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The AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament kicks off TONIGHT via our Official YouTube Channel at 7e/6c as…
Retweeted by CodyTonight...who will step up??? #AEWDeadlyDraw 7/6CT @AEWrestling
Retweeted by Cody🏆! #aew 🏆 AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament kicks off TONIGHT via our Official YouTube Channel at 7e/6c as…
Retweeted by CodyHere is your AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw official rules. Watch TONIGHT via our Official Y…
Retweeted by CodyA lot of high demand, but some stores haven’t put the full figure line-up out besides the title belt and the ring..… 7/6c on the official @AEWrestling YouTube channel! “The Deadly Draw” a way to start a birthday!
Retweeted by CodyHere you go 🥜 gallery. Chat it up and tune in TONIGHT 7/6CT @AEWrestling YouTube !!!
Retweeted by CodyI stole the recipe from @cavadeltequila!
Retweeted by Cody😕 Episode 30 with Special Guest @TheMattCardona is available now!! cc:…
Retweeted by Cody
FINALLY #ShotOfBrandi with @TheMattCardona is here!!! 🥳🥳🥳 we making margs and talking Theme parks! Come with us!!…
Retweeted by CodyThis Wednesday on Dynamite - @TheMattCardona makes his in-ring debut as he teams up with @CodyRhodes to face…
Retweeted by CodySame. Need it.💪🇺🇸 @TheBrandiRhodes @SInow @brlive @BustedOpenRadio @AEW_Heels @TonyKhan @AEWrestling @AEWonTNT @AllieWrestling 👂’s your AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: Deadly Draw official rules
Retweeted by CodyI’ve got all my local @Walmart ‘s pinged... So excited for tomorrow! Thank you to all the great sites currently un… your favorite moment make the top five list? Check out the newest episode of AEW TOP FIVE hosted by…
Retweeted by Cody @welikejeremiah Happy Birthday!New #ShotofBrandi tonight!!! Any guesses on the guest...??? (Hint: neither of these two)
Retweeted by Cody @MichaelSholun @SimonHolliday13 Why are you commenting on somebody’s post trying to steal their joy? People like di… @thelyricalp Isn’t he ranked in the top-5?Welcome back! @jasonknuth @andyholloway Love it! #dothework @rvaldrich These individuals are all repeat tested and quarantined obviously. much talent in one ring - this should be 🔥🔥🔥
Thank you for believing in us! #aew @AewUnrivaled About as collaborative as any licensor EVER. And, trust me, I've worked with all of them!!! Go #AEW
Retweeted by CodyJust 2 days left. Are you ready? Tune in August 3rd 💪🏼 #AEWUnrivaled
Retweeted by Cody @RexHudson7 Vince fully runs NXT - we compete with them every Wednesday. It’s going well. Lots of work to do and ro… this! wants to challenge @orangecassidy to a debate with a mystery guest moderator! Watch #AEWDynamite every…
Retweeted by Cody👀 Whoa!!!
It broke the record. You can reel it in. @nalitman It wasn’t me. Real recognizes real.🚨 AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. The event that started it all! @AEWrestling #AEWALLOUT @The_MJF has announced his can…
Retweeted by Cody??? No. It’s not. don’t know...I’ve heard 2-pack rumors... ( @JeremyCom & Magic from WCT are masters, not sure they’ve sculpted a… @Shellum_Lee What are you talking about friend? @ElQuiffo88 I denounced the terms, not the concept of morality(good and evil) ha - he’s been groomed extremely well…
Starting 9/21 #DoTheWork Follow @NF_Training Sign-up: @Mr_Nine73 He lost. The business isn’t unfinished.😉 indie star should Cody defend his TNT Title against next? (Photo: AEW)
Retweeted by CodyLet's try a variation on this: Which @AEWrestling competitor would you like to see challenge @CodyRhodes for his TNT championship?
Retweeted by Cody👀 the biggest fan of his by any means, and the ratings data he spewed was wildly incorrect ha. HOWEVER, he had e… you! Definitely multiple MVPs, but I won’t lie...that’s the goal. Trying for not “a” but “the”. I knew we’d… & Arn have been diligent in the opponent selection - I felt a bit odd footwork wise last night and it got me in… are friends for? indeed...ruled ass. I’m a believer.
As a skilled/respected veteran - do you really see him lasting even 5 minutes with me? I guess we will find out... 👎 I appreciate the support though, dude is beloved is this?’s #AEWDynamite day! Rankings are in... @FO_VVerhei Stack or a modified three-quarter Nelson If you can trap their leg with this, there’s no way out
VERY excited for #AEWDark Great matches, some absurdly talented folks @JuraganTraktor This isn’t actually Val. I didn’t know him, but I do know the guy wasn’t a nazi. The hate and sadne… is good. Tully has been a gamechanger. back! #aew @nexro518 It’s not gold. It’s silver/nickel and with textures. Same design and colors though.August 12th (saw a nice video of the plates, very elegant) 💎 @The_Welsh_MJ Thank you friend! I’m sorry I lost.I ain’t ever losing it. 1-timer! as @JPWARHORSE is challenging for @CodyRhodes' TNT Title tomorrow night on #AEWDynamite... what's been your…
Retweeted by Cody @NSIRick I’m not particularly a fan of intergender wrestling. That’s my personal opinion though, I respect that oth…😕 yeah! 🎁 @transatlanticAK I literally type them. I’m me. I would know ha. It ain’t hard to wish 30-40 people happy birthday.… taking on challengers for the TNT Championship every week like...
Retweeted by Cody @lazybonescarlos I’m close, Kenny does actually. Hopefully I’ll have it soon though! #DoTheWorkNightmare Fam masks! 🔥🔥🔥’s a professional versus an amateur - I’m the one with everything to lose @HUMAT0N I just don’t use the terms. Everytime this gets spun outta’ control. I think the industry standard is bett… @wodencafe Wrestling is combat. It’s violent. It ain’t art. But of course that’s just my take, respect your thoughts/opinions my friend! @KevinRash123 You replied to me friend! I thought you said there weren’t any fans 😉 @AntPetrillo88 @KevinRash123 Our popularity/success isn’t remotely rooted...or marketed in nostalgia. This breakthr… @AntPetrillo88 @KevinRash123 We’ve seen an abundance of fans return. One of my favorite things about this app. But… it! thanks to my Nightmare Fam at for this great custom weight-belt! #DoTheWork #DrugFree @DavidPa85423709 Yea, initially it wasn’t my intention to go from one high profile singles to another. At 35 and dr…
@KJBlanchard88 I chat everyday with the fans. I’m doing it now ha! We are all in this pandemic/covid fog together. ❤️One thing is for sure...this dude has a legion of fans who care about him. (Sometimes you finish the obstacle cour…🔥🔥🔥 @PotTakes No, I do the birthdays. It’s fairly easy. The community app shows me all the birthdays. It’s a fun/differ…🥂 Love this! back! 🐎 V “warhorse”DYNAMITE - this Wednesday 8/7c #aew (Loaded. And a few surprises too) @transatlanticAK I don’t censor the content bud. Can’t control what others say.Welcome back! MATCHES are set for #AEWDark! Watch #AEW Dark every Tuesday at 7e/6c via our YouTube channel at…
Retweeted by CodyThe crossover you never even knew you needed...TOMORROW! 👀🤯 #AShotOfBrandi x #DrinksWithJohnny
Retweeted by Cody @realbg35 @sirfragalot86 Welcome aboard friend!Pearl...that face ❤️🐾 She’s a Morlock Pug
@breadyfitness @AEWonTNT Bryce why you putting me on blast with these photos ha?! I owe you though, got that inverted tack