! @RollupJS @webpack #ModuleFederation
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@theKashey @typescript Oh damn! Okay 💪🏻 I'll try @theKashey @typescript Tell me more? First instance of what? A class instance, object etc..? @ScriptedAlchemy @RollupJS Federation came to @RollupJS THIS IS BIG! @ScriptedAlchemy Have you send Refined GitHub? Try it out!
@jaredpalmer I don't think this is true! The ACL stuff you did for us works like a charm! @benmccallum @ebey_jacob @RollupJS @ScriptedAlchemy cc @Joelbdenning @dhh any clue when custo-domains are coming to HEY!? @sseraphini How does it do that on the browser? @miked1ck I don't believe you ☝🏻 @YasmeenRoumie what hype train did I miss? @markdalgleish So that is why you were MIA for a month and a bitwhat...? `.textContent = userInput` isnt safe? React has ruined basic security practices for me. Definitely time to… JavaScript tech tests, do people generally score pretty high on those? I just did one... and scored a pathetic 5… @Rich_Harris I can't wait to use this service. Just need to give me custom domains! @dhh
@samccone side question; what tool are you using that does that reading? @kentcdodds Same same! Backblaze is king in that world. 💞 do you have the Synology sync app on your phone to sync y… @kentcdodds Yeah if you could! Want to get all my ducks in a row first. And yeah not sure. I have a NAS I'd proba… @kentcdodds Thank you thank you thank you!! 🙏🙏 my weekend project! Wish me luck 🤕 @kentcdodds Do you remember your rough approach? @dan_abramov Its scary asf. I turned it off after 15mins. @kentcdodds when you moved off gsuite—did you document your process? Ie download all google photos, contacts etc..… @ScriptedAlchemy Email them. I did, it took about 2 weeks! Not sure how I can send you an invite.. by the way not… @holtbt @code Don't call it anything... It's almost the norm that if a thing is cloud connected, it sync automagica… @mjackson why? I use it to have a list of tweets I can reference later? How else do people bring up tweets from months ago?
@ScriptedAlchemy @rhagigi @theKashey @faceyspacey Keen man! What's your plan this weekend? @ScriptedAlchemy @rhagigi @theKashey @faceyspacey It's down the lines of what I did for relay at-module. Basically… @devongovett I'm confused; are you advocating for SPA's? @dhh @drisoremus We've been there back in 2010... @ScriptedAlchemy @rhagigi @theKashey @faceyspacey Facebook has a brilliant concept called the Resource. Basically y… @Randemonium You sir! You have just convinced me why it's the better alternative!!! I knew the folk at Gh were clev… @tannerlinsley feature request for react-table—react-table/lite a variant whereby it does _nothing_. Ie, if your ta… did GitHub call the `tick-mark` a `check`? I spend a good 10s every time I want to reply with that emoji, searching for it!